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Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Walkthrough ep1 for beginners


Hey guys frosty here and welcome now beforewe get into it. Don’T forget to hit that likebutton that subscribe button and thatnotification bell, so you don’t miss outon future contact. The support is muchappreciated guys. So thank you. Rightso welcome to frosty’s walkthrough video nowwhat.

I’M going to be doing, this is going to be anepisode and i’m gon na show you how i start everypretty much bannerlord um. Let’S play, i do andi’m gon na be going through all my points. Whati do where i go. What i this and that, and how iget myself to the point, where money and an optionyou’re in you’re really powerful, etc this now whattraits to get and everything. Okay, now this ishow, i play it.

You know what i mean if you haveany different things, that you think that can helpplease leave in the comments down below it’s muchappreciated, so, let’s get through so in our firstepisode. Today we are gon na be going to the pointwhere. We get our first shop, so i’m gon na be takingyou through a walkthrough of what to do um, andeverything to get the first shop and what traitsto go for early on now, all the long boring bits ofme traveling here and there, i’m gon na cut out foryou Guys so you haven’t got to sit through thatbut, let’s get started so first thing we want to doobviously is sort out this right now, as you cansee. By now, i’ve set up my character in a specificway and if you want to know what i chose to seton my character specific way, the list is here now now. That is the list of how i set my character.

Upwhat traits i use. If you want to copy thatthat’s up to you, i don’t worry too much aboutum weapon um. What happened all stuff like thatthat would come with battles and tournaments etcyou need uh. You know, get um yeah one of the mostimportant one is stewart and i’ll show you thatreason. Why now and early on trade, but we’ll gothrough that in a moment, but first things first right, um and a point we’ll put thatno: that’s not that didn’t shoot.

Rightnow obviously whole since um yougot to be fast at the beginningso. Let’S check out, let’s get into it! Sofirst thing you want to do is head to poros you’re, going to need troops right. Nothing in here, um we’re gon na pick up some troopand we’re gon na head to zeonicai, think yeah; okay, let’s hopewe don’t run into any uh whoo bandits early on who’s 21. With itsee, if we can get around them yet that’s why you want be fast early on right, nothing, yeah!

Right! While we here ialways do this for a bit of extra money, okayso we’ll go over to sure, and we sell all these 500 for that 1970. For that right, um, let’s go into trade and to begin with now what you want to do: nowis get three of the four cheapest foods. Andi’Ll explain why in a moment, three three threethat’s really expensive, but you’ll have to dothree right. Also, as you can seecarrying capacity you want to buy just buy a horse right.

Okay, you want to switch that then. So your cardiocapacity goes up now. You’Ve got a stunt post nowfor your carrying capacity okay, so we get 311 westill got um 920 left. We bought a horse and we’vegot some food reason. We buy food all types offood, because it helps with your party morale plusstewardish.

You want to get this up i’ll, go throughall these um as we go up and as we come to umgiving ourselves, uh uh. One of these traysi’ll i’ll explain what um they use for okaybut. These are little things you want to do soright now we need to make a quick bee line nowdown to israelia, so we need toget, some uh troops. Now, if we getum a chance, we’ll do a couple of littlebattles as well, because it’d be handyyou, don’t want to train your troopsup too early. That’S a no-no.

Rightyou just want enough to try and keep the banditsaway, and if you see a small bandit group, take themout. If you like, just for a little bit of extradollar, just uh, you know, keep you keep you going, you go, follow my uh path. All the way down. Herei’Ll show you what i do to getmyself up and running and safe and when it comes to the little bits, oftrading, etc this, and that i will cut that out. So one take too long now to do this guys get 15

You move down now every um choice.

I makein this game. I will um, explain it to youif. You follow this. You shouldn’t have no problems. It will go for 20 man, 21, one for lucky.

Alright, let’s move downthen i’ll, show you where i’m gon na head nowso see. If we on the way down now, we’ll seeif, we can uh we’ll try and get a little uhbattles in your little battles, just uh spicethings up again. So if we see anything now, we’ll uh, i’m just hoping now that um the quest, i’m lookingfor – is there. Let’S you want to head to um villagesthat um primary production is real horses. Okayi’Ll show you why now in a moment these, be you bandit nope, that’s not theone!

We want that’s a shame. Another one by you come on. Nope get in got afew more to check, make sure i check them all uh. This quest can be a bit difficult. Tofind, sometimes that’s why you need toobviously get a lot of money in becauseyou’re.

