Wow! Brody is absolutely insane. This new marksman, or should I say; this new op broken character is probably gonna get banned frequently until they nerf him. Because his damage output is just too much. I did try different kinds of builds and emblems and I think this is the best build for him at the moment, with the assassin emblem. So at the start of this game, my team was actually very doubtful about my Brody pick, but little did they know that this hero is just too broken to not pick him. I am trying to convince my team that maybe I am not that bad of a player and they should have a little faith in me. So that at the very least we can have a normal start, instead of just giving up right away.

Welp, it worked for one of them, the rest just thought I was trolling. Because I was not able to convince them, now Thamuz won’t cooperate, he will start with the blue first, forcing our Camillia to go to the bottom lane instead of supporting me and doing the 131 formations. Anyway, throughout this video, you will be able to see how insanely strong this hero truly is. At the start of the game, you can play him extremely aggressively because his early damage output is probably the best in the game right now, and especially because he is a ranged hero.

Here you can see how he can completely dominate the early trades, and it would have been a guaranteed win if only Camilia was here with us and Thamuz was in the side lane. Anyway, this is also a great opportunity to show you that even if you don’t have a normal start and not very cooperative teammates, this hero can just simply carry the game.

Now let’s break down what makes this hero so incredibly strong. First, his passive makes him mark the targets every time he inflicts damage to them. Each stacks will increase Brody’s damage against the target by 10% and his movement speed by 5%. The limit of the mark is 4 stacks. His first skill launches a shock wave in the designated direction, dealing damage and slowing the enemies by 30%. This skill affects everyone that is in the line of fire, and this deals extra damage if there are more targets affected by it. His second skill is a blink skill that can also stun the enemy. But unlike other blink skills, this one you have to target an enemy, and after you hit the target, you can dash one more time in the movement direction, gaining a 45% movement speed for a very brief moment.

Once you have cleared your minion wave, go gank immediately, this hero doesn’t need a lot of farm to start melting down the enemies. His ultimate locks on all the targets that are within the outer circle. The ultimate would deal more damage according to how many marks the targets have, and the amount of hp the targets have lost. So it’s a good idea to use this ultimate as a finisher. So this hero basically has everything you would wish in a marksman hero. He has a blink skill, he has early and late-game damage, he can farm extremely fast, destroy turrets like it’s nothing, meltdown heroes like they are butter and even tanks cannot really tank that much against his super broken damage. Probably the best way to fight against this hero is by having a lot of heroes that can dive the backline such as Ling, Natalia, Leomord, Helcurt, Lancelot, etc and all just focus on him first.

But if you have some good teammates around you, especially a good tank and support, then it would still be quite difficult to kill him first without suffering a lot of casualties in the process. As you can see, even if your teammates don’t want to cooperate, that’s still not much of a problem for Brody. Just be smart with your positioning and in-game decision and you will be fine.

This hero is also incredible at destroying the turrets extremely fast, just one basic attack can reduce the turret’s hp significantly. I think he is probably one of the best heroes at destroying turrets, and it’s not even close. By the way, you don’t necessarily need Retribution with this hero, he can do the jungle just fine. He is so strong that he doesn’t even need the jungle item to do the jungle. Just remember that you will be the main target, so always be on guard so you are ready to side-step at any time, and also always pay close attention to your positioning. I am telling my teammates to not do the Lord yet and wait until minute 12 so he gets enhanced. Unfortunately, Thamuz is not really listening, but you know, this is still okay because we can bait the enemies that we are doing the Lord and they might be forced to contest it. Try to take advantage of even the misplays from your teammates.

Just look how Brody can easily destroy the turrets, at this point is not even fair. I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did, consider leaving a like and subscribing. Thanks~.

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