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Enable Cheats in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord | UNLIMITED GOLD | 2 MINUTES


Welcome to the 2-minute guide on how to enable cheats in mount and blade bannerlord, As expected, its just like its prequel Warband Bannerlord also came up with an option to enable cheats for the campaign and, at the end of this video, you should be able to enable The cheats in case you need gold or, if you are in need of an army or if you want to have infinite health, etc. Basically, it will allow you to get almost everything with cheat commands So without any further ado lets get into it. Step # 1. Go to My PC and then navigate to My Documents, Mount and Blade Bannerlord, Configs, engine_config and change the text from 0 to 1 and save the file and close it

Now, Step # 2, go to link 1 in description and download the folder If link 1 doesn’t work for some reason then go to link 2 and download the folder Now copy this folder and navigate to Game location, which is in my case, is Local Disk C. Mount and blade Bannerlord Modules and paste the folder here Now in step, # 3 open game, go to the mods and make sure developer console is checked and start.

The game Now go to the campaign and press Ctrl ~ button Now go to link 3 provided in description and get your desired cheat code. So, for example, if you want 10000 gold, then you will have to copy this particular line and paste it in console. Put the desired amount of gold and press Enter and it will add the gold into your account.

That’S pretty much it if you have any trouble, please. Let me know in comment section below.

I will be more than happier to help you with your problem and please subscribe the channel for upcoming 2 minute guide. That might worth time for you. That’S all! Habibiz Peace out

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