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Okay guys, #STAYATHOME PKP [Circuit Breaker] is over a month away Faceless for the first time here Today I want to share with you 5 types of assistant ninja which I usually use, it’s easy to get not fully ingot most coupons are required Okay, for the first ninja first type of ninja Asuma [Wind Blade] breakthrough, this should be BT This is where I suggest a solo game for the first round, he added 40 chakras so for that you have 60 chakras for the first round, then he buffs again with damage for all the ninja’s okay aaaa XD Asuma, I mean for this solo game I like to use him in Sage but the issue is uummm XD it is easy to counter him for any player that slow initiative slow speed and he is using ninja that has field not for such a chakra, example Minato Edo and there was one Jinchuriki [Fu Edo actually] I forgot her name but she also counters for more chakra field that counter to add more chakra but I suggest itIm suggesting to use Asuma [Wind Blade] it is for solo game but for war you can use it but I didn’t encourage it This team that Asuma [Wind Blade] can cover Best of all now, team with Kimimaro [Halloween] Okay, im not asking to buy it but he’s one of the best killer ninja for now that I always use because if there is even a counter field his mystery still can be used 20 chakras only no need to add, but the mystery still works It’s just his issue, Kimi aaa XD his damage still can be evaded If use Tenten, Tenten GNW and then you use Hiruzen Edo you use Kinkaku, their damage is inevitable So, you can kill right away but, it’s easy to counter but not all ninja not all opponents are have a ninja can counter field, so these teams can be used Hiruzen can be used Tenten and Kinkaku are still can be used but just aaa XD for Hiruzen Edo, Im not suggesting a lot because have a lot of ninja that can block pure ninjutsu.

So, screw up a little but it’s still relevant Okay, this is a second type of ninja, a second type of ninja assist which I can say is a ninja tank can say it’s a combo, okay First, Gaara [Fifth Kazekage] Okay, Gaara [Fifth Kazekage] BT that can be open field Which you know when he’s open field he can buff your damage, wind and earth ninjas and he gives 2 shields to ninjas that HP the lowest one and then he can heal when receive an attack he heal his health points when receive an attack okay First, it’s easy to counter him can be immobiled, acupunctured aaa XD can be poisoned, ignition he is easy to kill but if youre not gonna counter him you gonna struggle to kill him He is one of those ninja that can make you suffer at GNW he easily open his field than his shield is GG Okay, the second ninja that support can support your Main Ninja Iruka, breakthrough If you guys BT this Iruka and combo with Kushina also with that Gaara, Gaara [Fifth Kazekage] each time Iruka can give shield till round 10 as long as he lives, he will give same as Fifith Kazakage, easily can be countered can be poisoned, immobiled and others if you guys not counter him, hard to kill him Okay, these two combo It can make you suffer XD For those two support ninjas I never use this team, just watched it at GNW, other people use it Opponents use the same formation, all the same All three use the same team and the Main, Earth and their Kushina Habanero what I see they use…

If me, I’m gonna use aaa XD that increase critical hit and ninjutsu but they are using that increase def and resistence So, you can tell this team If you want to fight but not use Kushina Habanero, or youre not counter it with Bee counter with Killer Bee if youre not counter it with Killer Bee [3 times XD] that breakthrought, that can suppress immunity them until tomorrow XD until next round it’s hard to kill It’s easy to kill her with Water Main with poison and Kushina too To counter Kushina is with Kushina too. It was a boring fight In my server, during war this is their favourite team. I never fight them but if I solo it, I gonna lose because of their extreme defences with their shields Can be said I gonna lose it, easy to say.

Nice team Whose mother is this? Just makes me angry to watch it in war. Sure GG The third type of ninja assistant ninja that you should have, first… Madara Uchiha [Edo Tensei], second [Five Kage Summit], the old one if you have, much better. Okay. To say these ninjas to counter Gaara [Fifth Kazekage] and Iruka, it is not but it counter for Earth Main. In war, if there a lot of shields these 2 ninjas are good ninja to counter Okay, their equation in between [Edo Tensei] and [Five Kage Summit], both of the counter field, remove shields and buffs both of them can steal chakra but, for [Edo Tensei] both sides cant add extra chakras after this field up That is the different aaaa XD His weaknesses is for your team, if you want more chakras you cannot add more chakras Okay, but im suggesting more to [Five Kage Summit] because he..

