Hey guys, this is Gaijin Hunter as you know I’ve been playing a lot of the monster hunter double cross demo That’s out here in Japan and in this video. I want to take a look at brave style for the dual blades now I really like the adept style, so I’m expecting this one to be super good and super aggressive as well now I’ll admit a weapon like this, There’s no way I’m going to hit everything on this, so this is not a tutorial This is just a hands on of me just checking out and seeing what I can notice and how it feels and looks Ok let’s go in with [our] normal x attack Okay, I don’t notice anything different.

So hopefully hopefully I’m not mistaken. The a one that looks about right to [me] and then x plus a Yeah, [ok], so this stuff looks pretty normal to me. I don’t notice anything different personally let’s hit R to go into Demon mode, whoa As you can tell they’ve taken out Demon mode which is actually good because I hate going in and out of it, so it’s always been a pain for me Well it is. This is like forward dash evade. I don’t know if it has invincibility frames or not, but you can Go into a combo from it and it is pretty interesting. This move will really come in play once we go into brave So let’s check out our brave cancels hold y and press a and you get nothing and this is going to trip me up because a lot of the weapons Have an a cancel, but this one doesn’t y and x Like it.

It’s just a nice little inward combo and then y and R All right, nothing. Y, X and A, there we go, and Y, X and A is sort of like a [Demon’s] dance You can just go in here hit the guy get an opening and then go crazy Cool, so I’m expecting that’s going to buff up the gauge if we hit a weak point Let’s go [ahead] and get into brave mode and see what it’s all about Again, I feel bad for these monsters we keep picking on them I think with that move you got to remember that the first and last hit are the most powerful [so] if you kill a monster for the last hit you may not get any brave Gauge build-up at all so that could stink so maybe the x attack is the safer one to go for I don’t know Can we even get brave on these first three guys? Hope we can I Can’t stop missing Yeah, we can here we go Okay, now [we] are in brave mode notice that you do get the Demon dash in brave mode, so that’s good So pretty much you’re always in Demon mode so all your attacks are faster you get the spiced up versions You know like the double hits there x and a does that wonderful what I call slingshot attack.

[oh] It’s so good Whoa and then in the middle of the combo if you hit x and a it does a special Demon dance So just hit an attack and bing, and he does a lot of damage. I can’t wait to see the motion values on that one well, let’s see what else can we do here if you hit R it goes into that charge and if you notice that it has A guard point at the top of it and that’s because it is a Counter if you do it into an attack you will counter the attack you will regain Some sharpness think of it like the Seregios Weapon and you’ll be able to press a afterwards and do sort of like a slingshot attack afterwards so that’s going to be the main thing to use and abuse so hopefully we can check it out with Yan Kut ku and see how it looks.

I have a feeling I’m really going to like this style, though its aggressive. It’s cool, and Probably an element could be really good So I think we got to wait for Yan Kut Ku to show up here I’m sure if I go up to six, it’ll just come right back down to number two. It’s usually how it goes? let’s go ahead and pop a stamina juice stamina juice is a very good item to Farm right now if you have Monster Hunter Cross the japanese version and are looking forward to this game It’s going to be probably the [most] needed item in this entire game We’re going to run out of brave right before he comes. Oh, joy. Yeah Okay, let’s let’s get the brave here That’s not bad if you can do the demon dance yeah, I can get into brave pretty fast here. It’s good Well a mount is going to be a real smart thing to get here.

Let me get the mount. That was such a fail No, mount, okay, but I’m in brave so let’s check it out. Let’s start by doing the counter first There we go, so if you notice that little like that like “shing” that’s me regaining some sharpness. Oh, that’s cool And then you can press a afterwards to sort of do a spinning slash behind you so that’s nice. I Like it. It’s going to be a fast way to regain your sharpness Let’s go in there, and actually hit him will you stop running? something annoys me about this monster for demoing purposes like really annoying. There’s that demon dance Another reason why I think this is going to be a good weapon to take your cats off of because Like the Monster is just going to be running Everywhere you don’t want it to go. This is annoying Let’s see if dashing off this does anything oh It does okay So if you do that R dash off the cliff you do get what is similar to the other styles Which is that fancy sort of jump attack nice to know Hopefully, I can go ham here before I run out [of] brave I like this style a lot.

I mean. It’s really easy to regain your sharpness It’s easy to get a lot of hits in and you don’t have to really think too much about Demon mode because it’s all automated On it’s all in Bravery if you notice I’m maintaining that last sliver of brave pretty well here even though I’m hunting pretty bad [I] Don’t know if that’s because I was an Sp mode or what? It’s possible Do our hunter art? Anyways, I’m not gonna show off the entire hunt because I’m hunting really bad But you guys get the [idea] of what this style is all about [another] cool thing is to remember is that that y button is a sort of like an adaptive evade.

watch this Hang on a second, Iwas looking at the wrong thing Watch this really bad [example] wow Stop going after my cats and go after me for crying out loud. That’s it remember. You can use it as an evade like this Yeah, so I mean if the monsters charge at you like a diablos that’s going to be really good Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed seeing this weapon I’m super excited to take the scene into a real hunt and give it a good shot until next time happy hunting!.

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