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Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Trading walkthrough for beginners.


Hey guys frosty here and welcome so today, i’mgonna be trying to get as much information out asi, possibly can due to the fact that i’ll be movingnow um in the next couple of days. So i won’t be umuploading any videos for all live streaming, i’msaying that uh for about a week two weeks, um alldepending how long it takes the internet companyto install my internet. So what i’m gon na do? Todayis, i’m gon na tell you what to do. Um any importantparts or anything like that, i’m gon na implementinto, the video for all the travel like idid on the last one, is going to be cut outand, i’m going to show you the basicswhat to do, but then i want you guysto.

Do that yourself, i’m still going to do it butit’s going to be off the video and then we’regoing to kind of meet at certain points in thevideo um and go from there. If you know what i meanso um, let’s get started, so, as you see, westill got some money didn’t we. We got umour first shop in the last episode, sothis episode. What you’re going to bedoing from this point on for a littlewhile is you’re going to be trading, and you need 125 points. 125Right now we’re on 63 alreadyokay we’re also going to be umtrading not on this round of tradeum i’ll.

Show you where to go to get areally cheap beer all stuff like thatso, let’s get stuck into it, um no stumphorses! Let’S get them get some of themand mills all right! Now you can buy as manyas. You want now because you’re early money, all right i’ll, do i forgot all the meals and afterthat i’ll just make sure i got plenty of foodwe’ve already got three lots of food here. Sowe need.

We got green, let’s get uh hammer greensome more fish. Oh, we got 10 fishmeat, they got really cheap meat, yeah hello. What i need now right, let’s get rid of back one horse there. We are, let’s guess, uh, oh no! No!

No! No! There! We are yeahyou’re. Four lots of food now just make sure youkeep an eye on your food because you want to stewwith it going up now.

This is important. Becausewhen you get to your own. Having your armiesand uh, it’s going to be a lot more easier tomaintain, i mean with food, etc. You’Ll have moretroops everything like that, but we’ll go overthat when the time comes to it. So what we’regoing to do now is we’re going to head back upto vallandia and we’re going to do the trade inall over again.

Now don’t worry about the moneybecause you’re earning money now because you’vegot your shop, so i will see you guys very shortly right guys we’re back atsagot now. I know this is a bit of a pain doing this, but trust me. It is worthit. Now don’t forget. Now mine remember what i saiddo not sell um the moves for under 100, so we’renot selling any of them there maybe get rid of one workhorse a year because we’re gon na we’regonna double our money on that and we’ll uhwe’ll still get a trade point from getting Ridof one horse so we’re just gon na move around now and we’re gon na keep selling.

So what i’m gon na donow when i go back down, i’m gon na show you guysum what traits i’m gon na go for intrade and i want you to do it. Yourselfright i’ll explain more in a moment here we are olives, cheap olives here, keep your food up, rightnow, don’t worry about armor, etc. If you want to dotournaments as well, to keep your mind occupied soto speak! That’S entirely up to you. You could winsome tournament say, but i got i what my plan isby the end of this.

You will have the best armorin the game anyway. Well, you’ll have your choiceof armor, so you won’t have to worry about thatbecause you’re right, your pacific reason iswe’re not going to be fighting at the moment. 65.

We’Re gon na do it in stages. Stageone is trade again, our renowned.

Once we got our renowned we’llmove on to the next stage, then after the next stageand you’re pretty much readyto do what you need to do, but by thatpoint, then you have um loads of money. So you can do what you need to do. I want some make money off. Thatarea yeah. I know it’s going to go uprelatively slowly, but it needs to be done because i read a lot.

This gameand patience is one of the keys because, when you’re at the point, whereyou haven’t got to worry about, moneyworry about food worry about stuff like thatyou, can just fight till your heart’s content. What’S your cellar keep someonebecause? We should get a decent price. It kind of spread it out, wedidn’t pick up loads. Did we so that’s it?

