MAN: Welcome to the Monster Hunter World technical weapon series. Switch axe. The adaptable Switch Axe can transform between a long-reaching axe and a swift sword. Reek havoc in axe mode and then unleash the sword’s element discharge for a devastating blow to your target. Charge blade. Incredibly versatile, the Charge Blade can morph from a sword and shield combo into a high-powered axe. The key is to use the sword and shield combo to store energy and release its destructive force in axe mode. Insect Glaive. The Insect Glaive is a weapon for those who like to take their fight to the skies. Boasting incredible mobility, the Insect Glaive enables aerial assaults from all angles. Combined with the use of Kinsects to receive boosts, the Glaive is a formidable choice of weaponry.

Hunting Horn. The heroic Hunting Horn allows you to perform stacked boosting melodies for you and your fellow hunters. But don’t take this support weapon for granted. It still packs a mighty punch. Bow. The bow is an elegant, agile weapon that allows you to rain down an array of arrows upon your prey. Applying coatings to your arrows will allow you to inflict various status elements to your wing-tipped terrors..

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