Gon na obviously lose him on each turn. Nope oh, come on right. Make sure i haven’t missed out on any. There are few or far between sometimesyou can get three and then sometimes youjust get blooming one, but it’s um it’sdefinitely a good way to get yourselfset up. You know, but these are one of thefirst things.

You definitely need to do before. Um uh nope nothingin your ass get in come on. No, it’s clay. A couple more come on. We can findthem up in uh choosing as well.

Please be a nerd ah come on. Should i have a miss danny up, thereit’s, clear, listen! Exactly yeahlet’s click head over here then the good thing is you don’tneed, no money to do this. Deliver the hood. Finally right, you want to tryand, find this straight off.

Deliver the hood rightnow. This is i’m getting taken, thedognastica right, so we’ll visitoh! No, we just talked. Never mindright um, yes, okay, yes, okay! I can help just by the cutting knife any other way, i’lldeliver the hearse myself.

Alright, let’s leave then so, let’s make our way up, then now we’re all right now we’ll be allright for money now, but obviously ifyou’re running around. Looking take out somesmall units of um bandits etc, but i try andlike to get this done as soon as i possiblycan. You know it’s one of the first things i do now. I used to uh if you’re playing on a differentbeatle, though check out one of my vid uh videoson, my channel, how to make 20 000 in 10 minutesit’s a really easy way how to make money and iliterally made. Like 20 thousand, i put a wellon the thumbnails.

It says twenty thousandi made, like twenty seven thousand in ten minutesoff, doing that so go and check that video out right. First thing you want to doyou, do not want to deliver themall. Okay, what you want to do is going to trade 1. 000 right now. You can getmore for that.

If you wan na um, maybe go up, try and find betterprice, because you can’t get reallyreally expensive prices for israel or horses i mean. Sometimes you can get up to 2 000so. If you want a little gander, aroundyou know that’s up to you, okay. Well, i don’t want to wanderoff too far, let’s um, let’s head backgreat, now what you want to do now. Isyou want to sell five of these okay anyway.

You’Ve got 6 000 now done at theone you’re going to deliver it to talkyes. Okay, yes, um have that’s all. I have nowokay right and you get an extra 400 for thatand. That gets your charm up too. Okay, stewardess right now, um.

The first thing you wantto go for when it comes to it is um spartan, as youcan see with a party consumes 10 percent. Less foodnow food can be a pain in this game, so you wantto make sure the less they consume the betterfor you. So that’s what we’re going to go for obviously choose when it comes to battles nowyou want to whatever weapon you um choose touse. So first thing we’re going to donow we’re going to head back down now to ashgar guys. Okay, now i’ll cut um let’ssay i’ll head down to then i’ll startcutting, the little bits and bobs out becauseif anything important happens in between i’llput it in the video.

So you won’t miss outon anything just the boring, traveling bits, but leave it like this for now. So our first objective now today in this episodeis, obviously to get to ashop, get the before the shop i’ll, try and cram as much as i can inbut. Once you get into the rhythm of thisyou know you can you can make a lot of moneyif you check out my koozai, let’s play i i i gothrough the same process on there. I have my mateflesh and 19

Um he’s um he’s another youtuberhe’s, a friend of mine, um over there, it’s doublecheck guys, just you always got ta double checkyep, so always have a double check. Um, if you needany, like in-depth um knowledge on betas, etc.

Andstuff, like that, he’s all over it go and checkhis channel out guys he’s in the bottom of mychannel in the featured channels, right he’s, agood guy, and he knows his stuff on bannerlord. So what we’re gon na do now is we’re gon na buydesert horses. Okay, we’re just gon na buy enoughobviously. We’Ve got to keep some money. Oh, they will get rid of one right.

Keep 402

We got23 horses now what i’m gon na do now is. I am gonnahead up to vallandia we’re gon na start our kind oflittle horse trade route. Now you’re gon na make alot of money office um the time i get up here, nowum in a moment and sell these horses come back andbuy more go back up there. I’Ll have enough for myfirst shop. Okay, then i’m gon na worry about losingmoney, but it’s a it’s an important reason.

Why youwant to do this straight off and why it’s reallygood and i will go throughout when i get up atthe valentia. So i will see you very shortly. Guysbut hello! We are here, so nothing happened, um butthey guys. So what we’re gon na do now is we’regonna trade.

These horses now make sure rightthat’s too cheap we’re not going to trade themfor that yo, you haven’t got many, so you wantto really try and get the best prices. You cannow in certain um settlements in vallandiaoaks hall, coming up into the north mostlyyou. Can you you could get up to six six six fiftymaybe seven hundred for a horse. You know i meanyou’re pretty much, really tripling your money so490. So we’ll take that down to 450.

