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Guys frosty here and welcome so today we aregoing to be going over wives and companionsbut before we get into that. Don’T forget, toleave a like on this channel guys and a subscribeget me up to a thousand guys is much appreciatedokay, so, let’s get into it so later. On in the gameyou’re gon na be needing companions and a wife, okaynow there’s so many different options out there itcan be quite confusing, especially to someone who’snew to the game and what to get okay. So what i’mgoing to do is go through a quick few tips. Thati use okay, so i know i’m always picking the rightthe right companions and wife for what i needthem.

For now. This playthrough might not be thebest example, because i’m telling you todo this guys – and i haven’t really done itmyself in this play through so yeah. Okay, butyou’ll get the gist of it by the end of itso. First things: first, let’s get on toa wife. What wife do you pick?

Okay, nowit can be difficult as well to get a wife to marryyou okay. Now, if you would like to see a littleexploit on how to guarantee that you will get thatwife to mario leave a like on this video and leavea comment down below saying: yes, please, and if iget enough i’ll, do the video okay, a little exploitout of guarantee you’ll Get that get the lady onyour side, okay, so right, first things: first wifeso, let’s go into clan as you can see. Byuh i’ve got ira now ira wasn’t my firstchoice okay! I left it a bit late in the gameto go looking for a wife. My first choice was going to it land here.

Oh, wait wrong. One heroes. My first choice is liena. Now this might notbe your first choice. What you’ve got to decidebefore you pick on a wife is what you’re going touse your wife for okay you’re, going to use.

Thatrun, a caravan you’re going to use it togovern a city you’re, going to use it tolead an army. Those are the aspects you needto think about before you make that choicenow reason. My first choice was lena. Okay, now iwas going to use her to lead. One of my partiesokay, and what am i looking for for my wife to leadone of my parties?

Well, i am looking for stewardand leadership, mainly stuart, though okay and thereason, i’m looking for stuart, because stewart isone of the best attributes you can have in a gameyou need to put a lot of points into stewart as asearly as you can, and it does reallyhelp you With managing armies, etc, okayand, that’s what i look for is stuart obviouslyif, you’re, gon na she’s, a good choice as wellif. You want to use to run a caravan asyou can see by us. She got 121 in tradewhich is okay, okay, and that will only get more themore. She does okay she’s good at riding, so she canride around she’s good at defending herselfbob. This baba that you get what i mean okayso, that’s what you want to lookfor is you want to make a choiceright then this my wife is going to be leadingone of my um parties, so i want to make sure she’sgot good, stuart.

Okay, the fight thing will comeif she’s got good, then everything else will comeinto place well. My kind of like fourth choice, wasira okay, but as you can see by the best i could doreally was 44 in stuart. She got 103 in leadershipwhich end bad okay, because leadership is okay, aswell good for when you’re leading armies you knowget in and recruit experience and stuff like thatso. I know now right ira. This is what i wantmy job to be is leading one of my partiesso.

I’M looking for steward leadership, okaynothing else really fighting skills obviouslyyou know go without saying, but my main umthings i’m looking for is stewart and leadershipnow. It’S kind of the same with companions nowas you can see by now, i’m on plan tier fourokay. Now, you’re only allowed to place. Are you onlyallowed to create three parties unless you max outleadership and get this by your ultimate leaderwhich? Gives you one extra party size, okay, butthat’s, going to take you a while to get to thatbut it’s possible to get to it all depends howmuch points you put in okay, so we’ll just stickit as three parties, so wife, she’s gon na be leadingone of my parties.

So, let’s move on to companionsso now i need another two people now to leadum two more, my parties: okay, so what am ilooking for but there well, it’s going tobe the same again, i’m going to be looking forstuart. You got crap leadership but stuart okayira, the spice fender one of the best, my my opinionstuart 102 crap leadership, but she got 102 in suetif. You want to use it to run a caravan as you cansee by a trade. She got 102 of that as well. Okayso right, then, are you just going to be leadingone of my parties?

False bitter drought is goingto, be leading my other party ira, the spice vendoris, going to be leading my other party they’re thethree that i got are going to lead in my otherparty okay, but now i’ve got more companionsso. What do i do with it? What do i look for inthe rest of the companions, so what i do is ithink right then i won a captain for the infantrya captain for um my horse, archers captain for mycavalry and captain for my archers. You get thepoint okay. So what i do, then, is i look for acompanion, which is good at sword, good on horsegood, on poland, for instance.

