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Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Walk through Smithing Guide Episode 3


Hey guys frosty here and welcome back to myepisode three of my walkthrough, let’s play onmountain brave bangalore, 2.. Now my apologiesguys on how um how late this video has comeout but uh some of you may know i was inthe process of moving, so i have not timeto. Do any videos etc, as i’ve been very busyplus, i have to wait a nice week and off umfor my had to be um installed, so that was a painbut i’m back now. So let’s get straight into itso.

On the last episode now we’re finishing thetrader didn’t we and the trade-in and we’ve donethe trading on one specific reason: to get 125.one renowned a day for every shop, you’ve gotso, the next part now is going to be smithingokay. Once we spend a little, it won’t take toolong. Once we get a little bit of this smithingdone we’ll be pretty much um ready to go, um andthey shouldn’t be you shouldn’t have anyproblems with money, etc. Then you should beabsolutely fine, so little things you need toprepare yourself.

Now, before we start smithing okayso, let’s get into it right, you need to go toevery empire city and buy as many hugo pugiosas. You can. Okay, as you see by there also everyisrael city and by southern throwing daggersas, you can see there by as many as you can youneed to try and get as much hardwood as you canall right and get some iron ore as well. Andmake sure you’ve got still plenty of foodmixing with that, because well the ideaof collecting all this is. We can just sithere in the settlement and just crack on withthe um smithing and we haven’t got to go anywhereit’s a lot quicker.

If you do it that wayand, while you’re running around as wellget in all this goods, it is goodbecause. Obviously you finish the tradingand, as you can see by year now um my renown hasflown right up. I haven’t fought any battles: um orany, tournaments, etc, and i’m really up to clantier 2 already and that’s just literally fromthe one run on the day. But as soon asyou get up the clan um tier one make sureyou go and buy another workshop, make sure yougot those workshops up and running as you cansee, but there i bought two world weavers umas. I find they’re the best um shops to buynow you can buy.

We will weavers andeddie sell on the set. I wouldn’t domuch eb. I think that’s how you pronounceit, i do apologize for pronouncing guysso. That’S that right also make sure you get asmany companions, as you um possibly can becausethis will make it a lot quicker and get yourselfa wife, okay. So when you’re um doing this, nowyou’re gon na use all these as well at the sametime to open up um what you need and i’ll showyou.

What i mean by that now, if we go intothe smithy now what we want to go for? Okay, we want to get this blade. Okay, this is the bladewe want it’s the best blade of the game in myopinion and uh yeah. It’S going to make you thesewill go for over a hundred thousand each and bythe end of it. You’Re gon na have blooming loads.

Ofthem, okay, so you got this one. It’S the third besti think it’s this one, the long flag, spaceis! Second, okay! Let me have a look. It’S asecond, yes, and then this one is, is the bestokay yep?

That’S how much you get for it okayso right, but what we’re going to do with thisvideo guys is we’re going to do the same as inthe other videos, i’m going to explain what to dois i’m going to crack on doing it and then i’moff off video and Then i’ll come inonce. I’Ve completed this. So if you wannai’ll explain what to do pause the video, if youwant get on with it and then once you’re done thenclick on it and we’ll split straightback on it, saves you sitting througheverything, you know so. First thing we need to doright is we want to refine all this hardwood? Okay, so first thing we do is get onto that.

Nowwe use all the characters to do that. Um i’mgoing, to show you then how i um upgrade mycharacters what traits i use, etc. Um! So ifyou want to follow that. It’S up to you.

You do itwhatever way you want, but this is the way i do itso what um? What i want you to do now, guys isjust, get cracking and refine all the hardwoodto charcoal and while you’re at it as well, refineall the inor, the crude iron, okay and then we’llbe up and running and ready to go so get onwith. That guys – and i will see you very shortly right guys and we’re back now, as you can seenow by you – we’ve um got loads of charcoal nowloads of crude iron. Okay right, the onlything we haven’t gone now is obviouslyis um, fine, steel, steel, etc. All that so um the nextum objective now is just smelt.

Everything downnow you. If you started on zero on most of these umdoing um refining, the charcoal won’t give you muchpoints. You should be on about what they were: skilllevel 22

Now, when you start smelting these downnow, your cell level is going to go up quite a bitokay. So what i wanted to do now is start smeltingall these down using um uh, all your charactersif. You can but try and do as much as you canwith your main character because he’s gon na beum for this.