Okay, now you’regaining 10 skill points right and the reasonwe are doing. This is not just for the moneyalso. If we’re going to trade, we want to getto 125, and that gives you one renowned per dayfor every shop that you own. If you want four shopsyou get four renowned a day, it’s well worth having100 percent, so we’re banging thatin here because we needed into tradeyou want to concentrate on stuart and trade earlyon. Okay, because when you’re in late game, whenyou’re banging around with armies, the less foodthey get the better.

So, while we’re in here now keep an eye on your food as well see we onlygot two grain left yeah, we get a bit more nowget five five, so expensive, fivejust keep four lots of food in there. That will get up um your thing and also went to parties and put yourself as a quartermaster. Okay, i will help with your steward as well, but i mention that first off guys so we’re gon na head up now we’re gonnai’ll show you what settlements i go. Toso, you can have a bit of abetter idea where you got ta go and you’ll be up and taking overcar radio before you know it. The thing is see a lot of people.

This gamedoesn’t need to be rushed. You know you reallyit’s, really one of those games where you gottakind of take your time so to speak. 508 brillianti’ll take them down to there. Okay, head up to oaks hall, but don’t forget now my weare losing a bit of money due to um troops and webought food. Okay, so take that into considerationas, well, 600, get rid of all of them.

Yeah now ruleof thumb. I don’t go pretty much under um 450okay until i’ve got loads of money. Now, as youcan see now, i’ve got another 12 skill points. Okayin trade, the first thing we’re going to go for is um this one wholesale seller rightbecause we’re not going to be sellingum equipment. We’Re going to be selling goods okaywe’ll put another point into that to get that upto, 125 yeah.

So once we’re on that, that’s prettymuch job done! So what i’m going to do now, guys isi’m going to make the boring trip all the way backdown to oscar. So i will see you there in a moment right and we’re back to ashgar. Now this timewe’re gon na mix a match we’re gon na get some millsbecause mills sell for good money, all right, so wecan get all the mills now don’t forget. Now mindyou they’re gon na take a massive hit.

Onyour party speed. Okay, look at the rest, thenwe’ll keep around 500 there’s we got themand, that’s all we’re gon na do now. Guys is head back up to valentia. So iwill see you again very shortlyright um we’re back guys. Nowi, don’t usually go that umcharis um you can.

You can check on your way up. Ifyou want, but um they’re, usually pretty cheap, thereso we’re going to trade. Now you do not wantto sell um the mules for less than 100 okay there. We are three skill points, but they said over jackluna, i’m open now by the end of this one nowwe should have enough now to go and get ourfirst shop now just keep an eye also on yourfood guys all right just make sure you’re alwayshyped up on those Four types of different foodso: if you go into a settlement well, if you’retrading just have a double check which i’ll do nowif, you’re, okay, don’t bother, but always keep an eyeon your food like 590 you’re brilliant. So let’s umfirst things.

First, olives right! Let’S getsome more of them look up to 10, this time, um green. Let’S go to 10 rips because, obviously there we are, let’s get rid of bills and some of these desert horses noless than 450. There we are perfectoh. We got another three fives.

You know upto 52 already guys, so we get in there nowif you’re gon na. Obviously, if, if you’re invested incaravans, i’m sure the caravan’s a lot better in uh1.5
9, this is what we are on now, but i always doum shops. You know because um, that’s just me butthat’s, that’s your preference, that is that’syour preference if you like um caravans and byall, means use that one. Oh there’s a lot of lootersright now.

This is why you need these men if youwant to fight some of these looters etc, crackon crack on, but for the pacific. For this video we might have to keep a couple of millsbecause. Obviously, our carrying capacity umwe’re, not gon na sell them here. Uh, it’s 53.now.

We’Ve gone up in trade, i’m still pricing tradequite quite rapidly. As you can see, it’s only forthat renowned if you want to enter tournamentsas well when you’re within the settlements. Byall means do that. You know because you, if you wina tournament, that gives you three renowned two. I like to concentrate on one thing at the time: ido, that’s just my personal preference right nice there we are we’ll, do thatwe’re, not gon na sell them, yet ox hall i’ll show you, with the best placeto, buy your shops too, as well.

192 perfect. Here we are lovely, jubbly, have a three skill points. We need to give them time as wellobviously get rid of the horses and stuff likethat. So going back and forth. You know can’thelp, but we will be trading other other goods aswell shortly they were 678.

