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How can you make Pharsa even stronger and why she suits so well on Project? Next, in this mobile legends guide, you will see how we maximize Pharsa in order to help all the lanes and how we can make her skills hit easily in this game. We are with Nightmare Playz for our # LetsGrowTogether. He is making Moskov gameplay and to help him grow. Don’T forget to subscribe in this game. This is the Emblem that we used same as our Pharsa Guides, because Magic Power is so important on her skills.

That’S why we are going to maximize it as a Pharsa Mid lane. Our first Priority is to help both side lanes, because we have 4th skill that will help us rotate faster. That’S why we should maximize it, but you must remember before you rotate on side lane. You must clear the mid lane. First, you will see on this game. Whenever we clear mid lane, we are going to support our allies, but what lane is the best lane to gank? First thing: you need to remember it’s better to gank on lane, where you can kill the hero. Aside from that, it’s better to go to where your Jungler is rotating, to get easy kills. If you notice there after we clear the mid lane, we went straight to top lane.

And because our jungler rotates there, that’s why we’re able to kill them when it comes to Pharsa’s combo, there’s a much easier way to make it hit. If you watched our Pharsa Guides, it’s so important to make her first skill hit in order to stun the enemy, but most of the Pharsa users that I see after they use 1st skill they weren’t able to hit their 2nd skill. That’S why the enemy is still not stunned. If you notice there, I was able to make 2nd skill hit accurately because I didn’t just click it.

If we are going to look at that clip again after hitting my 1st skill, I waited for my Passive to hit. First, before using my 2nd skill, because her passive has slow that’s, why it’ll be easier to hit the 2nd skill when it comes to Miya after I used my 1st skill, I do a basic attack first before using 2nd skill, because her basic attack will still make Her 1st skill, stun, that’s why you’ll be able to hit the 2nd skill easier. You will see in this game how many times we are going to do that combo when it comes to item build, because I was able to have a lead early.

That’S why this is the Item build that I will do that’s the reason why we can kill later with just 2 Ultimate aside from that, because there’s no hero that can get close to me easily. That’S why I chose not to build Clock of Destiny, but if there are assassins that can get close to you easily, this is the item. Build that you can do Clock of Destiny is good, so you won’t die easily.

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