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Managing Garrisons in Mount&Blade: Bannerlord Guide (Early Access)


Hello, it is gamesform, i’m making this video to help you guys out with managing castles and cities in battlefield. Let’S go ahead and get started. One of the four things that you will want to do when you get a new city or castle is to sign its governor, so that way it can get a special bonus or not depending on what you choose to do when getting a city or castle, it’s Fun to note that they’re all projects that you can assign your villagers and people to do it within the castle and daily defaults. They give special bonuses to make them happier and give them what they need. These projects in daily defaults are very important to each location that you own so keep an eye on it and make sure that look in the upgrades that they need and keep your citizens happy.

Something to note is that you can also assign multiple projects over time. So that way, you don’t have to keep traveling back and forth and it’ll make it easier on yourself. Three main things you should look for when managing a location is prosperity, loyalty and food. All three of those highly affect the village, that’s castle that you own and can cause some issues in the long run. Remember that you pay for the shoot wages to protect your each town such castle, that you have and that every location will be paying you taxes.

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