That’S what 72 itshouldn’t take you that longto get 125

The longest pass of allthis is obviously the traveling back and forth news we’re making plenty of money. It’S have a lookat. How much we’re making off that shop now is it346 a turn. You know what imean you can’t go wrong, can youso we’re, making we’ll be making sense of money now 89, two area now, obviously, we’ve done all thesesettlements. So, let’s just movelet’s move across now try and getrid of the rest of your remainingmules, but in time now, anyway, you’llbe keeping some of them anywaysee.

How my um skill point isgoing up now in stuart, it’s 49 nowi’m not doing nothing. The only thing that i’mdoing is keeping a full lots of food – that’s it so you’re, gaining um, really important traits and scouting out. Eight yourtraits are gon na, be growing all right. We’Re gon na sell a couple more. I think we got prisoners now like if you doa uh bandit battle, and i make sure you getrid of prisoners and stuff like thatas, well, they’re, not important at themoment.

Your men are only there for onespecific reason right. They know and keep keep it up because that helpsyour carrying capacity as well nice there we are dropped up to 75. Now we’re going to yeah now trade. Now i’m gon na go up workshop, guys rightso, it’s only these so i’ll go through umwhat. You should get now when we go backdown and then what i’m going to do, isi’m going to crack on with it and as longas.

You know how to follow a way to followthis shouldn’t, be no problems at all obviouslyi’m going to be concentrating on workshops. It was only this one. We need to do right, soi’m, gon na head back down now guys, but this timewe’re gon na be doing a little bit of differentuh trading as well. We’Re going to add a few moregoods into that. So i will see you in a momentbut, then guys we’re back down.

So we got anotherskill point. So, let’s check out now that wasstupid there we are jobs are good enough. Rightso, i’m gon na go with all troops. Okay, all troops you’re better off with alltroops, because you’re gon na have a lot of umsmall uh. You know recruits etcto begin off, so if they can umget uh any experience, that’s a goodone, so we’re gon na go back in now.

Gon na get all the meals all the desert horses. Now we still got4 000 odd left we’re making 272 a turnall right. So now what we’re gon na do. Nowis i’d usually buy a beer from herebut. I’M gon na go up to san nala.

Okay, we’re gon na pick up some goodsfrom there and we’re gon na sell themas. Well now, this time this is going, tohelp increase our trade um, really quick! Oh it’s a good! It’S a good opportunity! If you wantto, learn trade in this game.

Just do it! This wayyou know adding little uhaspects into it each time it’s avaganda, so your fish ischeapest chips here, isn’t it on a bite, let’s buy as many as you can and beeroh. We should have bought beer fromdown day because it ischeaper in ashka what we’ll do buy green fish, not we’ll just buy the fish i’ll just buy fish for now. Okay, what we’re gon na do now guys we’re gonnahead back up and do exactly the same again. I’Ll show you um i’ll go through with the horsesbut.

What i’ll do is when i get to uh selling thefish i’ll incorporate that into the video guysall right. So i’ll see you very shortly, rightthen guys we ended up the sargon, it’s been takenover, but the battalions, but it looks like vallandiare going to take it back. So we are going to waithere because once um they have taken it all overum. All the proteins should be skyrocketed. Sowe should be able to make a good money off thatthere.

We are so we get straight into it. Let’S seewhat we can sell for stuff in here now, fish 18 see it perfect. What about horsesor 40 yeah! That’S not too badwell! That’S not what we’re going to sell.

Butfor fish jobs are good, then we’ll sell it down to 11

You bet okay, there we are, if you see uh asettlement being besieged, wait, untilthe settlement is, is, is retaken or it’s been takenover and um. The tr the produce in the settlementshould go higher. Obviously, because no caravansor anything has been entering the settlement, dueto it being under siege, oh they’re, really cheapdown. Here what about fish? Fish is really expensivethere.

We are so we’ll get rid of our fish heredo the same here we’ll this time, we’ll take it there. We are. We can sell a lot ofthat there. We are jobs are good and there we are so that trade is this, so whati’m going to do now, guys i’m going to leaveyou here now right um, as i’ve only got horses soi’m going to get on with it selling the horses andi want you to do The same thing get on sellyour horses and on the next on the next bitthen we’ll go from there. Okay, so i will see youvery shortly guys just get on with the tradingand.

