Good day everyone! Thank you for dropping by to our channel once again!  Let us discuss my TOP 5 Assassins in the current meta,  and recently I uploaded a video of my Top 5 Best Marksman for Project NEXT,  and if you haven’t watched it, here’s the link on the upper right corner of the current video.  Before we start the list I just want to clear some things up, this is the list of TOP 5 Assassins,  NOT Junglers. Like I said in our complete Project NEXT Fundamentals game guide,  a Jungler can be any hero type as long as they can fulfill such role.

It can either be a mage,  fighter, or even a marksman. Hence, this list is exclusively for assassins only!  I also didn’t include any pseudo-assassins or hybrid heroes that are rarely used as an assassin.  Now that’s out of the way, let’s start the list!  After Natalia’s recent adjustments, she has risen from the depths of non-usage to becoming  one of the most threatening heroes. At one point, she even became one of the most banned heroes.  Because of the recent changes MOONTON did with the jungle and the lane mechanics, seeing Natalia more  is definitely inevitable.

She’s an assassin with excellent mobility due to her passive, and first  skill. Traveling from the jungle to one point of the map is fairly easy for her, and since the meta  is now focused on farming in the lane especially in the first 3 minutes of the game, it opens up  more opportunities for Natalia to orchestrate a gank with other heroes on the lane. Alone, Natalia  may be less than a threat, but if partnered with an ally or two, she becomes a killing machine  that does not let any hero escape due to the slow effect of her second skill, and the invisibility  she can actively trigger with her ultimate. Compared to other assassins, Natalia may not be on  par, but if picked with the right team and lineup she is definitely a threat for any core hero.  Next is my Top 4 assassin, Saber.

It has been a while since Saber became part of the meta.  The recent changes they made to his stats and skill mechanics has since turned him into a one  hit combo machine. What makes Saber amazing is his versatility. He can either be played on the lane  or in the jungle, whichever way he is played though the results will always be phenomenal!  His ultimate forces other heroes to equip and use Purify which opens up a lot of opportunities for  his teammates who also has crowd control skills. Visualize a team with hard crowd control and see  how much of a disadvantage the opposing team will have due to fear of getting caught by Saber’s  ultimate. Lane presence, jungle efficiency, versatility, burst damage, and crowd control,  Saber has it all! Watch him pawn a squishy hero faster that you can say “Kill all at once!”  My Top 3 is Selena. Selena is never out of the meta. One of the very few heroes who  can easily pawn a target in the first minute of the game which is now extremely important  due to the recent changes with the lane mechanics.

A lane hero losing out on a wave of  minions in the first 3 minutes of the game will be behind in gold or EXP gain by a huge margin!  Selena, when played properly is one of the most efficient junglers.  Her traps can also provide vision when placed in strategic locations of the map such as the Lord  and Turtle. While her presence diminishes in the late game as an assassin, due to her utilities she  is far from useless! She currently holds the record for longest stun duration in the game,  and speaking of her skill’s stun, Moonton recently implemented the adaptive camera or what’s labeled  in settings as Camera Shift. With this feature turned on, your field of vision will then increase  depending on the range of your skill.

This isn’t just a handy feature in hitting your targets,  but in surveying the area as well. Burst damage, slow, above average range, adaptability, long stun  duration, and mobility, those are just some of the many reasons why Selena deserves the top 3 spot! Helcurt recently received a nerf prior Project NEXT’s  launch but is still a threat! He currently holds one of the highest banned frequencies in the game  due to obvious reasons. Helcurt has a very unique ultimate which aids not just himself  but his allies as well. Experiencing Helcurt’s ultimate as a squishy hero is hell!  The fear of being taken down, and helplessness of being unable to see your teammates on the map  is far too much for most players! To make matters worse, he is also a threat against skill-casters  or those heroes who rely on skill combos like Chou, Guinevere and Gusion just to name a few due  to his silence which halts any attempts to execute a combo.

When played well, he is also capable of  striking down any squishy in less than a second thanks to the burst damage of his first skill!  I recommend mastering Helcurt if you have the battle points to spare  and if you are willing to take chances of having a hero who is banned 90% of the time. Now, before I unveil my TOP 1 assassin for Project NEXT, here are some honorable mentions Finally for my TOP 1, Lancelot! What Lancelot lacks in crowd control prowess,  he more than makes up for his burst damage! He is one of the heroes that shine regardless of what  phase the game is in. He can start ripping targets apart as soon as he steps on the battlefield,  and is an even bigger threat when fed! Lancelot does not know what a turret is because he always  ignores them. Immunity to attacks is his specialty due to the effects of his skills,  escaping is close to impossible as well due to spontaneous dashes! Currently he is one of the  most efficient Junglers out there with potential to wipe out an entire team when played well,  this makes him amazing at invading the enemy team’s jungle with minimal assistance  from his teammates due to his numerous escape mechanisms! If you don’t have  Lancelot in your hero pool, then you are at a loss! Never play Mobile Legends without him!  With that, our list comes to a close.

If you haven’t watched our Project NEXT related content  yet, the link for the playlist is below in the description and uh regarding this video  I’d love to hear your thoughts about my top 5 best assassins, whether you agree or not,  feel free to let me know in the comment section below! Alright? Thank you so much for watching,  and guys please don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE! Stay safe, and enjoy the game! Peace!.

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