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#1 – Module Setup | Create a Mod in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord


Yo Today, I’m gon na be teaching you how to start off your own Mount & Blade II Bannerlord mod. This is only going to be the foundation for now and won’t contain anything advanced, such as coding To start off. You are gon na want to navigate to your bannerlord folder by right, clicking on your game going to properties, local files browse local files From here you’re gon na want to open your modules folder and then create a new folder with your mod name.
I’M just going to be using “ ModTest” for this tutorial series In this folder you’re going to want to create new folder called “ bin” and a file called “ SubModule.xml”.

Exactly LIKE THIS. This file will contain all the data for our mod

You can open this in the IDE of your choice, but I suggest Visual Studio Code. I’M gon na be putting a link to pastebin for the base code over here and we’re gon na be copy-pasting this in and changing a few values.

We’Re not gon na worry about this submodules category for now, as that’s going to be something in a future tutorial For the name we’ll just name it “ Mod Test” and the ID “ Mod Test”. The version is just the version of your mod, and here we can choose if we wan na, make it a singleplayer or multiplayer module.

Since we’re gon na be making a singleplayer module I’ll, just leave singleplayer module set to TRUE and multiplayer module, set to FALSE, Save this file and go to your Bannerlord
If you open it and then go to your mods, you’ll see your newly created mod over here. That’S all for part. One thank you..

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