Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to the Mobile Legends Boot Camp! In this video, we are going to talk about the mage hero, Vexana. Vexana has a good set of crowd-control, area-of-effect, and summoning skills. Our Pokemon Master, I mean our Twisted Summoner, Vexana, is a mage hero. I consider Vexana as a crowd-control mage since her 1st skill makes the enemies go crazy. Not only that, her ultimate skill summons an enemy’s  image just like having a Pokemon to fight for her. Now, let me share some tips and tricks on how to use Vexana based on our experience. 

We will also teach you some combos and techniques on the latter part of this boot camp. But before that, let me explain her skills one by one for further understanding. Vexana’s passive, Necromancy Spell, lets Vexana mark the enemy with the Necromancer mark. When Vexana deals damage to an enemy unit, they are marked with Necromancer for a few seconds. If the target dies while having the Necromancer mark, they will explode and deal Magic Damage to surrounding enemy units. The damage increases as her level increases. The summoned puppet from her ultimate skill  will also apply the Necromancer mark for her. The explosion from your passive skill when  killing targets with the mark will help you to clean minion waves faster as well.

Vexana’s first skill, Charmed Specter, lets Vexana make the boys and girls go wild. She unleashes her Phantom Power forward which deals Magic Damage along the path. Enemies hit will also be in Feared status which makes them  go crazy and uncontrollable for a short duration. With how horrified the target is, she won’t even know what to do next and just panic. You can delay enemy’s chasing after you by instilling fear into their bodies. You can also save your teammates from being ganked up. This skill’s range is so far that it can even reach escaping enemies. Vexana’s second skill, Nether Snare, lets Vexana deal burst damage towards an area. She summons a curse power after a few moments to deal burst Magic Damage to a specified area. The burst damage is no joke given that it’s not yet even an ultimate skill. It’s not that easy to make this skill hit since the  damage erupts only after a few seconds of waiting. So, with help from the disabling status of fear from your 1st skill, the target will willingly catch the burst damage of your 2nd skill and from your teammates as well.

Vexana’s ultimate skill, Cursed Oath, lets her clone an enemy hero  and have it fight for her. She puts a curse on an enemy  hero which will deal Magic Damage initially. The cursed enemy will also receive continuous  Magic Damage within a period which cannot be Purified or dispelled. If a target dies while under the curse or if the curse’s duration comes to an end, she will summon a puppet in the form of the target which will follow her into battle. It’s just like having your own Pokemon fighting for you. Puppets inherit only a percentage of the target’s attributes. The Puppet will also deal continuous Magic Damage to surrounding enemies  depending on the puppet’s Max HP. The Puppet will last for a short  period and will disappear after the duration.

The continuous damage from your ultimate skill  is one of its best features. That is because if you  combine it with Glowing wand, the Magic Damage being dealt  by both will bring wrath to the target, making his or her life a ticking bomb. As long as you casted it to an enemy, the puppet will still be created even when you are dead. This will attack the nearby target and chase him just like a crazy ex. Just take note of this button which defines the settings of your puppet. This one probably means that it’s on attack mode and it will follow you wherever you go. On the other hand, this one probably means it’s on guard mode and will just stay on its current spot. Although, the puppet teleports back to you when the distance  between you and your puppet became too far. Even when you are already dead, your puppet will  still fight for you as long as the target is near.

It will also try to chase the target depending on  the settings of the puppet before you died. With the magic damage per second,  the puppet will deal so much more damage to the enemy targets nearby. After respawning, your puppet will teleport beside you in your base. Most of the time, we use this on Marksman heroes because we want our puppet to deal burst attacks. Just like this Brody which killed the enemy Harith with his burst capability. It would be useless somehow to get a puppet from Mage enemies, but it won’t be bad if you will be using the continuous damage from this  skill to kill squishy targets like a ticking bomb. So to aim this towards the enemy you want to, it’s best to have Hero Lock mode on. Then, click on their icon on your screen so your skill will cast this  enchantment to the right target. You can have your own puppet to  battle with the Original enemy and let them taste their own medicine of defeat. It’s really satisfying seeing the puppet kill the original enemy, right? 

You can drag this skill again to relocate your puppet so it will be nearby your intended target. Although, the puppet sometimes doesn’t prioritize attack enemy  heroes based on our observation on this one. You can even have your puppet block enemy  skills for you during clutch moments. Just like how Pikachu protects Ash. You can also use the puppet to objectively push turrets and lanes. You can also relocate your puppet to bushes to do face-checks for you,  just in case enemies are hiding. We tested her skills against different  scenarios which can be found on our Laboratoymy experiment for Vexana.

