Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to our Tips, Tricks, and Guide video! In this video, we are going to show you Tips and Tricks for Saber. But if you guys are interested on watching the complete guide, just search for “Toym Traveller Boot Camp Saber” on the search bar. Anyway, let’s proceed. Set First skill to max level first. Prioritizing this makes the damage  higher including the extra damage from the swords. That means, you can easily burst squishy enemies. Prioritize Second skill less since your First skill is what you need for better damage dealing. Always upgrade his ultimate skill when available for upgrading.

Saber’s Passive skill is what you need to soften the enemies before you cook and eat them. Each damage dealt by your skills and basic attacks will reduce the target’s Physical Defense, which will help you kill the target faster. You can easily put stacks of your passive  to your target with your 1st skill. Just let the target feel the swords  tickle their funny bones to reach full stacks, then burst them out with your ultimate skill. Saber’s First skill is what you need to launch drones around you. Using this skill will let you release flying swords outwards and  will deal Physical damage to enemies hit. When jungling and killing buff monsters,  it’s best to use your 1st skill at the center of the enemies’ soul. This way, they will catch all the flying swords upon its initial release which  can help you kill that monster faster. You can also use this skill to harass  enemies from afar because of its far range. Take note that the flying swords will deal  extra damage when your basic attack or other skills deals damage to the target. So this is best to be used before using your ultimate skill. Lastly, the flying swords will be shot when dealing basic attacks on turrets,  but it won’t deal extra damage.

Saber’s second skill is what you need for mobility. The path of the dash deals damage to enemies passed by. It’s just like those samurai you watch in animes just slashes swiftly forward  then sheathes their katana after the final blow. You can use this to dash towards the squishy target you want to kill so bad. Or you can use the dash to escape death. The enhanced attack after the dash can slow  down enemies that could help you chase after them easier. The enhanced basic attack bonus damage is also applied against turrets. It can also let you pass through walls for more efficient mobility. Unfortunately, it doesn’t let you pass through thick walls like this. Saber’s Ultimate skill is what you need to send the enemies to the heavens. The burst damage from this skill is outstanding. One complete combo can definitely  erase the target in no time. The dash from this skill towards the  target helps you instantly chase down the target while dealing deadly burst damage. This is helpful specially when the target is trying to run away from you. The knock up from this skill can also help you hold the target, so you and your allies can attack it with ease during airborne. The dash also lets you pass through walls which can be useful when going in sneaky as ever.

Here we are again with our experiments. We have our cutie Lab Rats, Rackatan and Valerie, to demonstrate with us some heroes that could be easily countered by Saber’s skills. First, let’s test our ultimate skill against heroes that could escape crowd-control effects. Let’s try it against Diggie’s ultimate skill. As you can see, Diggie refused to go to heaven. Probably because he can go there by himself. Even if he wasn’t knocked up, he still received  the complete damage of Saber’s ultimate skill. Same happened against Valir’s ultimate skill. Same also happened against Wan Wan’s 2nd skill. Also same happened against Miya’s ultimate skill. And as expected, same happened against Hanabi’s passive skill. And lastly, the purify spell will also have the same effect against Saber’s heaven-sending skill. Now, let’s have our usual extensive experiments against some heroes’ skills. First, let’s try if Helcurt’s passive skill will stop us from knocking him up. As you can see, Saber got silenced but he was still able to knock Helcurt up. Next, let’s test our ultimate skill against Diggie’s 2nd skill. As you can see, Saber was pulled back to the center of Diggie’s skill, but he was still able to deal the 3 slashes. Saber is really persistent to be honest. Next, let’s test if Valir’s 2nd skill can knock us back during our dash with our ultimate skill. 

As you can see, he was able to push us back, but we were still able to knock Valir  up and deal the slashes. There are really persistent  humans who still pursues someone even if you already said “No” to them. I hope they understand that “No” means “No”. Please, don’t be creepy. Next, let’s test what will happen if we use our ultimate skill while Akai is spinning. As you can see, Saber was pushed back, but Akai was sent to the heavens and  stopped his spinaroonie. This looks like a great  counter to stop Akai’s spinaroonie. Next, let’s test what’s gonna happen  if Nana transformed us while performing our ultimate skill. As you can see, even if we turned into a cutie little creature, Nana was still knocked up and received the 3 slashes. Next, let’s test if we can stop Fanny from flying with Saber’s ultimate skill. As you can see, Fanny still continued on gliding. She was knocked up and received the 3 slashes, but at least she is now marked safe from Saber’s creepiness. Next, let’s test if Khufra’s 2nd skill can knock us up when we use our ultimate skill on him. As you can see, Khufra was knocked up and received the 3 slashes, but we were also knocked up airborne. So for Khufra, our ultimate is considered a blink skill. 

Next, let’s try if we can use our ultimate skill inside Minsitthar’s ultimate skill. As you can see, even if our ultimate skill was considered blink by Khufra, Minsitthar did not consider our ultimate skill as a blink skill. Now, we did some testing if Saber is untargettable during his ultimate skill. First, lets test it against Franco’s hook. As you can see, Franco was able to hook Saber even  if it was during Saber’s ultimate skill. But the target still received  the 3 slashes even so. Now what if we use Franco’s ultimate skill? As you can see, Saber was suppressed, but his ultimate skill still pushed through. Same happened when we tested it against Kaja’s ultimate skill. He was able to pull Saber but the target still received the 3 slashes. Last but not the least, we tested it on Wan Wan’s ultimate skill. We tried using Saber’s ultimate skill during Wan Wan’s ultimate skill. As what we have observed so far, Wan Wan was still shooting darts to Saber during his 3 slashes. So this just basically proves that Saber is targettable during his ultimate skill. But, no matter how much you stop Saber his ultimate skill will still push through. Just like how your crazy toxic ex wants to get back into your life to ruin it all over again.

In terms of his combo, we just follow a really super-duper easy combo for Saber. First, we use our 1st skill. Make sure you somehow hit the  target with the flying swords so that some stacks of your passive will be applied. Then, we use our 2nd skill to dash near the target. Then, we use our omega burst ultimate skill. Each slash will shoot some flying swords  that will deal extra damage, and the swords shot will be  reducing the cool down of our 2nd skill as well that we can use to escape later on. Then if the enemy is lucky enough to survive this devastating combo, use your basic attacks. You can also use Retribution  to slow the target further if ever he or she is super lucky to be still alive. Additional Tip: Always save your 2nd  skill to escape crucial moments. On this scenario, I used my 2nd  skill to harass enemies instead. So after that, I just waited for  my inevitable death because Saber’s 2nd skill is his only mobility skill.

The tips I mentioned are just some of the ways you can use Saber. This video just guides you on how to use Saber, the Kurumi way. We would like to thank our cutie Lab Rats, Rackatan and Valerie, for being our lab rats again for this boot camp. You can search for them in-game and tell them how much you appreciate them, willing to sacrifice their pride and honor to be a test subject. Watch their in-game streams and send some flowers and hearts. So, once again.

This is Kurumi and that’s how you use Saber. Thanks for watching! Do not forget to like and share this video. Also subscribe to our channel for more contents by clicking on the subscribe button below. For our skin giveaway events, check out the Community Tab for the giveaway post. We have our Ko-fi account just in case you want to donate us some coffee funds. Check our Ko-fi link on the description of this video. Please, only trust Boot Camp videos from our official accounts. See you on the next Mobile Legends Boot Camp! Cheers!.

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