Your main purpose is to get to the 125 beer. Okay, as you see we’re notthat far from it, the next one you want to go forum. That’S right! Get that right, um, obviouslyi’m, gon na bang, this into pole, arms, becausei’m, gon na use, um that so i’ll tell you what wheni come around to doing my trade i’ll incorporatein, the video so see you soon guys get on withthe sub trade. With the horses i’ll see you veryshortly, hey guys, i just wanted to say somethingum, while you’re in the settlements take a lookat what they’re building so um whatproduce, you guys see by now.

Beer is 67.it’s really expensive. Okay, now make sureas. Well, you are keeping on top of your foodneed. Four lots.

Don’T forget, fish is reallycheap here. It will keep over time meet. Keep it stocked up. Okay, but, like i say so next time you go down, thenwe’ll go through that anyway, you know where tosell that produce. Okay, so we’ll see you shortlyand, hey guys back again, so as you can see nowum i traded what i had i’m up to 42k now: okay, nowthis time what we want to do because the more wetrade and i pay the more um like horses and stufflike – that The prices are going to be knocked downokay, so it’s okay for you to go a little bitfurther afield to try and find the prices thatyou want now don’t forget when you’re sellingeach item try and get at least one trade pointfor, every transaction you make.

So if you’reselling, a a lump of horses or herd horses, ora nice amount of fish or anything, make sure youget stomach office right because, as you can see, um my trade now is up to 92

Shewas, getting there very, very quick okay, then i will put that in stewart. Okay, let’s remember as well when it comes to uh. Yourperks worry about the military stuff. So early on. Excuse me guys.

So this time we’regonna pick up the same againokay but we’re gon na pick up as well. This is asmany decent goods, as we can. Okay, so yeah 103 beer pick up a couple of greenwe’re going. I’M gon na head up the sun allies nowas well and we’re gon na pick up some fish etcnow from doing this, video right guysfrom, all the i i let the recording runso this video has been running out for 33minutes, okay, i um. So it was the same withthe other video as well, but that one was shorteragain, but as long as you do these things, rightit does not take you a long time to get up.

Tothat 125 um skill point to get to that renowneddoesn’t. Take long at all. You know i know: whereour renown is not going up, but that will in time you can sell the some of the meals up here you know, sell them is all you got. Ta do is sellthem for that decent price. That’S it!

Okay, getthat you’re, still going to get them. Tradepoints doesn’t have to be just in valentia um fish, a loads of fish. Okay. Now, obviously, because you’vebeen, you know, you’ve been umtrading a lot into valentia so it’sgoing to take that little bit of um. Well, things are going to be a little bitcheaper, but we always start in volunteerswe’re going to head back up to vlandia nowguys, and i will see you very shortly and higuys.

So i just popped into us: um ortiz herethat’s, how you pronounce it just on the wayup. Just to have a look: okay, if you’re passinga settlement just have a look, will be a year. 49We can get rid of a lot more expensive than thatokay. But maybe if we just sell three, you know we didn’t get a trade pointbomb there, so maybe that wasa silly idea but try and get a tradepoint from every transaction. You makeyou know kind of buying the red sellingthe solid, green, another faded, green thesolid green.

Soon, as the market says, the fadedgreen go back, one keep it in the solid, green and you’ll be flying up over money in no time. Just trust me when you become a vassal ormercenary money is what you’re going to need. There’S a course. Is there good good pricebuy up so now you can start selling thema little bit cheaper now. So if you wantto go down to 410 say around that areayou’re still going to be making money rightreason, i said 450 on the last ones: becauseobviously you didn’t have the money um so youwanted to try and get as much as you can frombut.

Now, when you get to the point, still sellmules for over 100, mind keep that there umyou know we um, we could have bought some meatas well. This is what you want to look for. Whenyou’Re in these monsters right meet your 45dates 44 beer. 44. You know what i mean: butwe’ll keep our we’ll keep our um our beer tillwe get up to the other settlement.

