Hello again Greenhorn, and welcome to Hunting 101. To select a quest, visit your handler. Her book contains various Intel on the mission parameters and the voracious beast you’re going to slay. The smell of dense jungle and the sight off unexplored territory may seem daunting… but take a moment to grab any essential items you may need from your camp before embarking on your adventure. I suggest taking the healing items… And now the time has come to hunt your prey! Use your scout flies to find clues and tracks which will help you zero in on your targets location.

There’s our target! Time to TAKE HIM DOWN! Show him what Hunters are made of! Stellar work hunter! You’ve completed your quest! It’s now time to carve the Monster for materials, and parts. It’s rather gruesome work if you ask me… Successful hunts boast additional materials and loot for you to collect! It’s time to visit our fine friend, The Smithy! The Smithy use the resources gathered on your quest to upgrade, and forge, powerful new gear and armour! With a plethora of weapon trees and armour sets available, it is truly up to you how you wish to progress further in Monster Hunter: World.

Now bestowed with new gear boasting new abilities and strengths, it’s time to embark once again and take on deadlier monsters! How will you choose to embark on your heroic adventure?.

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