My main smelt, i’m just gon na usemy main character for smelting and i’m going touse all the other characters, then for a forgingokay, so i’ll concentrate on um his tray at hispoints in smith, um forgings, uh, smelting, sorryand everything else. Everyone else is in forgingso, i’m going to crack on with that guys and umi will be with you very shortly. So i’ll see youin a bit and hello guys how’s it going be back soas, you can see. Now we have plenty of crudeiron wrought iron iron, steel and fine steelso. Now we’re gon na get on now with the forgingso.

How do we make the best out of this so whatwe’re going to do? Is we’re going to go on toa two-handed sword? Okay, we’re going to find 107 damage. 49. Let’S have a look.

We’Regonna look for damage. We do okayso we’ll go for this. One make this large okaywe want to get this damage up as much as we canlet’s have a look. That’S locked isit, yes um, but this one there we are now this. I don’t know it’s the only handlewe got, but that’s make sure with the handleit’s just two-handed you don’twant, 100 and 200.

You just want200. Okay, you’ll get the most damage out of that and the same just get what you can for nowokay and get up some block 16. There are 17.here, we are we’ll go for this one. Okay, this is upnow.

It’S up to 18

But we’re not going to use ourmain character now we’re going to use these okayjust for this one and we’re going to forget board now see um you’re going to begaining a lot of skill points now a lot okay and then we’re gon na. Go then to your maincharacter and we’re gon na smelt them all again. Seven skill points from that look five and you should have shot right up. So let’s have alook here now go into your main character. Good nowyou want to bang everything now at the moment, intoendurance we’ll go efficient iron maker to a new steel maker.

Here we are i’m gon na point for him i’ll change shortly. Let’S have a look. Okay, job done so we’ll go. Let’S do the same again nowguys, but you should have had more items now: openso just double check what you’ve got okay alwaystry and go up a level if you can okay, so let’shave a look at this one um, i’m 36, 81 92 rememberthis, one andre samus, will Get that one? Okay up the more you do, the more you’re gonnaopen, which is gon na increase.

I thinkthat one was more than it. Nope wasn’t aboutthat one 18 15 we’ll go for that. One! Okay! That 220s have a look 119 we’ll go for thisone.

I just go for this one down here: okay, i dowe’ll upgrade that, and what about this? Let’S have a look. 121Let’S have a look 124 that one is 121

121., oh 129, that one okay, so we’ll go for thatone, it’s up to 134, now, ah right, two setsguys we’re gon na have to wait here for some timemy apologies getting a bit excited there. I was it shouldn’t.

Take uh too longum to get the blade you needand. This recorder now has been going for 25minutes. You know. Obviously, i’ve cut a bit outbut. This recording has been going for 25minutes.

So, let’s get back to it then two-handedthat’s a blade. We want it when itup. Yes, bang. It was at two that was 18 17

Yo some of these might be 118 yeah. Good 20.

Now see that 201, you don’twant them. You just want these 200 124 go for thatand. It was that one winner, 130 134. Now we don’tafford with our main character. We forge with these now every time now you should be gaininglevels and opening up loads of more equipment.

I want to yes i’m going to smelt and we smell now we up to 71 smith in already okay, so we’ll gothrough, this now smith yeah, but this one now youwant to go for curious, smelter, okay, um, increasethe rate of learning new part designs once meltedby 100. So, every time you smelt, you want okayput it into endurance. You smith in you want uhobviously, get the new items as quicklyas possible; okay and i’m just going tobe smelting with my main character, so i’mnot worried about anything else, smithingcurious smith. Now, right, you want to go for thefirst, curious smith for every other one. Okay, there we are no, no, no noanything else now should be yes same as him curious smith, andsteel, maker, okay, there we are job done and just put it all into smithingthere.

We are job done just waithere for some time and we’ll getcracking with it again now shortly. I know this can be a bit painstakingguys, but trust me. It is worth itbecause once you’ve done this you’vegot the trading bit out the way andum, the smith part out the way you knowwhat, i mean the ability to make moneyis gon na increase so much it’s just gonnamake um that part of the game so much easier. So it’s have a gander now, so, let’s um forgenow, okay, let’s have a go back into two-handedlet’s, have a look where else is um several swingscut out 114? Okay.

What about this one? 108? 10770! No! So we’ll go for this onebound that up what else are we gonenow?

What else knew if we guys haveabout 121, 123 121 or for that? Okay, 28, 27, 28, 24, 428 and 29? What if i was so 132

Yeah, let’s go for that one! Okay, all right! Let’S get to the forging you know that he’s on 120 alreadyyou know so it’s gon na get easier and easierand quicker and quicker to forge these weapons.

