Welcome to my first Monster Hunter: World guide. Today I’ll show you how to quickly cycle quests. This is very useful for speeding up farm progress or getting Xeno’Jiiva and similar random quests to appear. It also works great for deco sniping, but more on that another time perhaps. You have to have reached High Rank and unlocked the 6 star fossil delivery quest. This quest is always available as an optional and will be unlocked as you regularly speak to the canteen cat.

Furthmore, a set with the Master Gather and Geologist Lv3 skill is required. There’s a charm for the latter and Hunter Coil Alpha/Beta activate Master Gatherer. To minimize the required time, I suggest using a lance since you’ll be able to rush to the target point on the map quickly. The rest is quite simple: Accept the quest, spawn in camp 1 and rush to the fossil spot shown in the video. Thanks to the two skills mentioned above you can gather very quickly and get the most out of the spot.

After all, you have to deliver 4 fossils to clear the quest. Ideally, you can complete the quest in about 30 seconds and will receive 5400z, some HRP and materials. You can then re-spawn in camp to check if your desired quest is available or continue cycling to progress the farm or deco roll. In case the first spot isn’t sufficient to clear the quest, slide down on the right side and go up the vine. You’ll find another fossil spot in the corner there. In the very rare case – it never happend to me so far in about 60 turns – this still doesn’t suffice, go up another level to find yet another spot. That’s about it: very simple, pretty quick and you earn some extra zenny on the go. Hope it helped and see you soon..

As found on Youtube