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Bannerlord: Beginners tactics guide for Army vs Army battles #2! Mount and Blade 2 Tips!


Hello Bannerlords, welcome back to another Army vs Army battle. This time, the fight takes place  in a desert with me commanding for the Aserai. My opponent has 891 soldiers while I have 1079. At the start of the battle, I rush to find a good position for the ground units.  Ideally, you want to place your ground ranged units on a slope above the ground melee units.

  Doing so will ensure that they can carry on firing arrows at the enemy without obstruction. If you were paying close attention, you would have noticed that I had commanded both the  mounted melee and ranged units to hold fire. The Aserai Vanguard Faris can throw javelins which are  inaccurate but deadly. It is a non-issue if you command them to throw it into groups of enemies  as the javelins will likely hit someone. The Aserai Mameluke Heavy Cavalry can fire arrows.

  However, they carry only one quiver of arrows. As such, you want to use those arrows sparingly.  Make use of their high mobility to go for the flanks or come from behind the enemies. Now, with the mounted units positioned at the opponent’s flank, they responded  by sending their mounted melee units to engage. I commanded mine to follow me before charging.

  As the enemy got closer, I commanded the mounted ranged units to fire their arrows as well.  Ensure that the troops do not move too near the opponent’s main force.  With the enemy mounted melee units dealt with,  I commanded the mounted ranged units to move closer to the opponent’s main force.  An opportunity to take out a chunk of their archers had presented itself.  I initially thought of using the mounted melee units to charge in  before backing away.

I changed my mind and ordered them to push  through the side to avoid clashing with the enemy ground melee units.  Situations like this are an excellent time to use javelins as the enemies are near each other. After dealing some damage, I commanded the mounted melee units to back away  and got the mounted ranged units to cover fire. This action suppressed the enemy ground units  forcing them to back away instead of firing at the mounted melee units that were retreating.  Now, with their backs facing towards me, I got the mounted melee units to charge into them  with their melee weapons dealing a significant blow.

Let’s take a look at what happened from the top down.  I separated the army into two and placed the mounted units at the opponent’s flank.  The opponent retaliated by sending their mounted troops to engage  but was quickly defeated. I then charged into the side of the enemy’s main force before withdrawing.  The opponent took this opportunity to reposition their ground ranged units  to fire at my mounted units from behind.

I commanded the mounted ranged units to fire,  suppressing the opponents ground ranged units and forcing them to back away.  I then followed up by sending the mounted melee units in again, inflicting a heavy blow.

Things were looking good till I noticed that the opponent was getting reinforced from behind me.  I immediately commanded the mounted troops to retreat. As my main force came into view,  I could see a large group of enemy ground melee units close by and about to engage.

I commanded the mounted ranged units to move and get in position  to fire at their flank. I also ordered the ground ranged units to spread out,  increasing their effectiveness. Next, I commanded the mounted ranged units to back away,  increasing the distance between them and the incoming ground melee units. At this point, the enemy ground melee units were  getting dangerously close to my ground ranged units.  I commanded the ground melee units to charge to deter the enemy from pushing past the front line.

Fearing the mounted ranged units were in danger of getting attacked by a large  force of enemy reinforcements, I commanded them to back away. I then commanded the  mounted melee units to assist both the ground melee and mounted ranged units.  You can find out where the units of each formation are by selecting them.  Keep an eye on the mounted melee units, and do not let them spread out too thinly.  Order them to move to a safe position in the map to gather them before charging again.

  Mounted melee units are more effective when moving as a large group. The ground melee units are now slightly scattered. Being scatter  at this time is bad as more enemy reinforcements were approaching.  I instructed the ground melee units to return to their original position using the line formation.  At the same time, I got the mounted melee units to assist by moving across the battlefield.

  This manoeuvre destroyed a vast number of the opponent’s forces.

Ensure that the mounted  melee units regroup some distance away so as not to be shot by enemy ground ranged units. The  opponent’s troops are now in a very disorganised state. As no other enemy  reinforcements were in sight, I commanded my units to charge in from 3 different directions. Let us take a look at what happened from the top down again.

 After withdrawing the mounted units due to incoming enemy reinforcements,  I engaged the opponent’s ground melee units from the flank. They responded by rushing towards the  mounted ranged units but failed due to their high mobility and support from the mounted melee units.  As the enemy reinforcements had arrived, I ordered the mounted ranged units to fall back.  I then commanded the ground melee units to charge with the help of the mounted melee units.

At this point, the ground melee units were starting to get disorganised.

  I commanded them to fall back and used the mounted melee units to sweep across the battlefield. Finally, I commanded the mounted melee and range units to charge  with the ground melee units to finish off the enemy forces that remained. The battlefield was chaotic, but victory was imminent. I hope that you have enjoyed this video. Please hit the like and subscribe button if you did  and would like to view more videos like this in the future.

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