That’S perfect! Alice should be able to get rid of keepthree for the speed need for speed there. We are just make sureobviously you’re carryingcapacity you’ve got enoughthere, so we got 20 000 now okay and we got four skill points now wentup to 63. So what i’m gon na do now guys letme, show you where i’m gon na head my first shopobviously there’s a lot of traveling around yeah. Okay, just double check double check head over to bolt and okay, so iwill see you there very shortly guys right guys.

I thought i’d add this inwe have been ambushed by quite a few uhlucas, so i thought let’s getlet’s get up battling, i said so: let’s do it infantry move i’ll showyou. What i do as well, this might. This is why i put a lot of it into my um archery and riding oh god. That was a good shot that wasn’t. I need to stay away up.

If i hit, wouldn’t it oh keep if i could limit it and wouldn’t it oh you’re gon na get smashed by an army, those blooming rocks. This is gon na be ah come on. We won yes, we’ve won. Oh oh wewere, gon na lose that one and guys, let’s get some of my artery skills up this lookslike. I blame it needed or not.

Let’S be honest, we’ve lost quite a bit of member, then overthe looks of it. So we need a recruit nowand. While i’m all right, we’ll just do thatwe’ll done there, i forget some more troops now, but what we are gon na do is get some artisan, we’ll get it’s just a bit of trade and we’llkeep the prisoners. We can usethem as kind of a meat shield and we got some luke to sell as well. So i’m gon na carry on heading over guys.

Umi’M gon na recruit some men on the wayover, so i’ll see you there shortlyright, then guys we are here. So i did level upin something, but i’m gon na show you exactly howi level up. So that’s in riding okay, so we’regonna go for i like to go for maneuver okayit’s charging. This one is crap anyway, you wantto get that up over. This have a look at thisum.

We get that up. All that, so we know andwe can guaranteed, get that i’m gon na putthis in here. Okay, because we want to try andmax out if we can stewardish steward okay um. So now we are gon na buy a wool weavery inhere. Okay, let’s visit now all my shops firstare all wool weavers they are, i mypersonal opinion the best shops in the gameand.

You do make a nice a lot of money out of them see. I need some clothes too tonight we got a wool weaver weavery. No, he hasn’tso i’ll change the world. We’Ve reover, don’t know if it’ll be anymight, be the wrong time of day, but in the pc. That’S a sharp or not nope.

All right. Let’S uh head out guyswe have to wait till daytime, wait nice and early come on. Yes, i would like a wool. Weavery pleaseyes job done. That’S a good one, a lot of yearswell!

I want to pick up my favorite weapon. Hopefully you can be yeah um. No! It’S it’s not in i’ll just pick up a small one for now, um don’t want that. I can go andlet’s, get rid of everything else!

Um we’ll get there and together as well, yes, theproper badass right! Everything else can go ace, so we’re gon na head downnow through these settlementsjust. So i can try and pick up a long glave thingsare deadly we’re gon na recruit all for them. I kind of recruit that but nowstrange i’m gon na put them, though, in a different one: okay, because idon’t want them going in with umthe main troops. They can be kind of like a meatshield.

You will lose a bit of morale, but it’s okayokay now keep an eye on your food. We should be making money very shortly. Now so youcan start kind of training up your troopsa little bit, i’m getting a bit more of a steadying up there. It is perfect that can go. That’S what i want and while i’m here i will buy uh little shield just for a little bit extra protection seeso.

You can start kicking yourself out now iknow. We want to go 5680 left, but weare gon na start making money. Now um over there might as well use one of them. Okay. So i’m going to head back down to ashkar guysso.

I will see you there very shortly right thenguys. We are back in ashkar now, as you can see nowlook we are making 188 a turn. We should be makingmore of that because of obviously we’re payingfor troops, so we are making 251 now a day off justour one world weavery. Okay, if we have a doublecheck on this as well renowned 10, we need 50 okayso. What we’re gon na do now um we’re goingto, leave it here just for today, because thisthat was just on getting your first shot.

Butthe next episode will be out very, very shortlyum. What i’m going to do is i’ll go through morebits and bobs soon, we’ll do it all in order. Soyou can get the perfect start for when you becomea vassal. So when you do become a vassal you’llhave, millions in the bank and um you’ll be aforce to be reckoned with so but that’s it fortoday, ladies and gents. So thanks for watchingstay, safe all and as always, keep it frosty.

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