Bannerlord: Tactics For Victory! Mount and Blade 2 Tips!


Hello, fellow Bannerlords! In this video, I will provide you with a walkthrough on how to increase your chance of winning battles using mainly tactics. In this scenario, the opponent isn’t pushing towards me. I decided to move quickly towards the enemy to secure a more strategic position before they do. If you look closely at the terrain, you will notice slopes to both the left and right sides.

My initial thoughts were to secure the hill on the right while positioning my mounted units to the left. I could then send my mounted units high up the hill on the left if the opponent’s troops were to head in that direction. Since the opponent did not move and chose to bunker down behind a shield wall, I decided to spread my archers out to do maximum damage when the battle started.

At this point, it was clear to me that securing the barren hill to the right would provide me with a significant advantage during the fight. I decided to send my mounted units up first to protect the archers that would take some time to get into position.

I issued the command to start firing before all my archers could get into position because the opponent’s archers were free firing at my troops. Doing so will sometimes force the enemy archers to move into a more defensive position reducing their effectiveness. I realised that my archers towards the left side of my army were vulnerable to enemy mounted units.

In response, I instructed my melee infantry units to fall back and got those archers to face the mounted troops. Looking back, I think it might have been better if I sent my mounted troops to that area to provide support instead.

To make the best out of the situation, I repositioned the archers on the hill so that most of them could freely fire at the enemy’s troops. I noticed that the enemy was moving towards the hill and not towards my shield wall. As such, this was the perfect time for my ground units to charge. I sent my mounted units out as well for good measure.

My troops were getting spread out a little too much, so I decided to re-organise them as a precaution.

Additional waves of enemies can easily pick off your troops if they are spread too thin. After accessing the status of the battlefield, I reissued the command to charge to wrap up the battle. I hope this video has been valuable and informative. Please like and subscribe if you like what I do and would like to show your support.

I look forward to receiving any questions via the comments below.

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