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Mortal Online 2 Armor Crafting Guide Tindremic Guard / Knight Armor


Hello and welcome to my guide for Mortal online2 armor crafting, specifically tindremic guardarmor and the tindremic knight armor, my nameis Zephasys. Thanks for finding my channel letsget started in mortal online 2. You learncrafting by reading the various books availablethroughout the world by the different NPClibrarians im. Currently in meduli, which is on thewestern coast of the world, if you go to mortalonline map.info, you can see where all the townsare located in meduli’s on the western coasthere im at the crafting librarian, you will need atotal of 45 gold and 60 silver to craft thesetwo.

Armor sets tindremic guard armor and thetindremic knight armor in my other guide, video onhow, to make some easy gold. When you first startyou can see some various methods on how tostart stacking up some gold, so you can craftweapons or armor anyways the crafting libraryin here. These are the books you’re going to needthe armor crafting book the basic onefor 10 silver you’re, going to need thearmor, crafting soft armor book for 50 silveryou’re going to need the armor crafting laminatedarmors for 50 silver and then you’re going toneed. The tindremic guard armor for 2 gold, and50 silver, just those books will allow you to craftthe guard armor. If you want to move up to theplate armor, the tindremic knight, armor, you’ e goingto need the armor crafting plate armor for 10gold as well, and that’s all the books that you’llget from this crafting librarian here ill show.

Youwhere the specific book. Fortindremic knight armor, is right. Nowokay you go outside of the townto. The westernmost edge of meduli and there’sthe meduli tower inside you’ll find this vendorhis name is the armicustos librarian you’llbuy, the tindremic knight armor here for 32 goldso after you’ve purchased the other books from the crafting librarianand, the tindremic knight armor from the armicustos librarian. You will have spent a total of 45 goldand 60 silver excuse me and now ill showyou how to actually craft the armor itselfyou’ll need some basic materials.

The materials imgoing to use is the fullgrain leather and bone tissueonce. You have the padding material and then the core material, as they are called you’llhead over to your crafting workbench here in the center of town, in this case, in meduliwalk up to the armor craftingtable, and you will havedifferent armor slots once you’ve learned allthe different armor styles From the books you canselect, a knight helmet will open up your inventoryand you’ll choose your padding material whichwill, be the full grain leather and then thecore material, which we would be the bone tissueright. Now i’m just using 100 % of both these slidersof determine how many materials go into your armor and it will affect thethe weight of the armor as well asthe different stats right now, i’m notsure what the most efficient method is for thenight armor, but this has been Working pretty wellfor me, i’m sure, there’s better materials thatyou can use, but this works well enough for me. Atleast right now so you’ll hold down the craftbutton and you will see that you’ve used 55 piecesof, full grain and 41 pieces of bone tissue tocraft, a tindremic knight, helmet, it weighs 1.29 kgdurability is 306, and then your defense on bluntis, 41, piercing’s, 40 and slashing’s 42 And thenyou just do the same thing for thetorso right, arm, left arm and legshope.

This has helped that’s it for the video thanks for watching

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