Get Insane Amount of Gold in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord | TOP 10 TIPS | 5 Minutes


Welcome to complete guide on how to become the richest in mount and blade 2 bannerlord. Since it’s a 3-4 minutes guide, I won’t be going into the details, but if you have played this game for a couple of hours, you won’t have any problem understanding it. Additionally, I have sequenced these 10 Tips, keeping in mind that you won’t have any money in start, so it wouldn’t make any sense for me to ask you to buy a workshop in Town when you are only having 1000 dinars in your hand Anyway. My name is HellFire and let’s get into it On number 1, we have trading Since you drop in-game with 1000 dinars. So the first thing you should be looking at is trading in which you go to a town, buy supplies and sell them in another town for profit, Pro tip.

When you go to inventory and take your cursor to supply, it shows you the profit that you can expect by selling these supplies to a particular town.
It’S not an exact profit, but it’s very close to the mentioned price.

On number 2 Get the tasks completed. When you visit different villages and towns, you can talk to people there who can assign you a simple task and upon completion they will reward you with a handsome amount of money. Pro tip, Try getting tasks from town and they pay comparatively more than villagers.

Also, if you are having trouble finding tasks, then go to tavern and ask the tavern worker who can further guide you about it On number 3 Fighting looters and raid, their hideouts
Now looters are the lowest tier soldiers and you can easily fight them if you are outnumbered by 1 to 10. All you have to do is to fight them. Take their loot, take them prisoners and selling them will give you a very good amount of money. Pro tip get a horse and become an archer. You can easily kill 20 looters alone On number 4 Smithing For smithing.

All you have to do is to buy the raw materials, forge weapons and sell those weapons in market
Now, if you don’t know how to forge weapons, no need to worry about it. There are other YouTubers who have explained how to do it or you can check out my 2-minute guide, which will enable you to forge good weapons.

On number 5 Join tournaments, Now tournaments are held in different towns. Time to time. All you have to do is visit arenas in town and arena master will, let you know where exactly and when exactly a tournament is getting held and based on the difficulty of that tournament, the winner gets about 500 to 2000 worth of rewards Pro tip.

If you are confident about your fighting skills, you can always put bets which will double if you win the tournament
On number 6 Buying workshops, If you have about 15000 dinars, you should definitely buy workshops to grow your gold. Now every town has almost 3 workshops in it. All you have to do is go to a town, and you have to manually find a workshop talk to a workshop worker and you can buy it and assign them to produce a certain thing.

It will cost you around 12000 dinars, but it’s totally worth doing it Pro tip, don’t get workshops in an enemy faction or a town that is involved in wars and stuff as it can hold your profit.
On number 7 Buy caravans To buy caravans, you will have to go to a town and talk to certain people there and they will let you buy a caravan.

If you have 15000 dinars and a companion, If you don’t have a companion, you can always go to taverns of different towns and find them there and get them in your party Pro tip. If you want to locate a specific companion, you can go to the encyclopedia by pressing N key and navigating to Heroes. >, >, Wanderers and their location will show up and you can track the location of a specific companion and you can get them in your party.

On number 8 Fighting caravans and parties of a faction
Believe me, if you want a crazy amount of money in this game, you have to get involved in politics and wars, Get yourself 50 fighters and fight a party from another faction or the caravan of another faction, and their loot is enough to get you 5-10 thousand Dinars Pro tip don’t fight against a party which has a lot of cavalry in it since horse riders are much harder to win against On number 9 Looting villages of a faction. Now, if you have gotten yourself in a war, then you should definitely loot their villages.

It doesn’t just weaken your enemies, but also get you to loot, which you can later sell for a good price.

Pro tip only do it if you have 100 fighters with you, otherwise you will get in a lot of trouble And finally, on number 10 Owning the towns. Now, if you have grown enough – and you have a big party with you, then you can besiege a town and if you get success in beating the town guards, then the town will belong to you and all tax collections will go into your account But be careful As other lords from the same faction will always fight back to get the town back from you,
So that is it habibiz now you know the top 10 ways to grow yourself in mount and blade 2 bannerlord. I hope this video helped. If it did, then please give this video a thumbs up and consider subscribing for future videos.

Now it’s time for me to eat and I will see you habibiz in the next video..

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