We went to trust me. It will be worth it make sure you keep your eye on you, so that that’s that’s the issue now look afteri can get rid of some of your fish, etc. Firstunless um, let’s go on a fish star journeyinstead! Let’S try and get rid of some of thisi. Usually sell it for quiteexpensive uh, quite expensive up in uh britannia who’s avaganda 15.

Now what i mean by keep it in the greenobviously pick this up for really cheap. Do mesell it as soon as it gets to there go back11. That’S all! You need to sell. Itfor is 11

Now biu as well is 50.

Okay, oh didn’t get a trade point fromus disappointing, but we made money we’re making 303 a turn. Let’S have a lookhow much our shop is making. Is it 376.and? The reason i say don’t worry about your troopsfor.

Now is for that specific reason: you’re you arenot going to be fighting. Yet you can go on abandit rampart to train your troops up in time. Bs61. That’S a good price! We’Ll sell thatdown just a 55.

This really good priceseller down to we’ll keep 20anyway yeah. Okay, job’s good onand. We got another skill, pipe thisand, 96
So it’s going up, it’s going upnow! We want to head back down startgetting rid of some of these horses. It doesn’t take long.

I mean if you focus just onthis. This video has been running for 40 minutesnow um. It’S not going to be 40 minutes, whenit’s um! When it’s uploaded, because obviouslyi’ve cut a lot of bits out of it, but myrecording is 40 minutes so again, they’re prettypretty, decent! So within you know a couple ofhours of good work of considering what we’vegot to do next as well, you will be morethan paid, financially, etc.

For this game and we can sell them and sell some of these you’regonna have to sell them a littlebit cheaper. Now because obviouslywith, you do skill price job done with you, um trading, all the horses up yeahobviously, the price is going to go down um. Yes, i don’t know, let’s just keep that up nope, let’s reset that wegotta, do it. Let’S do it right there we are that’ll. Do let’s just be barein mine.

Now we still got plenty of beer leftin mind your capacity uh. Maybe a 99 job done. That’S what youwant to do every transaction, try and geta point. Sometimes they want, but majorityof time it will as long as you do it rightand before you know it 125 markis it and that’s your trading done unless you want to go all the way up to the300. Mark and gather everything has a price, but that’s entirely up to you as aplayer.

That is oh, that’s a game price! 10. 000. From that 100 102. There we are solet’s, get trade now, so what we’re gon na do now i’ll just go for targets.

I do um yeah i’ll go for target, so that’s itnow we’re not long now. Another 23 pointsthis is what we’re heading for okay, a couple: ofsmart uh choices in yeah, um trade in uh kingdom, yeah 53. Let’S get rid of something then sell it for i’ll. Keep 20 see if you get anything for that nope, we won’tget anything in there. You’Ll get most of it, outof.

Obviously the horses now, but it still helpsi mean if you forget a point: you’re in thereyou make most of the money off horses. Obviously we go get rid of these. I have to keep just keep five. Okay, all right! We’Ve got 105 nowwe’re up to 65 000 now guys.

So what we’re gonnado again we’re gon na head back down and do exactlythe same again, guys so i’ll see you very shortly right we’re back down to westgarso. Let’S do the same again. Okay, all right, there’s some whole israel. Horsesnow you’ve got the money now so makesure. You get the israel horsesthey suffer really good.

Okay, alter some of the settlements. Aswell pick up dates. They were quite exexpensive up there when they a meat, some meatyeah 26 we’ll get some more beer in just buy greensell red guys. All you need todo we’ll keep that down now. Okay, now israel horse is now a reallygood way to smash up that price.

Okayyou could have done it in thethe last lot like, but we didn’t gain the level right. You want to buy the israel horsesfor the sea under 1 100 okayand, we’re not gon na buy thatfrom it because it needs to be we’ll. Just have a quick ganderaround now with some israel horsestry and pick up a nice load of them, but guys patience. It will beworth it, it will be worth it. Oh see you guys, you know one thousand butwe’re not going to sell them.

