[MHW:I] Guida ai set per Spadascia/Set guide for Switch-axe


Hi there hunters, with the arrival of Fatalis, we had a general meta shift regarding almost all weapons. This shift reflects itself, inevitably not only on the running context, but also on the normal sets used for farming. Today, I’m going to propose a guide about switch axe sets In some of the sets that I’m going to show on screen. You will find some AT Velkhana pieces (. The monster is going to be released in a few days, ) For completeness and convenience. I decide to insert them now in order to share a definitive content with you. All watching Switch axe is a really strong weapon. It owns 2 attack modes, the axe mode, powerful and heavy, and the sword mode, agile and fast.

The general scheme on which you can start creating your sets is this one. This set contains all required features in order to be efficient and safe Along all offensive skills. We have power prolonger that prolongs the charges status of the weapon. I kindly remind you that 3 points in estensione di potenza allows you to keep your blade charged for a minute and a half against the normal 45 seconds and those useful 5 points in evade window In the empty slots. You can insert other utility skills ( depending on what you are farming ). I divided all sets in 2 categories. Raw sets and elemental sets Going into detail, let’s consider even some of their variations for each case.

Generally speaking, you can use this set in any hunt. It displays all offensive skills with the addiction of latent power that will take care about your missing affinity. 5 points on divine blessing will be useful, mostly if you will play a lot of zero spam using the rocksteady mantle for longer hunts. You can choose this variant, including maintence, instead of divine blessing, in order to render this video as complete and encyclopedic as possible. I decided to include even this set using dragon attack. There aren’t many monsters weak to this element in game, but it’s a great set still. This interesting and really powerful variant includes coalescence. This set is really useful against monsters constantly inflicting blights in this set. We can see the return of a skill massively used before Iceborne maximum might.

When you cap this skill on 5 points, it grants you a sweet 40 % boost in affinity as soon as your resistance is full. Other skills in lv4 jewels featuring maximum might can be useful as constitution, for example, As you know, axe hits and counters will make you lose stamina. The introduction of skills as constitution will allow you to drain less resistance and have your weapon charged way faster. This one is another variant using maximum might, but this time around, our objective is to reach 100 % affinity without the tender. This set is really useful on monsters that no having tender weak points as the Rajang / Furious, Rajang head or, for example, with monsters that needs to be hit on more points as Ruiner Nergigante and Stygian Zinogre talking about elemental sets. We have the Alatreon switch axe for the dragon element As sad previously, we’ll probably use it a few times cause. There aren’t many monsters weak to this element and the Fatalis raw version is way better. In most cases for the water element, we have the kjaar “ water”

This one will be mostly used against Teostra and Silver Rathalos. Basically, we’ll use the same concept on the fire element. This one instead is the switch axe set for the ice element. This variant is used only against Lunastra. This monster has stags on its body, so weakness exploit is basically useless against it. Our objective is to get to 100 % affinity on every part of its body. This set features health boost 2, but you can easily max this skill, exchanging 1 point in power prolonger.

As you can see, Fatalis brought a radical change in sets construction, It’s up to the player’s ability, / experience to choose the right skills to suit each type of hunting in order to conclude it in the best way. Thank you for watching, see you the next time.

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