I find it quite relaxing i do and then we got the smeltand. We smelt them all again there we are. If we just, i just want to just show you guyswhat we’re dealing with so some of these areworth. You know 50. 000.

Bear luck, so you’ve got alot of money, but you know we have 14 000 but theythe the more you open, the better. They are gonnaget. Okay, just be wary of that and you will getbetter and better. Let’S go back into characternow right. Let’S have a look so we’re gon na gowith steel mega max we’re not a curious smithwe are a smelter so we’ll keep at that.

Okay, uh! Oh, we! We only won um the new parts, design whensmith and that’s it okay. So we go for steel makerthree! That’S where you go for curious, smelterit’s, just to open up the parts, a lot quickerall right, endurance, we bang one inthere, okay good, and we go for a steel, very maker, yeah, curious smith and endurance spam.

Another one endurance, okay, elena um, yeah she’s – got. She don’t seem to be gettinganything, but that is what it is. Okay, so let’s wait a little bit more so yeah. I do appreciate you guys for thepeace uh for the patience but um movingis moving. So i mean a new house.

Now is a lotbetter happier here. So it’s all for the goodit’s good, good, good, good, good. All rightlet’s have a look at what we got now. Anything uh difference have a look underneath ohnot bad, not bad. What was that one 114, that one was that’s 4308, 1704.

66 great, so we will justkeep it displayed now for now, bigger, just click through it down one minute: let’s have a look damage. Okay, we’ll go for that. I thought well we’re going to experiment alittle bit as well with the difficulty okay, so just fold as much as you can andeach time, you’re about to forge more there’s a good way as well to upgradeyour characters, because when you getwhat, you need to get, you can Placethe points then um in other parts of okay, lyanna, okay and then we smelt job’s a good one back into character. Let’S make another one in there: good practical, refiner, double check: yep, okay, practical refiner, curious smith, nina, don’t seem to be getting anypoints, and i don’t understand why um yes, we’re on underneath now, okay we’reready we’ll wait here for some time. Againthis video is only going for 36 minutes guysjust think about.

If you really put the effort. Inyou know for the first two to three hours, ofyour game. Here i mean you you’re, with all thetrading, etc. You’Ll be ready, ready for anythingthis game has to um, throw at you be worth it. Let’S enter the smithy doo doo doo rightlet’s have a look what they got off and now um.

Ah there it is wow, okay, well they’vemanaged, to open this one already alyssa wan na know. That’S very luckyyou know whether this will happenwith. You guys, i don’t know, but that’s very lucky um, because we’ve got this, but we’regonna go for a little bit longer because update already look okay, so i’m quite surprisedthat. I got that that early, without even unlocking um unlock in the other ones. Hmm right!

Okay! Well, we’ll keep onuh holding these a minute guys, but these are the money makers. These are iswith, this blade. Okay, these are the money makers which is going to keep going for alittle bit, though we’ve got it now. Soif you wanted to.

You could go off now. What we’ll do now we’ll start smelting now, if we go into trade a moment let’ssee how much these are worth 121. 000 c there. We are job done there’syour money over there guys. So what we’ll do we’ll wait?

You for some time now we’ll go backin now we’ll get we’ll make some more we’llum smelt. All the other remainingum souls that we’re not going to sell becausewe’re just going to be specifically buildingum smith smith in them once them swords okayso. Let’S just go into a tree. Smithing, sorry so practical yeah, practical, smelter, okay um. What elsedo we know vigorous control smith.

Now we don’ttactically need any more at the moment. Okayso you can start putting these points, nowinto other things like, for instance, wecan’t put into there for some reason. Why? Okay! Oh that’s!

Why yeah it’s not that’s, not themones. Is it sorry guys it’s me being a bit of atit there, let’s just put in the other momentsnow, let’s start placing it now into what youwant your character character to be okay, sofor instance. I’M going to be with my polarbow and riding they are my main um attributesthat. I want as my uh character, obviously i’mgonna get charms, stuart, etc all stuff i gotleadership in time that comes out as you seei’m up to 114 already on steward, that’s justfrom, the food. Okay, that’s just from the foodso we’ll place that one then uh in topolam, okay, um!

Oh, we got some more as well now these have got two uh vigorous smith and these both are good, okay, um. So it’s kind of up to youso, we’ll just go for that, because these so i’m going to be doing a little more smithing, okay, endurance put that into endurance. Okay, are you gon na look now all right? What um youmaybe you want for this character? Okay, so justput in then.

