Naruto Online 5.0: Ninja Exam 171 – 180 | Lightning Main (Midnight Blade)


*Note: Chaos Chojuro, get combo but don?t defeated him this round (Retreat if he not chaos or he defeated this round) *Note: Chaos Ay (Retreat if he not chaos) *Note: Get combo on Pain Ningendo with Your Main or Guy (Retreat if not get combo) *Note: Use Danzo on Kurenai if needed *Note: Get combo on Nagato with Iruka, Your Main or Guy (Retreat if not get combo on Nagato) *Note: Defeated Chiyo (Retreat if can?t defeated her) *Note: Get combo on Mifune with Danzo or Zabuza (Retreat if not get combo on Mifune) *Note: Retreat if you can’t defeated Wind Main with Your Main *Note: In order to get maximum attacks, try to keep Your Main with 100% Life (HP). *Note: Chaos Itachi (Retreat if he not chaos).

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