Welcome to my tutorial This is the volto-ax It’s a sword … and an ax! In fact, in Japanese she is called “Charge Ax” You play by swapping between the two weapons. First of all, learn to understand the sword mode. The unsheathed attack is similar to that of swords and shields You can press X + A to do the same movement. It’s good to get closer. X is the standard attack Press X again for a rising attack. Look how far it goes. It’s very useful. You can even knock down a Rathalos with this! Press X a third time to finish the combo. The turning shot is quite powerful. Note that you can change direction using the circular stick.

If you do another action such as dodge or unsheathed attack … it will replace the first standard attack. For example, if you attack with X + A or a roll. You can take a hunted step after each attack. Whether it’s the first attack with X, the second rising attack or the last spinning attack. Very practical to move away or reposition. From now on, your main attack will be the charged attack. Hold A and release to launch the attack. It’s powerful, you have great armor and it recharges your sword faster. (We will come to it later) (note: “super armor”: you take the shots, but you are not interrupted) Be careful not to under or overload the attack, otherwise … you will have a soft attack you do not want. You can chain this attack with any other Like the X attack, The rising attack, The rotating attack also.

Used alone, it replaces the first two attacks of the standard combo You can use this attack indefinitely … lol I think you understood the idea. The last attack is a buck of the shield. She carries 2 close shots. Press X + A after any other attack to complete it. Look what’s falling. We’ll see that later too. These two quick shots are great for elemental weapons. You can do the thrust after each attack. Even after a charged attack. The beauty of the volto-ax is his infinite combo. Train and get used to the sword mode, it’s pretty fun. Using the Ax mode.

Quick note, hold R to block with the shield. It has the same blocking ability as the Big Sword. To switch to Ax mode, press R + X The ax is super slow, unlike the morpho-ax Press front + X for a big shot in front. It’s the same attack as the change of mode from the sword. Press X while still to make a blow up. Press a second time for a combo in two moves.

You can chain them. Press X after the forward move to chain as well To forget, but you can press X after a dodge to make a shot up. You can chain dodge in the standard combo. The Ax mode is pretty awkward so it’s better not to use it alone. The most important attacks are made with button A The first is a standard attack Press A again for a double spin. Before I go back to the super dumps, let’s look at the combos For one stroke forward (with X), press A to trigger this double spin As with the sword combo, it’s still the second combo attack. Using it after a stunt (X when still) is very popular. Ok, the 3rd shot with the A button is very special.

It is called the “super elemental discharge”. After this attack, you automatically return to sword mode. We will come on “dumps” right after. There are two other ways to trigger this special attack Just press X + A in ax mode while still. … or press X + A after a shield check. (not shown) you can also press X + A after a lock. Train and get used to the speed of these attacks! Swap in Ax and Sword You can and should often switch between the two modes. In Ax mode, press R to return to Sword mode In Sword mode, press R + X to go to Ax mode You can swap after any attack as if it were a combo Same thing for Sword mode You can have fun like this … You see the idea … Vials and refill Quick note: you can make skipped / invert attacks and attack while jumping So when you attack with your sword, it accumulates energy. After a few strokes, the vials turn yellow Keep attacking and it will become red Continue again and it will go into saturation mode (do not do that) If this happens, all your attacks will bounce off the monster until you reload.

To recharge your energy, press R + A Now you are free to continue attacking In yellow, we load 3 vials, in red, we charge the 5 When the vials are loaded, attacks of the A button in Ax mode get explosions. Attacks are more powerful and explosions cause elemental damage or knockout. The first attack inflicts an explosion, the double attack revolves two, and the super discharge three. Each vial deals 30 KO damage if you touch the monster’s head and you can put it KO like that! The second super discharge is in my opinion the most useful. You can use the A button combo in ax mode directly from a reload. As you prepare for a great discharge, press R to exit Ax mode. This will transfer the energy to the shield. In boost mode, your guard capacity becomes that of a spear And all attacks in Ax mode become 20% more powerful! The number of vials you had when you loaded the shield will determine how long the boost lasts, so load the 5! You can charge the shield with a vial only.

But it does not last very long. 1 vial = 30sec so you can load up to 300 sec Ultra discharge During the boost, the super discharge becomes the ultra discharge. You can use it without a flask, but it’s not as powerful (like a super dump) You can still use Super Discharge by pulling the stick towards you and pressing X while loading the attack. Here’s why you could instead use the super dump instead of the ultra If you have a vial or more loaded, the Ultra consumes all the girls in one great shot, including the boost of the shield. The more vials you have, the bigger the shock wave. KO damage en masse using a volto-ax anti shield vial. But you lose your boost so you have to charge again. It’s a great attack but if you miss, you ruin a lot. The boost of the shield has + 20% in attack and you always have the super discharges. So you can see that you could instead use the super dump.

The guard points (translator’s note: I thought it was the best translation, I do not want to use anglicism) When you make a spinning attack to return to sword mode At the very end your hunter puts his shield in front of him. You will self-block any attack during this time. And during the boost, each thrust and point of guard gives you a free discharge. Honestly, it’s quite difficult and too accidental to master Now here is the REAL useful guard point.

The first frames of the animation to switch to ax mode Warning: switching to ax mode by blocking does NOT have a guard point. (Especially because the hunter puts his shield behind him) For a very short time if done still. But use the delay after a normal attack and … Long and easy enough to pin down the timing. Free dumps add up and you can even knock out the monster You can use the non-boost guard points, but you will not have free dumps. Diablos is a very good training case. Get used to mastering the delay. In practice Use the not hunted And the repositioning between the shields Shield> X + A> R to cancel Use a guard spot if you see a big thing happening to you. For the explosive, hit it with the attack to return to sword mode to have the guard point at the end.

And have fun with big openings and ultra discharges. Thank you for watching!.

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