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Before we start, I wanted to invite all streamers for a Collab, I’m doing livestream on my Facebook Page every other day around 6 to 8pm. We are going to make a content during Liverstream. It can be Rank Game Challenges 1v1 or any idea from you. We are also going to promote your Youtube Channel or Facebook Page. Then you can also post our stream on Youtube. We are going to do this to help each other Grow. We are going to call this # LetsGrowTogether to everyone who are intersted. Just message me on the social media accounts on the description of this video.

Ok, Let’s Go in this video. You will see why Valir is so good at bullying. You will also know here what you need to do. If you want to bully your enemies, we are playing with Erlindang Plays for our # LetsGrowTogether, and we are also going to do his Funnel Clint. And if you want to see his Clint Gameplay, you can subscribe to his Youtube channel. ( Erlindang Plays ) to help him Grow in this game. This is the Emblem that I used Mage Emblem with Movement, Speed, Magic Pen and Impure Rage. Impure Rage is so good on Valir, because it’s important to make his skills hit the enemy. 1St thing you need to remember: Valir is so strong at level 1. That’S why, as much as possible, you must maximize it. You must bully the enemies even at level 1. When it comes to his skills. His 1st skill can stack up to 2 times and whenever it hits a hero, it will have another stack. That’S why, even on level 1, you should prioritize making it hit the enemy.

You should not let it hit the minions, because his 1st skill won’t have stack and in order to bully them, you must make the first skill hit Go just clear the lane. I don’t have 1st skill, join him Atlas. I will Harass them: Let’s Go Ura, they will die another one. Let’S go here. We have a heal here. He will go back. He really wants to kill me. That’S enough, if you notice we’re able to harass the enemies, because Valir’s 1st skill is unlimited as long as it hits a hero but as much as possible. You must still position yourself nicely aside from that. You should not just stop there if you notice here, Harith left his minion wave on mid in order to not be delayed on his red buff, and because we are bullying them. We should follow them on the next objective. They will take it’s good to make them delay even more. The only problem is because I don’t have flicker that’s why this happen.

I’M dead, I don’t have Flicker just farm Clint. You will see here, their core’s farm was already delayed and because his teammates need to stop me so that I won’t be able to bully their core, that’s why they are having a hard time taking objectives. They can’t help the core because they are focusing on me and the good thing here. Our Core will be able to farm properly, but it’s better. If you won’t die, I think they are going bot there. They are I’m on my way. We can fight back target Chang’ e.

She already used her purify. Where will you go nice one push when it comes to Valir’s skills, his 1st skill, when it hits an enemy, it will deal damage and explode. It also has slow, and just like what I said earlier, it can stack up to 2 times when it comes to his passive. Whenever you hit an enemy, they will have a mark when it reaches up to 3 marks. The enemy will be stunned. Aside from that, the enemy will burn for 4 seconds whenever they are hit by Valir’s skills. When it comes to his 2nd skill, you can push the enemies when you use it. You can also cancel the enemy skill when using 2nd skill when it comes to his ultimate. It increases the range of 1st and 2nd skill. Aside from that, it also increases the damage everytime, you use his ultimate. It’S like you use a Purify. It will remove all crowd, control skill of the enemy Atlas defend mid because they have Harith. I will go for Durance. First, we are going to take Turtle. Let’S take his blue first Litho, then Blue.

He was able to catch them, their blue Clint. I don’t have. First skill, nice one now: let’s take Turtle, we don’t have retri, but we can stop them. Xborg join us last hit the Turtle, another good thing about Valir. He can zone the enemies because his 1st skill is unlimited. That’S why you must evade it. If you have an enemy Valir, if Valir misses twice, that’s the only time you can go in, Let’s Go. I was ultied. I wasn’t able to Flicker out nice one. Our Clint is already strong he’s already 4-0. I just plan to reset Harith’s Red buff then out, but because they use their skills on me. That’S why my allies was able to kill them and because the buff was reset. That’S why Clint was able to take it aside from that, if you notice, I have more gold than their core, because we’re able to pressure them in the early game. That’S why it’ll be hard for them to get back when it comes to item build.

This is the item build that I will do on this game, but if you don’t need Necklace of Durance, you can go straight to Glowing Wand, Glowing, Wand and Ice. Queen Wand is good because of Valir’s Passive, and when it comes to the last 3 items, you can change it depending on the situation, he already jump Clint. We need to take tower, go straigh to bottom lane, Xborg help in mid after clearing top so that the mid won’t be destroyed. They will have blue. Let’S go go for Chang. Why me I’m just a support, their blue. Let’S go just reset it. If we can’t zone them Atlas, Turtle is already up Clint. In this situation, we have a huge lead, but you need to remember you should not let the enemies get a come back and in order for them not to get a come back, you must take more objectives that them. You will see here the objectives we are going to take one by one nice. One push top Atlas clear, mid. First, before you get back, he used his ulti on me.

Uranus is also strong on bot I’ll go for defensive, so we won’t get 1 hit, but we lack damage. That’S why I need to go for damage. Push Push Push take their Blue. I don’t have Ulti just take their blue, our Uranus died. I think he was kicked inside the tower. Let’S go bot for Turtle, their Harith was so gap. He was pressured. Let’S take Turtle just Zone them. Let’S go. She already used her ultimate. Let’S take top their red, will respawn Ura just go bot, their top is already destroyed, Khufra will jump. Can we end it after the first lord, I wasn’t able to push fast Sorry back dead. He became Greedy. It’S ok! Let’S just wait for the Lord. Just don’t clear the lanes, so it won’t reach them. Take Crab Xborg. You can take it. Ura, let’s go to their blue. Just go bot Ura, let Xborg be on top. You should not be together. Take their Blue Ura. I was still ultied. He was still able to get at the back. I didn’t notice we’re dead again. It’S no recall again. You need Queen’s Wings. You need Queen’s wings so that you won’t get 1 hit by Hilda. He already has 5 stacks. If he has 8 stack, he can 1 hit you there.

He was able to catch them. Let’S push push top Zone Chang. Can we end? Chang doesn’t have ultimate, he didn’t go in. Let’S just take the Lord, they are already alive, leave Uranus there he can handle it he’s already, a big guy. You need to last hit that Xborg. We are going to distract them. Let’S wait for the Lord. You might get kicked inside. Let’S just wait for the Lord then this is over. The Lord is coming. We can end it in mid at the back. They go on him. Let’S just protect him, they force their way to Clint. I hope you learn a lot from this Guide and if you have a guide that you want me to make just comment down below and I’ll try to make one about it also shoutout to John Paolo Devilla, SilverPlayz and Nightmare Playz. Whoever is the 1st three comments on every video I will shoutout on the next video. So if you are not yet subscribed hit subscribe and the notification bell always remember if you want to improve, # justmasterthebasics, I’m out

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