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How to make Ruby stay longer on team fights in this mobile legends guide? We are going to talk about what you need to know when using Ruby. Before we start, I wanted to invite all streamers for a Collab, I’m doing livestream on my Facebook Page every other day around 6 to 8pm. We are going to make a content during Liverstream. It can be Rank Game Challenges 1v1 or any idea from you.

We are also going to promote your Youtube Channel or Facebook Page. Then you can also post our stream on Youtube. We are going to do this to help each other Grow. We are going to call this # LetsGrowTogether to everyone who are intersted. Just message me on the social media accounts on the description of this video. Ok, Let’s Go in this game. This is the Emblem that I used Fighther Emblem with Physical Attack, Physical Pen and Festival of Blood. This is good for Damage and Sustain of Ruby. Later you will know what I mean the first thing you need to know about Ruby. You should not fight on level 1 because you won’t be able to maximize her passive.

That’S why it’s better to just clear the lane. Ruby’S passive is at the start of the game. You already have 10 % physical lifesteal and because we have Festival of Blood, that’s why we also have 8 % Spell Vamp, but you need to remember: Lifesteal doesn’t work on Ruby’s Basic attack. Everything goes to her skills. That’S the reason why she can sustain longer, but aside from that another passive of Ruby whenever she uses a skill she can dash whenever she dash she will gain a stack of Physical and Magic Defense. It can stack up to 3 times, but it will be gone when she wasn’t able to dash within 4 seconds.

That’S why, on level 1, you won’t be able to reach 3 stacks on her passive. When it comes to Ruby’s 1st skill, she will release a shockwave, but you need to remember it deals more damage when the enemies are closer. You will see here. There are 2 damage and lifesteal when close to the enemy, but if the enemy is far, the damage and lifesteal is only one when it comes to this game, because Ruby isn’t that strong in getting solo kills. That’S why it’s better to focus on pressuring the lane. You will see later the effects when the lane is being pressured when it comes to Ruby’s, 2nd skill. She will spin twice and the enemies will be stunned.

Aside from that, she is pulling the enemies towards her. This skill is good to use in order to cancel the enemy skills. Another thing you need to remember in order to maximize her passive, don’t use the 1st and 2nd skill consecutively. It’S better. If you wait for the passive to be almost gone before using another skill, but it’s only good if you want to stack her passive, there are times where you don’t need to stack her passive, because you won’t tank much damage. That’S why it’s! Ok! Even if you don’t maximize it and because my allies are rotating bot lane, that’s why I can take the top Crab so that the enemies won’t be able to take it. When it comes to Ruby’s Ultimate.

She will pull everyone in range of her ultimate. Then they will be stunned for 0.5 seconds and because it has a short cooldown. That’S why you don’t need to save her ultimate that much if you notice here my allies are going top lane. I’M planning to do the Flicker Ultimate on Zhask to catch him quicker, but because of YSS’s ultimate. That’S why I didn’t do it next advantage of Ruby, because we are focus on pressuring the lane? That’S why we can also cut the lane in order to do that. You must know where the enemies are or where they will go in this situation. The Turtle is almost up most of the times when the Turtle is almost up.

The Cores are taking their buffs when the enemy core goes to top lane. My allies can take the Turtle and when the enemies goes to Turtle, I can back up because I already cleared the top lane, but bcoz my allies and the enemies isn’t taking the Turtle. That’S why I need to clear top lane before joining the fight. You need to remember you shouldn’t leave the lane if you haven’t cleared the minions, yet that’s one of the reasons why the tower is getting destroyed early and because the Turtle is still open. I just need to clear the lane and help them if you notice after Zhask and I cleared top lane, we are assisting our allies because the Turtle is up and because the enemy Core is dead, that’s why my allies can take the Turtle. If ever the Zhask will help them, I can take the top lane tower.

That’S why he needs to decide whether to contest the Turtle, even without their core or just defend top lane, and because the enemies are on the Turtle. That’S why we can cut again aside from that, because the Crab on top lane is up. That’S why we can take it again when it comes to item build. This is the item build that I think, suits Ruby? You can change the boots depending on the enemy. Then Ha’as, Claw, Endless Battle and Queen’s Wings is important on her for stronger lifesteal and sustain, and when it comes to the last 2 items, you can change it depending on the situation.

Here we are going to try and Harass Zhask in order to do that, we are going to hit him with our skills while clearing the lane. If you notice there, I did the 1st skill Flicker, but you need to remember Ruby’s Dash, isn’t always long if you notice on this clip. If you Dash, where you used her 1st skill, the Dash is longer, but if it’s the opposite of her 1st skill, the dash is shorter, but there’s a way to make that Dash longer all the time, don’t aim it on the opposite direction of where you’re going. You can slightly adjust it to make the dash longer same thing with her 2nd skill wherever Ruby is facing, the dash is Longer and because we’re able to kill Zhask, that’s why we can destroy the top lane if you notice here, because we are pressuring top lane. That’S why our allies can take another objective.

If you are pressuring the lane, the enemies are forced to go to that lane, then that will be the reason why you’ll be able to take the objective on another lane, but I will be a bit aggressive. That’S why this happens and because the enemies are going top lane, that’s why my allies can take towers on other lanes. I hope you learn a lot from that Guide and if you have a guide that you want me to make just comment down below and I’ll try to make one about it also shoutout to Guian Garces, Markluis, Bolima and Patrick Bulatao. Whoever is the 1st three comments on every video I will shoutout on the next video. So if you are not yet subscribed hit subscribe and the notification bell always remember if you want to improve, # justmasterthebasics, I’m out

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