THE UNSTOPPABLE ANGELA AND HILDA COMBO(Game-play with Game-guide, Tips, and Strategies)


How are you guys? Today we have another full gameplay video. In today’s episode, watch how potent the Hilda and Angela combo is. Of course as always I will also include tips and tricks on how to effectively play the strategy. Before we begin though I give my shout out to the Angela user, JACE, also known in Mobile Legends as BIFF. Thank you for always supporting our channel! With that being said, let’s head on towards the gameplay! One advantage of Hilda is her mobility. Be sure to always take advantage of that but with extra caution.

One way of doing this is by hovering your camera over key areas like the jungle buff. While you won’t be able to see your enemies, you however will be able to hear them. This in return will give you a clear picture of where their positions are. Since we know the enemy’s positions on the map and we know for a fact that they are still busy with the red buff we can then take the Crab. In most cases reserve this for your core hero, but since they are busy on the lower half of the map might as well take it than let the enemy team do.

This was an awful move by the opposing team. It was pretty obvious that they were up against 3 heroes which were Atlas, Angela, and Karrie. That alone would have been enough of a reason not to invade. To make matters worse, Alice decided to stay up top with Yi Sun Shin I of course noticed that, and decided to use it to my advantage. Easy stacks man. This was my emblem configuration. I prioritized spell vamp and movement speed over the other stats. Putting it on physical penetration and attack won’t make much difference. Same goes with cooldown reduction. In addition to that, Hilda does not really rely on crit chances. I however did a slight miscalculation, I was expecting to go up against a solo Alice, but apparently they went with a 122 rotation. High and Dry is a talent that only gets triggered when your target hero is alone, otherwise it will not have any effect at all. It would have been better if I had Killing Spree equipped instead.

With Killing Spree, each kill will regenerate my HP based on my max HP, and will also boost my movement speed. Try your best to observe the map by hovering the screen over key areas. like I said earlier, even though you can’t see them if they are doing objectives you will still hear their activities. In this case however, it was just too quiet, suspiciously quiet. Hence I was extremely hesitant of going out. It’s okay to be a coward sometimes but if you will be a coward at least be a smart coward. I would have dove in and killed that Yi Sun Shin as well, but Gatot Kaca suddenly disappeared from the map and we all know how long his ultimate’s range is.

Reaching us from mid to the top lane would have been easy for him. Hence in this situation it’s better to be a smart coward. When you are in a pinch and your core hero is about to die, head towards a different route to distract your enemies or in other words split up. It’s always best to keep the core hero alive as much as possible. Besides, in that situation I would have died anyway. Might as well die alone than take our core hero with me. The battle spell I used for this game is Execute. I normally equip this when the enemy team have heroes with good escape skills, or are very tanky. When defending turrets, always prioritize killing minions first. If they prioritized destroying my turret first, I would have died. Remember to always know your priorities guys. Besides, if they focused more on destroying that turret, both of them probably would have been alive still. This part is pretty self-explanatory, just watch how I will transition from pushing top, to mid, then to the bottom half of the map.

That is the definition of efficient rotation. At this point it is apparent that we now have absolute control over the map. It’s all downhill from here for the opposing team. Let’s speed up the boring parts of the video. Observe all three lanes. If your team is having the advantage, try to steal their jungle buff. This will further put them in a worse spot than they already are. These are the items that I used for this game. For a more in-depth guide, I highly suggest on watching my older Hilda game guides. I have a link to the playlist on the upper right corner of the screen and I will also have the links of each video in the description. UGH!! Almost had him! I actually got disconnected in this part, luckily the game was already over.

That concludes our gameplay video. It is always a pleasure seeing you guys here. Thank you so much for watching and if you haven’t yet, don’t forget to leave a LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE! Stay safe guys! Peace!.

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