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Naruto Online – Que comprar en los Shops/Tiendas


Here we are again with some Naruto Online Naruto Online! Today we will talk about the Shops A lot of people ask me what is better to buy and whats worth getting I still havent unlock Space Time Shop, so i wont talk about it today Lets begin with Group Shop Personally, I am farming Konan, but thats just me because I want her. Im so close to get Konan, maybe a week or 3 days..after I get her, I will get Pain Shikusodo, I need these ninjas for Ranked Battle and finally I will get Pain Jigokudo Since I want to get all Pains in Ranked Battle field Once I get these 3 Ninjas, I will start getting Summoning Contract It’s optional to focus on Ninjas. Some people focus on power only, so you can focus on Summon Contract and Refine Summon Contract is very important since it is needed to advance in Summon Cultivation. To complete every Force you need to use Summon Contract Once all runes is filled there, then you can use Summon Contract to advance Once I get my Ninjas I will just start getting Summon Contract You can also get Kisame, a lot of people use him in the beginning but he is common in Kage Treasure Karin is good too if you REALLY want her in the early stage of the game, but some people get her early in the treasure or survival trial If you are a Fire Main, I suggest you farm Anko for World Boss Nine Tails lineup with her and fire main Shikamaru Is not worth to get, unless you planning on doing a chaos/annoying lineup with fire.

You can get his frags for 4-5 stars here Stamina Potion is not worth to get, 10 stamina for 500 coins.. hmm no. Refine Rune is good to get if there is a Refining Rebate Event, You get bonus and gifts for refining so you will be doing a lot of refining in that event Stop farming your ninja frags and switch to get refining runes until the event is over. Outside of the event, you can go back farming ninjas, 1000 coins for 5 refine runes is a lot, but if you are not farming ninjas or dont need those ninjas, Refining is the best option here then Arena Shop 🙂 Nothing is really worth getting here aside of GNW Sakura in the beginning I used my points on GNW Sakura in the beginning since she is a good healer She replace normal sakura for sure I got her early it was only 30 fragments Hidan is good for Ranked Teams or if you are fire main Personally i don’t need him at all I got Kurenai free early, I dont need her neither If you are Wind and want to do the Empress team (Kurenai, Karin and Hinata) then you can get her frags here Dont get coins, its everywhere else for free Unbound Runes is where you should be using your coins on.

Again, this is for Summon Cultivation Very needed as it gets more expensive the more you progress here. In the beginning its cheap but it gets up to 500 unbound runes and more. so start buying them If you are high i power you can get ninjas instead, otherwise then get Unbound Runes. I was getting Itachi early but after I unlocked Summon Cultivation, I switched priority to Unbound Rune I will get the rest of the frags i need later on just for collection purpose I really don’t find any good use for him Again, that’s just me. I find him useless in this new update Ranking Shop 🙂 I farmed sasori at the beginning, I already got him I am farming now Gakido, You can get GNW Sakura frags here if you planning making her 5 stars Very good F2P Healer, although I prefer Kabuto 🙁 I got Pain Shurado in an event, otherwise I would get him here Im farming gakido, if you dont need any of these ninjas, go ahead and get Basic Refine Runes if you still need those Or you can get Hinata to 5 stars with her frags here, she is a good tank for any f2- play player You can hug hinata for a long time and maker her 5 stars Same for Sakura Survival Trial Shop 🙂 If you are Fire Main, go ahead and get Deidara even for Earth main he is good For Ranked he is good too if you planning on going Ignition boom strategy Kabuto, def a good choice for f2p players He is the best healer for a beginner or f2p players In my case, I am farming Lee Since he is good for World Boss in an Earth Main lineup I am switching to earth at Lv.72 If you are behind on Cultivation then go ahead and get some here, it is totally worth If you are Water main or you planning on making a lineup based on cursed ninjas then Suigetsu is a good option.

Tobi is so nerfed that I lost interested in getting him, You can get him tho but he is not good right now Forget about the meat… not worth for the price. I suggest you get Kabuto to 5 stars Get deidara if you are fire or want to do the ignition strategy i mentioned before If you are Earth Main get Lee for world boss Summon Shop 🙂 First thing first, DONT get any of the regular gold summon that is from the bird all the way to the flood dragon. The only summon worth to get is King of Hell or Kirin, you can tell by the price lol In my case, I dont need any of those summons, I focus on getting Lv.5 Runes only..

not Lv.3 ONLY Lv.5!!! I buy one of each to have all my summons with Lv.5 runes, here I am almost done getting him all Lv.5 Runes Then I switch to the next to complete him all Lv.5 runes. Once they all get Lv.5 Runes then I use it to upgrade it to Lv.6 The reason for not getting any regular gold summon is because When I was new I was farming the gold tiger summon When I had around 50 frags of him I pulled him from the Summon scrolls That was a waste of coins Thats why is not worth to get them unless is King of Hell or Kirin then is okay to get those If you have patience then wait to get the summon you want from the pulls otherwise you can make the same mistake i did. Thats everything guys, thanks for watching Subscribe, Share and Like :)))).

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