Why Cyclops is the Best Ling Counter | Master the Basics | Cyclops Gameplay | MLBB


Why Cyclops is one of the best counters for Ling in this mobile legends guide? We are going to talk about what you need to do in order to Counter Ling using Cyclops. You can also do this on Assassins that’s hard to catch and also included here. The right and wrong decisions that I did, but before we start, I want to shoutout first Thirstea Pig Tea House for those Milktea Lovers.

You should try the Milktea of Thirstea Pig Tea House. They are located at Imus, Cavite and La Union for more info. You can follow their Facebook Page that I will put in the Description Below in this game. This is still the Emblem that I use same as our Cyclops Support Video. When it comes to our Laning, you will notice our Marksman will start on red buff. One of the advantages of that I will be level 2 fast on mid lane and because their Jungle started on mid lane.

That’S why Luo Yi won’t be level 2 and because Luo Yi is not strong on level 1. That’S why we can Harass her early Ling. Still did the Funnel Rotation, while our Moskov did the Jungle Rotation in order for Moskov to farm faster on Jungle. Khufra is helping him one of the advantage of this Rotation. The Jungler will be able to gank on side lanes faster and, if they rotated faster, they’ll, be able to gank faster. If you’re able to kill the Side lane, it will be easier to take the Gold on tower and also the Crab when it comes to Mid lane. Cyclops. Our priority here is to reach level 4 fast.

When Cyclops is level, 4 he’ll be able to Gank faster, but you need to remember in order for you mid lane to not get destroyed fast as much as possible. You must clear it first before leaving the lane, you must clear the wave faster than the enemy in lane. Next thing, you need to remember when using Cyclops Positioning is so important, because I’m not the Target earlier. That’S why I can go forward, but even if I’m going forward, I still don’t get close to the range of the enemy skills you need to remember. Cyclops is so squishy. That’S why, if you are targeted you’ll die easily later, you will see the different positioning that you can do here. You will notice the enemies has low HP.

There will also be Turtle and Buffs for Junglers. You need to remember on the 2nd wave of buffs. You don’t need to help your junglers. What you need to do is protect them, Ling, still able to take their buff, but we’re able to pressure them and because our Jungler doesn’t share the farm on mid lane, then I always clear it. That’S why I’ll have item faster and because our Jungler was free farm. That’S why it’s faster for us to take objectives when it comes to item build. This is still the item build that we are gon na do on Cyclops, but because we need Necklace of Durance.

That’S why we are going to change the Concentrated Energy. We are going to build Necklace of Durance to counter Esmeralda. You also need to remember Winter. Truncheon is so important in order to counter Ling. You will see later how we maximize that Winter Truncheon in order to kill Ling. There are 2 ways to Catch Ling. Easily. 1St is to wait for his Ultimate to be used before using your Ultimate, the timing of when to use your Ultimate is so important in order to catch Ling.

Next, you can use your Ultimate your Ultimate in order for Ling to use his ultimate, but that’s only good if you have an ally who can catch Ling if he doesn’t have Ultimate. That’S why, as much as possible specially, if you are Solo Player, it’s better to use Cyclops Ultimate if Ling doesn’t have an escape anymore.

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