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1. Getting Started – Mount and Blade Warband New Player Guide


Hey, everybody, welcome back. This is Beau from CrossBeauGaming. We�re doing a whole serious now about how to start playing Mount and Blade Warband. I’ve done these videos for a number of years, but I had a lot of folks asking, “Hey, man, I just started playing the game. What do you suggest I do to start?

” So these videos are for you. And for you experienced guys that have other suggestions that would be helpful, put it in the comments below to help these guys. If they ask questions, do me a favor, and help them out. All right, so we’re going to start a brand-new game. Well, it’s kind of brand-new except for the last one I did.

I kind of fucked up. Anyway, here we go. Welcome to Mount and Blade. Here’s your stuff. You can read all of this crap if you feel like it.

Now, here’s your first big decision: male or female. You think it’s just, “Oh, my avatar,” but no. This is medieval times. Males are going to have a hell of a lot easier time in this game than females. Females are going to have to work their asses off to get faction up, to get friendships together.

And no matter what, you’ll always have nobles who hate you because they’ll never abide by a woman. So if you want to be playing it easier, go for male. If you want it harder, go female. Here is a big one, okay? So when you’re saying who your father was.

.. it makes your life really a lot nicer or a lot harder. If your dad was a thief, good luck trying to get all the nobles on your side. It’s going to take 10 times the work.

But if you just become an impoverished noble, no problem.

You’re already royal. You’re already in the nobility. People are going to be okay with you being a king later in life. It’s just a shit load easier, so I go with noble for your first time.

Same thing here: if you’re a Paige in court, you’re a higher status than a [something] child. So, yeah, depending on how many hours you want to play, getting faction, doing missions, doing whatever, this is your choice.

Same thing here: if you’re a squire, you’re in a way higher status than if you’re a game poacher. So make it whatever you like. These will actually dictate more of your starting skills, so: crafting, or archery, and whatnot.

I’m going to go with squires since, why not? This has no matter. That’s just whatever your backstory is. So because I picked a noble, I�m going to have an ability to pick a banner [something]. I normally choose this one because it’s the most bright and easy to see.

I know it’s a [something], but I don’t really care. All right, so this is another interesting one. Let’s play– no, not percentage. No, not that one either! Golly, where’s it?

No, not that one! There! No! There, whatever. Okay, there’s my name.

So what you’re going to want to do is– you’re thinking, “Oh, [something] leadership because I want a big army.” You’re not going to be able to afford an army off the bat, all right? So the first 10 or 15 levels, or 10 levels at least, I want you just to focus on your personal combat ability. So my suggestion is to put it into strength. The reason for strength: it gives you more hit points, lets you hit harder, it will really be useful.

If you want to get stuff like power strike, iron flesh, or power draw, which is super important if you want to get into bows and arrows…I would max out power strike. It’s going to make life a lot easier.

I’m going to keep putting it into archery because that’s where I’m going to eventually move my weapons into.

All right, randomize. That doesn’t really matter. That’s fine. Okay, which one of these do you pick?

Okay, I mean, this has nothing to do with your backstory or it won’t change anything in your game, okay? All it’s going to do is change where you start. So in Swadia, you’re going to have nice, open areas. Most of it will be looters or forest bandits. Looters are huge and easy to take care of, and you can really level up your army quick, okay?

This is my choice. Vaegirs: you have to deal with [something] and the [something], which is pretty bad when you’re starting. Khergits: you’ve got mounted [step] bandits, which is, again, horrible to start.

You’re going to get [something] pretty bad. Nords: the same problem as above.

It’s like Vaegirs. You pretty much have [target] bandits. You have sea raiders and some looters. Rhodoks: you’re going to be dealing with mountain bandits and it’s going to generally suck because of the terrain. It won’t make it so that your horse is very good.

However, if you use the terrain to your advantage and you have a lot of shooters, Rhodoks can work really well.

Sarranid: you’re going to be dealing in nice, open desert with mountain bandits. Just do Swadia, and keep it easy. All right. So you’re going to go through the initial thing where it’ll say, “Oh, I’d like to be a rascal.

” There’ll be a dude coming down right over here. Because you have a crossbow, you can kind of just chill. I want to at least get a shot or two on this guy before he makes it to me. That’s kind of what I’m shooting for. And by using the bundle of sticks, I mean, we’re pretty much not going to get hit.

What a scrub! Take your bows and arrows, bitch! Oh, in the mouth! You love your nutsack- oh, sorry. Here’s the merchant.

He’ll come out and say, “Hey, you doing okay? I saw you.” He’ll give you a quest, and he’ll say, “Hey, why don’t you go find five guys.” Just do the quest. And you can say no, but just do the quest.

