Naruto Online 5.0: Ninja Exam 121 – 130 | Lightning Main (Midnight Blade)


*Note Defeated Lightning and Fire Main in 1st Round ( Retreat. If you can’t beat them both ) *Note Get combo on Orochimaru with Hinata or Your Main Retreat, if not get combo *Note Retreat. If Iruka failed use, skill to Kurotsuchi, Move, Fu and Iruka to other position, then move back to original position ( how to give shield on puppet )

*Note Retreat if Mei not get chaos and Fu failed control, Mei Make sure Sakura defeated with “ Your Main” skill. (, if cant defeated sakura, you can use “ Your Main” to Sakura 1st ) *Note Retreat if Iruka failed, use skill to Kurotsuchi and failed get combo on Mifune

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