So if we go down tohorse fifth down by you, as you can see, one handedis good poland is good. Okay and riding is goodokay and the skeleton is good okay, so he will beplaced into cavalry and he’ll be the captain of mycavalry, but his job will be in my army scout okaybecause. You’Ve got to look out for that as well. Ineed a scout for each job. Each um, companion needsto be a captive kind.

That’S if you want it this iswhat. I do captain of a certain, let’s say cavalryand, then he’ll be a scout. So then you look safefor uh, someone who’s, really good at medicine. Nowi haven’t got anyone in there. That’S really goodat medicine but say for instance, um.

All i call thescholar is really good at medicine. Okay, now he umis, okay at beau and let’s clear one-handed okayand he’s um, i’m good at that athletics, but saynow. His medicine was right up now, becausei. Look at what he’s good at i say: right47 bo, yeah, okay, decent i’ll, put him as a captainof. My archers and i put him in number two.

Okay, so we go on to iris and then obviously sorryi would place him as um is trade in my army? Asmedicine get what i mean then i find maybe i sayabigail alone was really good at engineering okaynow, she’s really good at bow okaybut she’s off decent on a horseso. What i would put to is a captain as my horsearchers, but then her job in my army would beengineer. Okay, so basically that’s all you need todo is when it comes to picking your companions isonce. You know what job you want for them youknow exactly then what you’re looking forso, if you think right, then i need someone who’sgoing to be running a caravan.

For instance, nowi, don’t run caravans in my campaigns, but that’sjust me it doesn’t it’s not a bad thing. If you doit’s, just, i think, they’re more bad than good youknow, what i mean, but if you’re running somewhereif, you want to run someone as a caravan. What doyou look for? Okay now, like say, for instance, nowyou’d look for someone like ira the space vendorokay. If, especially, if you’re not going to use herto run a party yeah, so she got 100 to um, tradeokay, really good, one-handed, really good crossbowthat’s, pretty much it.

So i’d give it aone-handed weapon a crossbow and i’d puther in charge of a caravan, because you got tradeso. If you’re thinking right, then i need someonewho’s going to be captain of my horse archersthat’s. All you do, then. Is you look for someoneokay, which is really good at riding, really good, atbow, okay and then, if you can get like someone like say during the east number 16 medicine 16 rightwhich is not really good. You get a lot betterones out there.

Trust me, like. I say this isnot the best example, but you get my dressyou know what i mean you would put them in chargeyou got good um, riding so i’ll, say um right. I wantsomeone who’s good at medicine and i want him incharge of my horse archers, so just find someonewho’s really good at a bow really good at writingand who’s really good at medicine, then you fillin and each each of them. You know these so he’d, bethere and say he’s scout because he’s got the bestscout. You know fine, then right now i know he’s gota really good mess, so i put him under the medicineyou.

Always you always go at quartermastermake sure you’re, always a quarter. Masteryou get my gist: okay, the what what you got to picka job from once you take a job from you’ll knowwhat to look for so i hope this video has beenhelpful guys if you’ve got any other questionsright in the comments down below um is itlike. I said it’s a pretty basic video butyou, pretty much need to decide how yourcampaign is going is how you decide. Whati’M companion, you companion, you want that’s allyou, do is press n go in there, go home heroes, wanderer, okay and then you just go through them. Sojust pick, you know really good at running reallygood at one-handed, really good, a throw-inso i’d give her a one-handed um weapon somejavelins, and i put the in charge of my infantrybecause she’s gon na know about the skills thereshe haven’t got trade in she hasn’tgot stuart.

She hasn’t got leadershipokay but, like i say, if you did, click onthat spice, oh she’s got good stupid, shegot good trading, so i got two optionsbuy out what i could use here, forso, if you want to use as a caravan use, justa caravan, give it a one-handed Weapon with acrossbow put it in charge of one of your caravansif. You want to get it to think when you’re umto parties one-handed weapon, give her a crossbowput in charge of one of your parties, job doneokay. I know it’s going to be a good confusionthis and that and it’s a bit of a pain, runningaround everywhere, trying to pick your companionsbut in the end it is kind of worth it. You knowwhat, i mean so like i said. I hope this helpedguys got any other questions.

Leave in thecomments down below um thanks for watchingguys stay safe and, as always, keep it frosty.

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