Hey guys! So in this video I am going to share some very important tips that hopefully will help improve your assassin gameplay and in-game decision. In this game I would be using Karina, an assassin that many players don?t consider her as a meta hero. but the reason why im using her as an example is because i want to show you that these tips would make even the non-meta assassin heroes, pretty dang good.

These are the builds and the emblem setup. I like using Flicker with Karina because it would allow me to instantly get closer to the squishy targets. And you will see why it was such a good idea to use this spell when you are clearing the first minion wave, if you see that the enemy has the superior draft for the early game Just wait until they clear the wave. I keep hearing Badang?s attack animation, so I was checking to make sure he is not stealing the Litho. This is the reason why Flicker is pretty good with Karina. Because of Yu Zhong ultimate?s mini-stun, it allowed Sylvanna to reset her first skill, even though I managed to dodged it the first time. Pretty unlucky. Use your skills frequently to harass the enemies, even if that won?t kill the targets. Because if you can make them low in hp, something good will happen. For example, they will have to go back to base, which opens up the map and slows down their farm. Your teammates can finish them off, or you can take objectives a lot easier.

Looking at Silvanna?s hp, it?s very clear to me that I probably won?t be able to finish her off. And Ruby makes it even more difficult because of the amount of CC she has. So I am trying to get away from her and see if she misses her skill. If she does, then I think I would have a much higher success rate at killing Sylvanna. Being greedy is not a good idea, but a lot of times you need to know when to push your advantage if the situation presents itself.

Shutting down their carry is absolutely important. If their carry is struggling, the game becomes so much easier. Always focus the turret first, if you can destroy them in the early game. It opens up the map a lot. Allowing your team to kill the enemies more frequently, and also they would be more scared to farm, because now they don?t have the turrets? protection. Choose your fights wisely, even if the target seems to be alone, you have to take into consideration where the rest of the enemy’s team is. Never stop farming. If there?s not much happening, just go to the open lane and farm. It?s extremely important to farm your core items as an assassin. You would need them in order to kill the squishy heroes almost instantly. You don?t want to hang around for too long, because most assassins are pretty squishy heroes themselves. So usually you want to kill the damage dealer then retreat. Unless you are extremely fed, then you can just kill them all. Take advantage of everything, even your allies? death. Since they created a good distraction, I would use this opportunity to push the other lanes.

When you are fighting a hero with a lot of crowd control, try your best to play around their skills and side-step them. Remember, always try to go for the squishy heroes first, and wait for the right timing, don?t be the first one to engage the enemies. Wait until they are a bit distracted, then you can go in. It?s really important to keep panning around the map, so you can know what is the situation. The enemies might be low in hp, if that?s the case, you can go there and finish them off. I was feeling overly confident right now, that I didn?t even notice their Pharsa built Athena Shield. She probably noticed I was always trying to target her first, since she is the squishiest hero and the one who deals the most damage. This happens very often to many players when they are too confident. They just start doing some silly plays like this.

Just get the kill and retreat, and wait for better timing to engage the enemies again. I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you did, leave a like and subscribe to the channel. Thanks~.

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