When you use his mystery your opponent cant use their mysteries, this time. So, if for solo game you use his mystery and your initiative more than your opponent you can hit your opponent after this mystery end, even with Minato Edo in this time, but the problem is when this ninja has been paralyzed, your chase cant be used. That is the problem This is a fourth type ninja one of my favourite ninja other than Asuma [Wind Blade], his skills is superb Nagato [Edo Tensei] his BT is not ready yet but you guys must get this ninja okay? You guys.. this ninja is a must. Nagato [Edo] is a must If cannot buy with coupons, use your moon coins please buy this Nagato [Edo] and BT this guy, because his mystery already good add chakra cost to the ninja you are aiming for the ninja you’re aiming for his standard attack, can steal chakras Okay, bout his chase can add more mystery cooldown to the ninja you’re aiming for My favourite skill, he gives shield He gives shield to Edo, Edo Tensei ninja So, he is perfect for Edo Tensei ninja I like it so much XD For this Nagato [Edo Tensei], the suitable partner is Minato [Edo Tensei] The suitable one Which, for war or solo game this 2 ninjas are suitable for each other cause of their chases Okay? XD Okay, but I want to tell you guys bout their backup You can use Sasori, Sasori [Edo Tensei] or you can partner them with your friend that use Sasori [Edo Tensei] so you already have shield when then battle begins if he dies, he’ll be back and the same time, he can debuff Okay, if you want use Hashirama Senju [Edo Tensei] sure no problem.

Because he is… Oh??? He is not a mandatory ninja He is one of expensive ninja Oasis sell it for 1k ingot [per frag] 1k ingot But if you want to pull him with treasure, gonna take times But why im suggesting this ninja it is because of his suppress immunity and he can steal chakra in the same time “steal chakra” and I like it XD but when I use him for war for his.. mystery.. oh sorry.. for his passive skill which can reduce 1 mystery cooldown for Senjutsu ninja Okay, but for Nagato he can clear the debuff for Edo Tensei ninja and give more shield. It is so valuable But if you want to add another ninja, you can give it a try with Bee cause his BT also has suppress immunity but this one also expensive So easy solution, you guys can use Sasori [Edo Tensei] So if, Nagato dies with Sasori.. Sasori can resurrect that’s what I can suggest to you use Nagato but this ninja is a must it’s a must Nagato [Edo Tensei] Okay, last fifth type ninja, asisstant ninja one of ninja that..

A nice one. GG But she is the only one female ninja Kurenai [Summer] Because of what?? Because she is about the same with Sasuke aaa XD what is it ya?? We repeat it again. Sasuke Rinne Sharingan but I love to called him, Sasuke Rinnegan but it is because he has 2 different eyes XD So, about this Kurenai her mystery can suppress immunity and if you let your opponent first position to move first, and then you suppress it your opponent can be immobile till next round and then her normal attack, 1 to 3 opponents can be asleep.. aaa.. 1 to 3 opponents can be asleep and then her chase also has chaos and then to opponent that no-immunity, for 45% can be chaos. Why I ask you guys to get this ninja? If compared it to Baki… Baki..

Is it correct? Ibiki… Sorry XD… Ibiki If you compared it with Ibiki, Ibiki will sacrificed his life but this one is different. And then why im not put Itachi Uchiha [Edo Tensei] in this top 5? It is because Itachi cant suppress immunity. But if you use Kushina or use Fire Main’s mystery that can suppress immunity so to combo it with Itachi, better but with Kurenai when it start you already can counter your opponents So…. XD If in DB, she gives me some problem. I dont like this Kurenai a bit XD but easy to kill her easy to kill her with Kimi Halloween because first, you need no-immunity ninja so you can chaos your opponent. So if your opponent immune, sorry to say. So, Kurenai Summer.. not very useful but still but still can be use in certain situation. So… I’m suggesting try to get Asuma [Wind Blade], Gaara [Fifth Kazekage], Iruka and Nagato [Edo Tensei].

Oh, okay. First, try to get Asuma [Wind Blade] and Nagato [Edo Tensei] BT They are good. And then, Gaara and Iruka, these are for tank, tank formation. It’s nice. If you cant get this Kurenai, it still okay cause now Naruto Online players already pick Sasuke Rinnegan So.. that’s it XD But actually I want to suggest these 16 ninjas All these 16 ninjas All of these are supporters Even Kimi as a killer also can be a supporter. So, I guess.. That’s all for now. The is the first video I spoke a lot. Cause it is the first right? If second videos is no more the first one. Okay. See you again XD.

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