It’s easy. Another solid reason to start in [private] is right here: the first village is super duper close, and it’s Asgard.

Not the Asgard as far as, like, Thor and stuff. But it’s still Asgard. We easily got our five guys, which sometimes works out and sometimes it doesn’t.

No problem. Roll back, go to your tavern. Let’s see what we got here. Oh, we’ve got some good, old-fashioned companions! But I have no money, so I can’t afford them.

Here you go. Yeah, very well. Let’s do some bandits. Okay, so they should be right outside the walls. Go look at them and then go, “Hey, what the f?

” All right, so you’re going to go ahead. I always suggest just charging the enemy because if you do this, your chances of you losing people is a lot higher. So just be an active participant in your army’s life. Now you’re in the battlefield.

You’ll see your guys are kind of slow.

You’re on a mountain, but that’ll change as soon as you get a better army. If you want to see where your enemy is, press the backspace button. That’ll bring up this menu. The red dots are them. The other dots are you.

It tells you how many, like, wounded, routed, or dead. I use it just to track where the hell those guys are. You’ll use it a lot more later on, but for right now, we just want to get out in front of our dudes since our dudes are pretty weak. I really don’t feel like recruiting more. If you’re not going to be able to hit anybody because you don’t have very good horse archery, just kind of chill.

Whoa, whoa! Took a big shot there! Whoa! I didn’t anticipate the damn stones coming out me that and. Okay, so we got to chill out just a bit.

Again, just be careful, man, ’cause there’s some- oh, wow.

I hit ya. Yeah! Wow, that guy hit me good. Anyway, you’ve just got to be careful about guys throwing rocks in your face.

Okay, so they’re going to tell you some stuff. The main point they’re going to tell you is where their little hideout is. The hideout generally is right here. I wouldn’t suggest doing it quite yet. The reason I would not suggest doing it quite yet is you do not have enough levels on your guys, and your guys are going to die really fast.

So my suggestion would be going and finding some looters, okay? Look at that: ten looters.

Looters don’t have range, except for rocks. Man, those rocks– those mess me up big time. But we’re not going to worry about that too much.

We’re going to make sure that we do a little better this time and stay out of range. So they’re way over there. Again, you can press backspace to see, but I can see them. Use the shift key to zoom in. Ah, man.

Oh, god, come on! Let’s be professional here! Yeah! I’m a professional, ooh wee! Hahaha!

Now, you have to make sure you scream really loudly when you kill me because otherwise, you don’t have any Viking core energy. Again, do not die because [something], they don’t have the last borders thing in some of the add ons. They’ll have a thing where the player guy goes down, and there will be a final order. A final order can be, like, charge, okay? But in this one, you’re just going to freakin’ lose, so don’t go down.

Even if you’re on, like, low health, just run away. Retreat and come back later. Woo! Aw, yeah! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Woo, look at the [something] coming off that guy! All right. Well, you can’t take any prisoners quite yet since we don’t have any prisoner management. So don’t hurt your brain. Oh, a little upgrade.

Nice! Rusty falcon: I’ll take that. It’s got a little less weaponry, which mean I have to get a little closer, but whoop-de-do. A helmet: I’ll take the helmet. 24 armor, yeah, I’ll take that.

Nice upgrade. And just take everything you can fit. I mean, even if it’s one, it’s worth it. Okay. So now we’re going to talk about upgrades.

So in this case, you can- it’ll cost you money, but you can take these recruits, turn them into militia.

Militia are going to hit harder. They’re going to be a little better. As you can see, a recruit- you can press talk, and he’ll tell you all his stats, right? Basically garbage: 42, 7- okay.

So now, if we were to say, “Let’s upgrade a couple guys to militia… you talk to them, they’ve got more strength, more hit points, better equipment. It’s a pretty good deal.

And we leveled up as well. Again, I’m going to continue to say I think it’s a good idea, initially, to kind of boost your strength to get your core combat skills up as high as you can. And since we are at 47 now, it’s probably not a bad idea, on our army’s not feeling too good, to at least take a day, chill out, and relax. So go ahead and just sell crap.

There we go.

See, even if it’s one denar, it’s better than nothing at this point. You can sell to pretty much anybody. There’s no big deal one way or the other. I don’t have any dough for that shit. Hahaha.

That’s okay. So we’ll continue this on the next one. I think on the next one, we’re going to talk a little bit more about actual stats and statistics, how to do well, what is factions, and whatnot, but I just want to get you in the game and playing. So if you thought that was useful, I want you to put down ‘[something] overlord’ in the comments below, showing me you got this far in the video. We’ll do another video again, and if you guys like this one, let me know.

I don’t know. Just let me know what kind of thing you want me to do next time. All right, like, comment, subscribe. Talk to you soon..

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