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This is Why Revamp Lapu Lapu is the NEW META | Master the Basics | Lapu Lapu Gameplay | MLBB


How strong is the new revamp, Lapu Lapu in this mobile legends guide? We are going to talk about all the skills of Lapu Lapu and also how we use him also included the right and wrong decisions that I did. Ok, let’s Go in this game. We did Jungle, Lapu Lapu, that’s why we have Retribution. But if we are going to do the Side lane Lapu Lapu, you can go for Flicker or Execute when it comes to emblem. This is the emblem that I used on this game. Assassin Emblem with movement, speed, physical pen and Killing Spree, but if you are doing Side lane Lapu Lapu it’s better to go for Fighter Emblem with Spell Vamp to have sustain when it comes to Lapu-Lapu’s skill, his passive is. You will notice that he gains white energy everytime. He deals damage the white bar increases and, if you make that bar full, his next basic attack will deal more damage. Aside from that, he’ll also be able to dash on the enemy and also receive a shield. The only problem with his Passive it can’t be critical damage.

That means critical damage items will be useless when it comes to his 1st skill, he will throw his axe in a direction and automatically returns to him. You will also notice the damage is higher if you hit the enemy with the middle part. But if you hit the side, it will deal less damage if Lapu-Lapu’s energy is full. His first skill have a slow aside from that another way to increase the damage of his 1st skill. You can get close to the enemy you will see here. The enemy still receives damage twice, because we are close to them when it comes to this 2nd skill. You’Ll be able to use it to dash in or dine out. It also deals low damage and when it comes to his ultimate everytime, you use it her 1st skill and 2nd skill changes form you will see here on the first use of your ultimate.

You can jump on a location, it deals, damage and slow, and when you click your ultimate again, he will slash 3 times and the last slash deals more damage when it comes to first skill. Instead of throwing it, he will make a shadow that slows enemies and deals more damage on heroes that will be hit. Then they will stunned and when it comes to his 2nd skill during Ultimate instead of Dash, he will spin his sword around him. This is also the most important skill you need to hit. The enemy, Lapu-Lapu’s, 2nd skill during Ultimate every hero that is hit will reduce the damage receive by Lapu-lapu by 15 %. That means it’s the reason why you will last longer on teamfights. Aside from that, it also has low cooldown. That’S why you can always use it later. You will see diffrent combo’s that you can do on Lapu lapu. When it comes to this game, I decided to rotate Gold lane and stay there to take the Crab and because did the big Crab reswpawns much longer.

Now, that’s why we can stay there next thing you need to remember when using Lapu-Lapu he is strong in early game. That means you can go for a teamfight right away and because Kadita killed Yi Sun Shin. That’S why we should take the Tower, but you should not over stay on Gold lane. You need to remember by 3 mins mark. The Turtle will be up. That’S why you need to choose if you are going to take the Turtle or Crab when it comes to item build. This is the item build that I think suits Lapu Lapu because he has strong burst? That’S why BOD and Endless Battle is Good and if you are doing side lane Lapu Lapu. This is the item build that you can do. Bloodlust axe is good for additional sustain, but you can still change it when it comes to Lapu, Lapu’s combo. It’S so important that, after using Ultimate use 2nd skill aside from 2nd skill’s cooldown being fast, that’s also the reason why Lapu-lapu will be tankier.

That’S why, after using ultimate go for 2nd skill, 1st skill then use the ultimate again after the 3 Slashes. You already have 2nd skill, but you can still add a basic attack on that combo. You can go for ultimate basic attack, 2nd skill, basic attack, 1st skill Basic attack, then go for Ultimate again. That’S the reason why Endless battle is better on him. Another thing you need to remember when using Lapu-Lapu’s ultimate his damage and defense increases whenever he is in ulimate state. Aside from that, when he is doing the 3 slashes, he is immune to any crowd control skills. That’S why, if you noticed earlier we’re not silenced by Helcurt .

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