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Mount&Blade: Bannerlord – Looter and bandit Farming Guide for More Money


Hello, everyone: this is a guide on how the farm bandits and looters at the start of the game, to make a bunch of money. So that way you don’t have to struggle as at start of bannerlord hope you guys enjoy the video here. We are guys so when you’re, starting out with using this guide, you’re gon na wear some front infantry and then you’re gon na want a bunch of also the main unit we’re gon na be using archers. These guys will stay in the back. Well, these guys on front distract them while they get blasted away by arrows.

That’S the best way to take out anyone in the game and then the eventually later on, when you’re still fighting all the guys from enemy armies and stuff. You’Re gon na have a cavalry we’d like to be over there and flanking. But the main thing is to have archers and then a little bit of a front line. You don’t want too many guys in the front line, though they’ll just distract them, while the guys in the back take them out. Also, a bonus tip guys is to make sure that your front line is actually in shield wall stance.

Guys. Your here is how it works. When were when we have 22 to 38 troops and yourself against against, I mean 38 looters guys now they are looters so they’re, not the best in the game. You know are the best in the game. I usually like having a hill advantage, though I believe.

That’S the best thing to do now. Watch what happens here guys they just start getting slaughtered. Now those guys are in the fight, you don’t want them getting overwhelmed. Also you want how about a little bit. You know a few shots down, though, how they say a few guys now, they’re gon na get taken up eventually see that, like archers, are doing all the walk once their morale is low enough they’re, gon na run away and from then you’re just gon na start.

Picking guys off, as you can see, it’s gon na get you a bunch of money and items. Oh yeah, if you guys enjoyed this video, can you please, like the video and subscribe to this channel? I would really appreciate guys and it really does help out. Alright. Thank you when you’re playing on a harder difficulty, it’s better to keep your men in the back quite a bit.

So the way if your front line does go down, you have enough time for your archers to take out more men and cost more morale loss. That way, when they actually do hit your guys, they have less moral to actually fight there with your guys for a longrer time. Thank you guys for watching this video. I appreciate you guys hope you guys enjoyed it I’ll catch you guys next time,

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