That’S stillum desert horses, 500 and you know butwe’re to keep them from up the top all right. So we light up the cues 8. Now now the look of what we got stuart is alwaysup to 67. Now it’s gon na keep raising oh wegot a point. Let’S put that in here.

Okay, um andwe want to put that we’re all right for tradewe well past what we need: charm, okay, scopingum, obviously we’d like to put the right in we’re all right, a minute so obviously put thatwhen. You get to the point where uh, where you wannalike, if you guy, if you wan na use a one-handedsword and a shield, i mean i like to put in myintel polar because a lot of my battle is goingto, be on horseback, with a bow with um. My um thing of death, which i love so i’mgoing to be concentrating on onetwo, three, okay, athletics and allthis – will come now in time. Okay, so i’ll explain in a moment so we’llbang that into you, like, i know so, mycharacters building. So when it comes tobattling, you should level up pretty quick.

Let’S just see what i’m causing got to offer andthen we’ll head up then, and exactly the same again, like i say, you’ve got any questions. Guysjust. Let me know in the comments down below um. There’S no point in having temps andattempts of it. So let’s end up the sagathen guys.

I will see you in a moment: rightwe are back so mills. Let’S have a look. Now beat 43 red okay, we can get rid of some mitchell. Buy green sell red, okay, um fish, cheap, uh, yeahyeah 53. We’Ll keep hold of that isuppose.

We can get rid of a little bit. My green l, red yeah, don’t let it gono further than that. Just look at thatall says we can get rid of some mills there. We are and we’ve gained ourselves a skill point sowe’ve done well, then 106 nowguys, so 19 skill points left, but that um lovely trade they’re giving usrunning the day and watch out quick. Thenoh we’ve gone up now in stewart as well to 70

1925 yeah, so that’s good 64 for beerlet’s, get you okay and we’ll cross out by green cell red guys, that’s yellow red a bit of some of these.

Only two, that’s all weneed. We won’t get rid of anything else. That’Sthat, let’s just make sure we’re gonnafor. Now one two should kept some of thebeer, but it’s okay. We can get it now, we’vegone up another two skill boys under 708.

Right just have a look. You know: onethought we’re going to keep theseokay. You sell some of ourdesert horses down to 410 nope they’re really cheap here. So we can getsome olives from here for our own purposes and fish and we can buy the fish is really cheaphere, so you could buy the fish fromget. What i mean by the fish sell them on okay: let’s move up now with this amount of men in your umum, your army, as well you’re going to be leftalone, so you can just concentrate on what youneed to do unless you’re, really unlucky, andget caught up with A massive bunch of banditsbut, depending on what skill level you’re playingon um that’ll, obviously depend the outcome of thatso.

This really cheap, you um have a lookwhat’s red here. Is it butter? Is red here yep, so we go back in till it’s redthat’s. It dates a red. All to themyeah 31, so we need to sell a littlebit, not much olives.

Yet i’ll do also, i see about 2 32 501 for these 109 for theseso we could earn a nice bill. A dollar herebut first things. First, we need to get rid ofour large bulks, we’re not going to sell themand we’re not going to sell them. We getbetter for money for them, but we are going to sell a couple of them. Oh no.

Obviously this is a problem. What’S it have to keep as uhwe have 211 now under 10 111so, let’s concentrate on now gettingrid of some of our large amounts of um, so it shouldn’t hit their movement. Speed toomuch, but it’s just me being particular isyou know, that’s something i liked it fast. Ican get around the map, the better. You know.

You know. I find this quite uh therapeuticyou know, especially when you startmaking a lot of dollar off it. Rightfish we want to sell, lose efficiently findsomewhere. We can sell a fish, really expensive, um right. Yes, fish, 13 olives.

They are cheap. If you sell greedy, you only leave you formaking one or two. Probably it’s not goingto give you that trade um that trade pointneed to make decent enough a profit off it. Yes, we’ll guess: we’ll keep 20 meter. The only thing when you getfirst now is dates and fish set jobs are gone, sit down more or not.

