Workshop Guide 1.5.10 Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord


Hey guys frosty here and welcome so today i’mgoing to go over a workshop guide with you forbeta 1.5.10. Now i’m going to do it as the sameas last time guys it’s just going to be a listof all of it kind of my um green, amber andred scenario. So i’ve tried to find out asmuch information, as i can um i’ve definitelygot all the most profitable workshops on youand, the ones that are okay but there’s not everysingle workshop.

I am, i tried really hard on thisvideo guys, so i hope that it helps you but beforewe get into this. Please subscribe to the channelguys and, as you, 76 percent of the people whowatch my content and not even subscribe guys soit’d be much appreciated. If you could hitthat subscribe button guys support the channelum. As you know, these videos can take days to dothey. Don’T just take hours um, you know youtube canbe, very hard work, so you know when you get thatsupport, it’s very much appreciated guys so i’dlove to do this.

Full time – and i can only do thatwith your help so hit that subscribe button guysif you enjoy the content. You know i got a littlemini frosty on the way as well. So yeah you allknow the score guys it’s much appreciated and withthat out of the way. Let’S get on with the lists, do do do and there we are guys. So i hope that allthem lists help you guys and you’ve gota, better understanding now, because thisgame changes all the time.

So we can beum quite hard work to keep up with the changesas. You can see, i don’t know if you see my 1.5.9list but then there’s some quite the quitea lot of variance between that and 1

5.10 soum yeah.

So if you have any questions guys don’tforget to leave in the comments down below andif, you think i’ve missed anything out. Justlet me know in the comments or write it downjust in case you know if someone else could readthe comment, and i could help them too so um thanksfor watching guys hope that this video has beenhelpful stay safe. All and, as always, keep you frosty. You

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