Hey guys So in this video I will explain why I always use the Mystery Shop talent from the mage emblem instead of the other two, The other two mage talents provide a little bit of extra damage or mana regeneration, but you can cover these areas by just Getting the items earlier, Which is what the Mystery Shop talent does, you can buy the items at 90 % of the original price. That means a 10 % discount, So the sooner you get more items the more damage you will deal, which would be much better than relying on those two other talents that have a relatively long cooldown and can be wasted when you are clearing the minion waves. Also, if you quickly do the math and add up all the items for the final composition, that’s roughly more than 11,000 gold, which means you will receive a guaranteed 1,100 gold completely for free every time.

You use this talent from the mage emblem. That’S a lot of free gold. Anyway, in this game, I would be using Pharsa as a support, and I will show you how fast she can farm her items. Thanks to this amazing Mystery Shop, talent. I am telling Lolita to follow me because if we leave Harith alone in the jungle, he can farm it faster, Something that I explained in my previous video, which I talked about, how to play this update more efficiently For those who haven’t seen it. Yet. I will leave that video link in the description. I would recommend leveling up her first skill first, so you can stun the target and potentially get a first blood Here. I am just going to use my skills on the jungle monster and leave Harith to take it by himself. Remember the more heroes are around. The jungle monster the less damage they would receive. In this case it would have been nice if Lolita had followed me.

So we can gank the bottom lane instead, But since she didn’t follow me, I couldn’t really go gank by myself Here. It would have been the perfect opportunity to gank the bottom lane, but nobody is really following me. You probably are thinking that I am just wasting my time here. She would never listen to me But, like I have said many times in my other videos, it’s always worth giving a try. It’S a slim chance, but it’s better to try and fail than not trying at all. That’S how I got rejected many times. T^T Wait a moment. Are you seeing this Lolita actually listened and now is following me around As long as you keep trying and never give up, you will find the one Wait. I think I am working on the wrong video. Sorry. The reason why It’s better for Lolita to follow me around than sticking with Harith is because, in the early game, he is just going to spend time farming in the jungle. So as a support and tank, we should try to gank and put more pressure on the enemies. Instead, I swear I used Flameshot here It should have been a double kill.

Now that Lolita is following me around, we can do so much more in the game. Sorry Lolita, I thought Leomord was going to retreat and dash back. Look at that at minute 3:38. I was able to complete Clock of Destiny. That’S extremely fast and the Mystery Shop. Talent played a huge role, Since my ultimate is on cooldown. I would play more passively and wait for the right timing to engage again. Remember try to stay as close to Lancelot as possible when he is about to use his second skill. This way, you will minimize his damage by a lot As long as you managed to avoid Lancelot’s second skill by staying very close to him. His damage output is not that scary After you have found the one now it’s time to show that you actually appreciate her, and you are grateful to her.

Usually Lancelot can kill squishy heroes fairly easily, but if you know his weakness, then it won’t be so easy anymore Same thing with Leomord as long as you manage to stun them with her first skill, Pharsa is not someone that you can kill that easily. At this point, I think I would have to spend the rest of my life with this Lolita And it all started, because I didn’t give up from the first try. You don’t necessarily have to always kill them with her ultimate, but you can just use it to scare the enemies away, so they can’t defend the turret. I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did consider leaving a like and subscribing Thanks~

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