That’S! 13. 35! That’S good! Oh!

No! Not so much um sell down to 25 see. If that will do anything, we need to start getting rid of thehorses. Don’T we okay, but it’s okayas long as we’re making a bit of money balloon arts, okay, we’ll leave it! There.

We’Ve got ourtrade plate from the horses you knowmajority! If it’s going to comefrom the horses anyway, guys fish getting rid of some of thatnow and some? Oh, no, no oh yeah mills and a hundred. Let’S keep an eye. Just every 10 take one back right: okay, there we are hundredthirteen hundred and fourteen, so i’m going to get on now and selling theseguys.

As soon as i come to a place, whereit’s um thing i’ll i’ll – let you know okayso we can get on with this. So just remembersell green uh buy green, sell red and makesure. Now that um you’re getting a trade pointfor, every um kind of transaction you’re doingif possible okay. So i will see you very shortly right guys we’re back down to ashgard againso. My stuart has gone up againlook.

So what we gon na do now um step up a lip you want to go for becauseyou want to reduce food consumption, whilein an army right because that’s going to helpa lot, that’s what we’re going to go for okayso! Just make sure you follow, but it’s up to youman. This all depends how you want to play the gamebut. This is how i’m gon na go about. So let’s buy more horses.

Okay, we are doing um. You know we will be up over a hundred thousandour chess from selling goods and we are now at 117. So it’s not a lot more to go at allbecause. All we need is one two, five sowe’re very close to that and um. We.

I have beenrecording now guys for one hour and 10 minutesokay. I know the video won’t be an hour and 10minutes, but you get my point. Obviously all the traveling um has been set out, but, as you cansee, nothing important has happened. I’Ve justconcentrated on trading concentrate on gettingthat thing up, so i can go i’m going to the nextstage and of what i do um, which i’ll explainvery shortly and what will be in the nextvideo. So i’m going to head back up to valendiaso i’ll, see you there very shortly guysright guys so hopefully now this should bethe.

Last time we have to make a trade runlet’s, make it worth it. Okay, um beer is reallycheap here, let’s get rid of these horses. Okay, let me make it 316 a daybut, obviously, with that 389 um yeah, let’s get rid of them here, okay! Now, because because we’ve got a bit left, we cansell it for a little bit dear, doesn’t mean youhave to go all the way down to 410. Try andget the best amount of money, as you can.

Okay, but 1819 doesn’t take long to dothis, guys and trust me it’slike. I’Ve said about 10 timesin, the video it will be worth it. It makes everything a lot more fun, that’sreally, cheap, we’re not going to sellthem. Yet so, let’s get rid of these again one over! That’S not too bad sowe’ll sell down to 4 15, this time125 more to go.

We might have to make one more. We got some b at the cellas well, and i should havebeen looking at that really so we’ll go back here quickly. 37! Is that red? No, it’s not red, we’ll get there now the time we finish this now on the nextepisode we’ll be out now um over the weekendtime.

That’S done, you’ll be laughingbf58. Okay, that’s what we want to sell it red guys, there’s a tall says we’ll sellone we’ll sell them today. That’Sall we’re going to sell them to 121 because we haven’t got temps of them, see soyou might as well get as much as you canfor each one. That’S going to definitely umincrease. Obviously your trade then thechance.

If you’re getting a trade point. Um 66 happy days how many typesof food we got one two threewith a lot of type of food, so we cansell all that make a decent profit sell for them. 122.

You want to try andmake as much profit now, so youhaven’t got to keep going back and forthso. Hopefully we can do it in this one nowhopefully.

We can find somewhere to sell thoseasian horses. That should knock us straight up and we have 102 000. Now there we are that’swhat, we wanted one, two, three jobs, a good one: oh we didn’t receive no trade pointsfor that wow okay very shocked at that, but it is what it is. I always end up going back down. Anywayso i like to have plenty of horses in oh 700: that’s what you want.

