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Mortal Online 2 Armor Location and Info Guide By: Gronil


I have purchased every armor and recorded the info at time of purchase. All armor was made at 100 lore.

Aside from the basic armors at the Crafting Librarians, it seems like something may effect gold prices. I keep seeing prices listed differently, and prices have changed after I recorded them before. (Example I wrote Risar Soldier as 8g and then later when I went to buy it, it was 9g. I also had Tindremic Knight as 36 and the next time I looked it was 32.) Uncertain why this is. It could possibly be user error but due to the amount of people I keep seeing say different prices, use this as a general price guide and not exact as it could be more or less when you arrive.

If you are going to buy armors I’d appreciate if you list the prices you see at the time of purchase so we can see if the prices do change, or if I’m just stupid and can’t read.

Also feel free to point out any errors you see and I will double check to make sure info is correct. I tried to make sure I triple checked everything, but I’m only human.

If you would rather look at the source spread sheet in google sheets here is the link: Spreadsheet

Type Book Name Location Cost Info Blunt Pierce Slash Main Material Backing Material Weight Helmet Torso Legs Left Arm Right Arm
Heavy (Plate) Tindremic Knight Meduli/Fab 32g Armicustos lib 41.31 40.71 42.72 Bone Fullgrain Leather 12.93 1.29 4.14 3.88 1.81 1.81
Mercenary Plate Cave Camp 8g Meek (Will probably take specific drops eventually.) Currently accepts gold. 38.83 46.43 41.35 Bone Fullgrain Leather 13.13 1.31 4.2 3.94 1.84 1.84
Risar Soldier Jungle Camp 9g Meek (Will probably take specific drops eventually.) Currently accepts gold. 40.79 41.99 40.99 Bone Fullgrain Leather 12.78 1.28 4.09 3.83 1.79 1.79
Medium (Laminated) Khurite Splinted Armor Any Knurite Town 2.5g Khurite Trainer lib and Crafting lib 37.1 29.41 29.04 Fullgrain Leather Fullgrain Leather 9.29 1.11 2.97 2.79 1.21 1.21
Light (Soft) Kallardian Padded Any Town 50s Crafting lib 31.96 28.27 27.8 Fullgrain Leather Fullgrain Leather 5.31 0.64 1.7 1.59 0.69 0.69
Risar Berserker Gaul Kor 12g Crafting lib 34.63 25.73 29.28 Fullgrain Leather Fullgrain Leather 6.16 0.74 1.97 1.85 0.8 0.8
Tindremic Guard Any Tindremic Town 2.5g Crafting lib 34.3 28.19 28.76 Fullgrain Leather Fullgrain Leather 7 0.84 2.24 2.1 0.91 0.91
Khurite Scout Armor Any Knurite Town 50s Khurite Trainer lib (Not implemented yet, but book is buyable.) 0


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