Bannerlord: Beginners Guide To Battle During Early Game! Mount and Blade 2 Tips!


Good day, Bannerlords. I recently shared some videos on battle tactics you could  apply in medium to massive-scale battles and have received requests to share tactics  you could use during the early game. I will try to address that in this video. However,  if you are not a beginner and would prefer to view more advanced tactics,  do check out some of the links in the description below. You start the game with access to only recruits, which you can buy from villages and settlements.

  Your immediate goal should be to level them up quickly if you wish to be effective in battle. The  key to this is to kill as many looters as possible with your units while not getting them killed. I recommend that you pick your fights and do not engage enemies that outnumber you. Losing any  units in the early game will set you back.

Make sure you monitor the map closely as you move.

You can hide in villages or settlements if you wish to avoid nearby enemies.  Just wait for them to move away before you carry on with your journey. Try not to get your hero badly injured by taking unnecessary risks,  as time will have to be wasted for recovery later. Your hero will only be able to participate in battles with a health pool of 20% or higher. Be aware of your party movement speed.

 You want a speed of 5 or higher to be  able to hunt down looters with ease.

You can achieve this by ensuring that you are  not carrying too much in your inventory and having fewer prisoners. Having one  horse per infantry unit in the inventory will also help with this significantly. Work towards having more skill points in scouting during the  late game to improve party movement speed further. Fight unfairly.

Do not just charge into battle at the beginning of a  fight. Find ways to give your team an advantage. If you play the game mounted, ride behind enemy lines and try to split their party apart.  You can do so by making yourself the target and pulling part of  the group towards you in the opposite direction.  In this way, your recruits will engage a smaller portion of the enemy’s party at any point in time.

Once you have archers, use them to weaken the enemy before they come into  contact with your melee troops.

Assign line formation to increase their effectiveness. Command your infantry units with shields to use shield formation to defend against  incoming projectiles. It also buys time for your archers to get more kills. It would be in your best interest to separate your recruits from the other  formations so that you have greater control.

You can power level recruits by  sending them out ahead of more experienced infantry units when engaging weaker foes. You can also use flanking manoeuvres with your recruits for an added advantage during fights. As you obtain more archers, you will be able to split them into two formations,  allowing you to range down your enemies from more than one direction.  Kindly refer to the advance tactics guides if you are interested in  finding out how to do that and more. Links are in the description below.

I hope that this short guide for beginners has been helpful. Kindly hit the like and  subscribe button if it was, and feel free to leave any questions in the comments below..

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