124 jobs are good on 700 on us you’re making a tiny profit. You know sowithin literally, i know we’ve done a little biton, the last episode, but we’ve been recording nowfor about 17 minutes and we’re up to 115 000

Sowhen we come into the episode three now of whatwe do um in episode three um, you are gon na haveum, a lot of money and i’ll show you what todo to get the best out of each um situationand you um, you’ll, have we’ll have companionsyou’ll, have a Wife everything your clan will bepretty much set up: okay, um, let’s just double checksomething you could maybe get some clothes ifyou could for your guy as well. If you wanted youknow, you could start upgrading a few. If you wantyou get what i mean, we won’t do that right. Yetbut, we’ll get some more troops as well.

Becausewe have 40 but um at this point. Maybe you want tostart recruiting the troops um that you’re lookingto use in your army, so the time thingscome you could start doing a bit more umafter. The next episode and you’re prettymuch going to be training your troops upetc this and that get his shopson the go. You know so yeah 47 yeah just need to go. We need onepoint, that’s all.

We need isone point come on, give usthat point somewhere come on. I come on this should do it come on? No, how did that give us a point? Maybe i sold under 100. I don’t knowit’s gon na be so slow now.

This is guys come on give us what we want. Give us what we want. Ah, that that’s just saul’s law like it’s justbeing, stubborn. Now absolute stubborn right is saying to me: you are going back one more timewhether! You like it or not.

So let’s do it. Thenwe’Re gon na have to go back guys, whether we likeit or not, okay, so we’ll head back now and i’ll seeyou in a moment right guys, um, the game’s beingstubborn. So we’ve got to come back for one moreso. Let’S just buy: oh it’s not the end of the worldbecause. I like to keep um a few horses anyway, tobegin with so we’ll just get the see.

What wecan do we there should be. This should be enoughum, we’re not gon na bother withbeer or nothing we’re just gonnause um the horses to give usthat extra little bit of pointsand, whatever we’re left with we’re gon na keep so itechnically want to try and keep the desert horsesso. I do like to have a lot of horses in myparty, so i will see you now very shortlyguys. We let him back up to valendia right guysback up to dragolunia sagot is being besiegedso, come on, give us what we want, we’ll get rid ofone of them. One of them they will keep it that, but five can’t give us a point.

Yes, therewe are guys. We have now got the pointso, and this is what we want right: obviouslywe’re going for shops, so if you go, forcaravans might go for a great investor. Uhgives you one round per day, for you know, 30cheaper for caravans, etc. All this and all thatbut we are going for austrian community, so that’sgonna give us one renown now uh per day for everyshop that we own. So, let’s get that so just take alook at my trade now guys of what i’ve done.

Wedon’T need to put no more in trade now well, iwon’t be anyway, that’s entirely up to you um we’reokay, but there okay, but there we just need um. You know because obviously, i’m going to bepretty much on horseback with a polar okay, we’ll just bang into ryden, so just take a looknow guys. This is how i’ve gone two at the toptwo at the bottom and then one after a 125 stuartdead one at the top. Two at the bottom, okay arethere, depending on then how you wan na um createyour character. Uh, that’s entirely up to you.

Howyou want uh, put maybe a one or two points: uminto um. What you got to do, just to start withbut, just make sure you concentrate on gettingyour, stuart right up, because your charm isgoing to be impo, i’m important um in lategame um, your trade. That’S done now. We havemy, i won’t be doing anything else with tradenow um leadership. Yeah that will come in umthat will come in time when you start leadingarmies, etc.

So that is it. So if you want to goaround now, for instance uh, you know you don’tneed 38 mules in your army, i’m going to keepthe desert horses might get rid of the israelhorses for the time being, all right and i’m gon na change that as well. Okay, oh yeah, midlands preythere. We are up there, um yeah, so, like i saidjust make sure, though, you’ve got plenty offood as well guys and um. We are going toleave it there for today, so the trading isdone now so the next episode now will coverthe next um thing.

We have to do so. Watch outfor that i’ll be out very shortly guys umif you’ve got any questions, don’t forget to askum stay safe all and, as always, keep it frosty.

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