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Workshop guide 1.5.9 more detailed Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord


Hey guys, fussy here and welcome so todayi’m, bringing you a more detailed, workshopguide. Okay, now we’ll go into what i mean bythat in a moment, but before we get into itdon’t forget to hit that subscribe button guys andthat like button. The support is much appreciatedright well um. After my last 1.5.

workshop videoand, my 1.5.10 um there’s, i think it was a littleconfusion of what um i think, majority of peoplegot it, but i just wanted to be a bit more preciseyou know uh, but what green meant so in my last oneit was whatever was The most profitable list inthat settlement was green. Second was amber and theworst profitable was red. Okay.

Now i’ve done thingsa little different okay. So what i’m going to dois i’m going to go over the list review now, andthen, i’m going to go over a few other things. Aswell then um, which you’ve got to watch out for umand, then um the lists and will come up as beforewith music behind there. Nothing at that. You canjust, you know, copy your heart’s content, okay, soum!

Let’S go over the list guys and we’ll go for itbut then guys as you can see, but it’s pretty muchself-explanatory, okay, anything [, __, ], making inbetween 100 and 200 will go in um, that column 200250 will, in that column, etc. All the way up. Okaynow next time you see these now we’d all be filledin, but what i’m going to do now is i’m going toexplain to you how i test it all right, so you geta better idea how i come to the conclusion. Thati do with the workshops i’m going to go overone or two little things that um you should belooking out for before buying a workshop in asettlement anyway. Okay, so at least you’ve hada bit of a look at it now get a bit of explainso yeah.

You should get that right do all thatokay. So basically, that’s all i do guysis i’ll buy three workshops. Okay and thenwhat i’ll do i’ll test a man over 21 daysokay. So it’s 21 days, pretty much say in aseason here so recording a month is fourmonths in a year was 84 days in a yearso i’ll test, each one over 21 day period and i’lljust mix and match it. You know to see what umwhat’s going on now.

I was pretty i’m shocked, um tofind out that i i’ve had bits of it, have changedsince um the last workshop guide, i’ve done and ithink it’s because they’re working on workshops umin this okay um. So there is. There is a few changesnot immediately, but there is a few changes okaynow, like i said, with the workshop, so guys i’vetested them up to 21 days soon, as it hits that21 days. I pause. Write down the results.

Reloadthe game then go up to the other settlement. Anddo. The exactly the same there, okay, so that’sall – i can do now over 21 days if they’re notmaking no money over 21 days, i might switchit out just put something random images to seeokay and so trying to get as much moneyout of that settlement, as i possibly canso. That’S the best i can really donow things. You’Ve got to look out.

Forbefore, you buy a workshop okay, now a few peopleare writing. Well, i’m not making any decent moneyin this settlement, blah blah blah okaynow. One of the few reasons that may bebefore you buy a workshop in a settlement. Makesure every uh make sure the villagers aren’tgetting sucked okay, guys because the primaryproduce and will not be going into that settlementwhich means the workshops will not be gettingwhat. They need, which means they’re.

Not goingto be producing what they produce. Okay, also umif uh say if we take autocad now: okay, we gotclay by year now. So, if you’re going to buy um apottery shop in ottaka right, i think all rightthen yeah, no, don’t forget now they’re going tobe taking um. This produce in all right, so everymajor settlement got a castle and joined tothat settlement and that castle got a villagethat village and will be producing whatever itproduces, but it will. The village connect to thatcastle will not be going to the castle it willbe going to its nearest settlement.

Okay, so if youthink oh yeah i’ll go and buy a pottery shoppingshoe, okay, because i know they’re getting clayah, it doesn’t work like that. If the seven empireis taking over the castle, okay, if they’ve takenover the castle, that produce them, will be going tothe nearest southern empire settlements, so you’renot gon na have any clay in there. Then okay sojust little things like that, make sure you watchout, for so. If i say, for instance, go over here, umlet’s have a look good example: go over to charisright, buy olives in euro; okay, buy an olive pressready to go one olive primary production by olivelook and you’ve got another one then connectedto that castle and that castle is connected. Tocharis so that um settlement, the um produce fromthis village, will be going to terrace.

So if i sayoh you’re making two to three hundred a day, ofolives in you and then you go to buy an olivepress in here and they think oh well, how come i’monly, making 50

But double check that, like thewestern empire or azeroth or anyone hasn’t takenover the castle because they’ll be getting thesettlement. Okay, i have the produce okay, so it’sjust little things like that guys watch out fornow. There is also inflation in this game. Okay, sothat means things will be getting more expensiveokay as the game progresses. Things will becomemore dearer.

So if you buy us, if you buy somethingthat’s um, they say my list is only makingsay. 50 to 100 a day say late game, it couldbe, making say 150 to 200. A day, so it doesn’t meanthat what i’m putting down here now is the finalum final situation. Do you get what i mean it’s notthe final, though that’s how you must really makeit and that’s it. That doesn’t doesn’t mean thatat.

All this game is mad. It changes all the timeso. I can only give you the results that i havegot from my experience from my testing: okay umso at the same with profitable as workshopsas. Well, you never know, i could say like theworld, weaver and yellow say, for instance, um thetannerina um, which i found on my testing was oneof the most you know they were making betweenfour or five hundred a day. You know the maintannery food morsel must make a really good moneybut further on in the game.

Then they were makingthat little bit less money. Do you get everythingit kind of rounded itself off, so i can give youa rough estimate. I can’t give you a guaranteeokay so without the weight guys um here, comesthe list. I hope it helps you guys and, like i saiddon’t forget, to hit that subscribe button. I workedon this for a whole week and it’s done my swedenokay, so i hope this helps guys i’ll see you soon do dome sobye uh right there.

We are guys, i hope, um thatbecomes a bit more apparent now to umyou know than my other video. So i hopethat for the ones out there who didn’treally get it. You got a bit more of anunderstanding now, but what i mean okayso um. I hope this has helped you guys and um likei say you know me. If you have any questions, oranything don’t forget to leave in the commentsdown below i’d, be more than happy to answer.

Themand yeah i’ll, see you all soon, thanks for watchingguys stay safe and as always, keep your frosty

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