There are so many items that you can buy for Vexana. You can focus on items that grants Magic Power, Continuous Magic Damage, and items that grants you additional effects for survival. You can use the “Kurumi Way” build if you want to deal  burst damage along with some continuous damage. We chose the following items to bring out Vexana’s  burst potential while supporting your allies. Demon Shoes gives you mana regeneration and you  also restore mana every time you kill a minion, or engage in enemy hero killings. Glowing Wand will deal continuous damage to enemies when they are damaged by your skills. This is really perfect along with your ultimate skill’s continuous damage as well. Lightning Truncheon will deal extra Magic Damage up to 3 enemies depending  on your Max Mana when you use a skill. Ice Queen Wand will let you slow down enemies  every time they are hit with your skill. Blood Wings will grant you lots of Magic  Power and lots of Health Points depending on your Magic Power. 

Winter Truncheon has an active skill that freezes you for a few moments which will  make you immune to all damage and debuffs, but you are not able to move while on this state. This can save your from incoming burst damage while your puppet deals damage to the enemies. On the other hand, you can use the “Burst Witch” build if the enemy’s lineup has lots of squishy  heroes like marksmen and mages. This build focuses on your  extreme burst capability. Clock of Destiny raises your  total Health Points and your Maximum Mana Pool. Holy Crystal will grant you a large amount of  Magic Power which will improve your skill damage. Lastly, you can use the “Roaming Witch” build if  you prefer to visit lanes for better map control. We included Courage Mask as her roaming item. Courage Mask has an active skill buffs you and allies near you with additional movement speed. Buying masks will grant you gold and exp when you are ranking  last on gold and exp farmed on your team. This makes you worry no more on farming while  visiting lanes non-stop for more hero killings. Fleeting Time will reduce the cool down  of your ultimate skill for every enemy hero elimination or assist. The item build for Vexana really depends on the enemy’s line up. So make sure to read each item’s description so you can adapt in-game.

One of the best spells to be used on Vexana is Flameshot. Using this spell will knockback enemies hit near you, reduce their movement speed, and will deal certain amount of Magic Damage. This will be helpful specially when enemies try  approaching you, or kill enemies escaping death. You can also consider Sprint. This can really help you run from danger, or chase enemies. In my opinion, the best emblem set to be used is the Custom Mage Emblem set. Custom Mage Emblem could provide extra stats according to your needs as a burst-mage. Set Agility to its Max level because it can give you additional Movement Speed. Higher Movement Speed means higher chance to chase enemies or escape death. Setting Observation to max level will provide additional magic penetration on your skills. Higher magic penetration will let you deal more magic damage with your skills. Get Impure Rage to deal extra damage depending on the enemy’s current HP. Impure rage also restores your mana. For me, it’s the best thing to get  since Impure Rage has a short cool down which can help you poke enemies.

You can set Second skill to max level first. Prioritizing this makes the damage output higher and the cool down lower. You can also prioritize First skill if you want the duration of Fear longer. Always upgrade ultimate skill when available for upgrading. In terms of her combo, we usually use a  really straight-forward combo for Vexana depending on the situation. For team fight situations, this is the combo we usually use. First, we cast our ultimate skill to the burst marksman or fighter. Take note that your puppet will only deal basic attacks and continuous magic damage. But it also inherits the passive skill of your target. So make sure to cast it on an enemy hero with the best basic attack output. You can also cast it on tank heroes, although that would be situational. Then, you can use your spell anytime in between this combo just in case you needed it. Then, use your 1st skill to make the boys and girls go crazy partying like there is no tomorrow. Then, use your 2nd skill to deal burst damage to most of the enemies in the team fight. With the Fear status from your 1st skill, your 2nd skill will have a really low chance of missing, unless you panicked and threw your mobile phone away from you like a scaredy cat. Then, just deal basic attacks and use your puppet wisely by  relocating it nearby a squishy or dying target.

Additional Tip: Sharpen your aiming skills when using Flameshot. Flameshot will definitely be your best friend when you want to kill a target with full combo. Or maybe you just want to secure a kill and take it from your team mates. Either way, your team gets a kill. You can also save yourself or your allies  with the push from Flameshot. Maybe this is what your ex  used against you to push you away. So better use this wonderful spell wisely. The tips I mentioned are just some of the ways you can use Vexana. This video just guides you on how to use Vexana, the Kurumi way. So, once again. This is Kurumi and that’s how you use Vexana. Thanks for watching! Do not forget to like and share this video. Also subscribe to our channel for more contents by clicking on the subscribe button below. For our skin giveaway events, check out the Community Tab for the giveaway post. We have our Ko-fi account just in case you want to donate us some Yakult or  Milk Tea funds for Loca G. Check our Ko-fi link on the  description of this video. Please, only trust Boot Camp  videos from our official accounts. See you on the next Mobile Legends  Boot Camp! Cheers!

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