Basically what you want this characterto be so it’s like the highest weapon should goto 70, so maybe she’d be good with the infantryetc, not on a horse. If you get what i mean: okay, okay, see what dynasty good! Let’S do it! It’S good for uh all charactersguys when they’re leading your um parties etcso, let’s wait um! If we waited there nowyes, we did so.

What we’re gon na do now. We’Rejust gon na smelt some of these downs. All right. We can build plenty more nowguys, so i wouldn’t worry about ithappy days here we are so we shouldhave unlocked a lot more now. So if we goon to two-handed sword, yeah, i’m very surprisedi got um this one.

Before i even got this oneokay, you might be lucky guys and get thesame, it might go the same way, never know we go for that and see. If we got that oneyet it was huge. I think it’s one of these. If you want to build one yourselfguys crack on a nice fancy sword for yourself, let’s have a look a lot more too last one theone! I want it’s.

253 53 says eva gandra, that one okay, oh 56, this one okay letme go on to these ones. Then now this video has been on that 45 minutesguys and we’ve got what we wanted now right. This is one thing i want to look at umbecause. I, like my special weapon that i have have. I got it.

I have yes, this is a one i make my own, then i’m200 uh. Is it that one or was it that one yeah? It’S just one assurance? Yes right, then, so that’s pretty much itguys. So we have should have now lose money.

Yes, practical smith! Oh wait! There this uh, let’s try that one, okay, we’ll try that one nowyou put my points now the rest of my pointsum: oh um, bang one into there, then we got hang that into therenow somebody’s saucer as well in time rightjob done, but there now with um your New bound wealth, somebody’s like 180, 000, okay um, you cango again more and more more if you wantum, get better items, etc. Butfor 180 000 for uh a sword isnuts. I want to show you something now so whatyou’re doing right.

It’S just kind of like buy all the expensive stuff. Okay, now you can uh kick yourself outwith these as well guys if you want them. Obviously that will come in time. You got that 1402 000, but they and to pay forthat. Then let’s use this okay.

Let’S have a look where else they go. You sell this stuff on there and seeso. You take all their money pretty much and you get yourself some new armor. Okay, ten get all the best equipment youwant. You can kick your guys out just trying a level.

So you don’t loseany money so to speak there we are two hundred thousand, but they get that okay, they got. 59 000 left the cell’s saying we’repaying 40 000. So we want to get that up now, toanother unrelated. If we, if, if that’s possible, mindi, don’t know, i wan na oh 28, 000 with their job done, have a look just get all the expensive stuff 796000. So we give them another one.

Now, okay, we will get 300 3082. Okay, let’s see nowwe’ve only got 23 000 there, but we’ve got now a lot of stuff to sell, as you can see by yeah. Okay, so do ant. What’S that down there, i always get alittle confused when it comes to thatbecause. I try and uh try and make asmuch as i can guys.

So what we’re doing we’ll sell! We want to keep someof this stuff. Mine, keep keeper cut out. You guys i’ll, be doing thatin a different. 109.

000. Oh, no! Sorry! Donnie! Yes!

Here we go 69. 000 already we’ll go to all the most expensivecities etc and just sell the goods. Then once we made a little bit of money now we’regoing to kick our guys out and um, i’m thinkingof making an episode of this one guys. If you’reinterested now don’t forget to drop a likeleave, a comment down below ifyou’ve got any thoughts and umwe’ll go from there, because i don’t like togo this far this well and then not carry us onwell much money. There are fortythousand yeah good, we’ll take all that.

You know 800, we still got all these. Like 66000 1570. You know we still got a lotof money’s worth, but i’ll get 40 000 butthere. So we’re up over 109 000 already. So i’m going to head over this waybecause i’m going to buy some gear from the vallandians, whatever gundam.

So as you can see guys, ifyou follow this step through um step by stepyou shouldn’t have a problem at all. Now we justgotta, you know we’re making 405 a day anywayum we as you can see by and now we’re well we’reup to another. Oh, we got the other clown. One nowwe can open up another shop now as well, so i’llhead back over now open up another wool. Weaveryum, you can start um training, your men up so youcan have you can have a force to be reckoned, withwe get rid of them unless they go yeahnot much at all.

Oh, yes, not that muchokay! So guys um, i’m gon na leave it here for todayso. I hope this has helped um, i’m gon na carry iton um. We are gon na carry on with this one um buta bit more of an episode kind of situation, nowwhen it comes through with that. So just crack onwith.

If you have any questions, don’t forget toask, but if you’d like to carry on and follow meall the way through just wait, look out for thenext episode and we’ll go from there. So thanksfor watching guys thanks for your patiencestay, safe and as always, keep it frosty.

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