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How can you get easy kills when using Saber in this mobile legends guide? We are going to talk about everything you need to know. If you want to use Saber, also included, how will you get 5 stacks quicker in this game? We are gon na. Do the Jungle Saber? This is the Emblem that I used Assassin Emblem with Movement, Speed, Physical Pen and Killing Spree movement. Speed is important to get close to the enemies faster and Killing Spree in order to last longer on teamfights. Your first priority, when using Saber, should be to reach level 4 fast.

His ultimate is so important to get easy kills. That’S what we are going to do in this game. When it comes to Saber’s skills, his 1st skill will throw 5 swords around him everytime. He uses skill or basic attack. Those swords will deal add damage to everone hit. Aside from that everytime those swords return, the Cooldown of 2nd skill is reduced. You will see here everytime the swords returns, the cooldown is reduced. His 2nd skill will make him dash to a location and his next basic attack will increase damage. Aside from that, it also has slow when it comes to his Ultimate.

He will deal 3 slashes on the Target. The enemy will be airborned, then the 3rd slash will deal more damage, but the most important skill of Saber is in his Passive. When he deals damage on an enemy. The Physical Defense is reduced by 7. You will a mark on the enemy it stacks up to 5 times. That means, when you deal 5 damage to the enemy, their Physical Defense will be reduced by 35. If you notice there in order to maximize his passive as much as possible, let the other skills hit first before using his ultimate, that’s good, so that the Physical Defense of the enemy is already reduced.

When you use your ultimate aside from that, it’s also important to do a basic attack after using 2nd skill, because, aside from additional damage, it also has slow so that enemies won’t get away easily, there’s another way to get 5 stacks fast. You will see later how, aside from that, you need to remember. Saber’S Ultimate is so important. That’S why, as much as possible, you must select the Target Properly. Don’T just use his Ultimate in order to get 5 stacks quickly.

You can get close to the enemy, then use 1st skill. You need to remember the blades from 1st skill also deals damage when it comes out of Saber and because there are 5 blades. That means the stack of Passive will be 5 instantly. Aside from the stack of Passive, the damage will also be 5x when you are close to the enemy, but that’s not easy to do on heroes. If you think you can’t reach the enemy, use the 1st skill early and let the edge of 1st skill hit to reduce the Defense of the enemy. But if you can get close, you can do 2nd skill Basic attack to slow. If you notice there, we didn’t use the Ultimate quickly in order to reduce the Physical Defense and because we’re able to kill Roger.

That means we should take Objective when it comes to item build. This is the item that I think suits Saber, because just like Alucard, his skills is based on Extra Physical Damage. That’S why BoD is important from the start. I will just level 2. The Jungle item then go for Blade of Despair in order to burst faster blade of Heptaseas for his 2nd skill, because it increases the next basic attack. That’S why it so good with Blade of Heptaseas the last 2 items you can change, depending on the situation when it comes to this game. Positioning Timing and Targetting is so important on Saber. You will see on this game the right Positioning when to go in and who to target.

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