Naruto online difficult Hanzo Strong approaching guide


Hello guys, I am going to show you how to do Difficult Hanzo strong approaching! Here is my lineup. Neji and Kabuto are recommended, but you can do this with another main, and change out Kakashi as long as both your main and the other ninja can combo with mysteries. Here are my talents for lightning main and summon. Lets begin! For a solo person first round use Neji mystery on the bottom dude, than right after switch target to the top dude. Wait till the top and middle dude poison and attacks till you use Kabuto mystery, and follow it up with Kakashi mystery.

After this kill all of the big dudes but don’t use Kakashi mystery anymore, or it can be Mains but we will go with Kakashis mystery. The main thing is you need to have Kakashi mystery up the Shizune wave. After you get to Shizune round summon Kabuto clones, and wait till Shizune poisons and Neji attack. Now this is the most important part so you don’t get caught up in a never ending cycle till you bleed to death. Right after Neji does his first attack and it can’t be a combo, just a standard attack.

Shizune will heal and right after she heals use Kakashi mystery on her Kakashi combo should take her down some HP count and also Kabuto clones will chip away at her. Now all you have to do is wait till next round and the easiest way to tell when next round comes is your cool down goes down. For this I use Kabuto mystery for an example right when it reaches 1 cool down I know next round is going to start. As soon as this round start you want to use Neji mystery on her which will stop the poison and start your mains mystery as well. This should kill her and move onto the next round. As for the upcoming round the method is the same, but the only difference is she heals and poisons every round. For Karin wave summon Kabuto clones and wait till Neji attacks her and it can’t be a combo from him.

Right after Neji attacks use Kakashi mystery on her and wait till next round Right at the beginning of this round use Neji mystery and your mains. This should kill her! The Jiraiya wave is pretty simple. At the beginning he will use his mystery after 2 rounds and after that every 3 round. So all you need to do is stop his Mystery with Neji and keep clones alive which will protect you through out this fight. Also use any mysteries that are up available except save Nejis till when its needed After you killed him you will face Hanzo who is fairly easy to deal with.

So for Hanzo his mystery isn’t prompt so you will be able to react to it quite easily and stop it with Nejis mystery He uses his mystery the first time after 3 rounds so be ready for it to stop it with Nejis mystery. You don’t want to miss this as you will get destroyed if you don’t stop it. His attacks don’t do much damage so the Kabuto clones will tank him pretty well.

Use all abilities as soon as its up except Nejis. Save Nejis till it’s needed. If you follow this you should be able to finish Difficult Hanzo SA quite easily. Enjoy those sweet rewards 😀 Peace V.

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