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Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord workshop Guide 1.5.9


Hey guys frosty here and welcome so todayi’m be bringing you a workshop guidebut before we get into that, don’t forget to hitthat subscribe button and that, like button guysand support the channel, it’s much appreciated ifyou like the content. That is right. So what i’vedone is i’ve uh made lists for every workshop, inthe game and i’ve devised a traffic light? Systemwhich tells you um for each settlement. Whereyou should be buying what’s okay, to buy andreally.

What you shouldn’t be buying, so um whatis basically is. First choice is green: obviouslysecond choice is amber and red uh third choiceis red, so i’ll go over the first um list with youguys, but then the others then we’ll play and i puta little bit of relaxing music on there guys foryou. So you can just sit back. Relax take all theinformation, you need, and hopefully it’ll help, youin your conquest of calradia and make you loads ofmoney. But before we get into the first list, whati want to show you is basically what, where to buythe best um workshops.

Now i always start in koozaiand, as you can see by, i got wool reveries in allthese now these. In my opinion, these are the bestuh most profitable. As workshops in the game. Nowthese will go up. I haven’t long bought theseand.

You can get these anywhere between 350today to 500 a day okay, so i just thoughti’d share value with you guys, as you can see, therea little bit of what i’m earning, but without theway, let’s get into the list and let’s seewhat’s best, for you see you in A bit guys, hey guys right list number one cruise, eight nowthe, green and the amber and red only doesn’t justindicate what your first choice. Second choicethird choice would be. It indicates what’s themost profitable us, obviously all right, so in someof the lists you might have crosses through firstchoice, and that means that in that settlementthere’s, not really anything that profitable itmight only be the three of them might just bein um the amber. So that means every workshopis. Okay, so take the list as this anything greenyou should be getting okay, if you’re, if it’s inthat segment, because they’re the most profitableus anything that’s amber.

Okay, the profits are okayanything, that’s red. The profits are rubbish, okayso, some of the settlements. You might not even havea first choice, um of um of a workshop becauseall. The workshops in that settlement might justbe mediocre. If you get my drift so and i’veput crosses in as well guys just so you canconcentrate on what’s right in front of youokay um.

So there’s no empty um slots anywayso. I hope this helps guys if you have anyquestions or queries. Please leave in the commentsdown below i’ll be happy to answer so i hope thishelps guys um and i will see you very soon so enjoyyoubye mesodo and there we have it guys. So i hope you enjoyedthe video and the music. I certainly did and ihope this video has helped you guys um so don’tforget.

If you enjoyed the content to hit thatsubscribe button on that like button guys supportis very much appreciated, um hope to see you allagain soon so force is out for now. So take iteasy guys stay safe and, as always, keep it frosty.

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