Naruto Online – [Subtitle added] Secret Scroll | 341 Secret Scroll Page & 385 Mantra Elixir


Okay, guys. Faceless Today I want to chat about Secret Scroll My voice a bit flustered Secret Scroll, new feature for Naruto Online Okay, What I saw, many channels have already informed how to use it and more Okay, I just wanted to show you today, I don’t know yet, let’s try it together I have a 341 Secret Scroll Page with 385 Matra and today I’m going to use only two of them instead of the other three. I’ll use Inner Focus and Fighter I want to see the BP sorry, i want to see the stat can go where, BP can go where between can and should not Okay, this is my BP, my stat This is my 1st position, Kimi Hiruzen, is my 2nd position Okay, and these one is 3rd and 4th positions So…… Let’s check how much BP can .. I can get it with the scroll I had earlier Let’s check it out! Alright, I did Finished Only 9 out of 300 were left the Secret Scroll Page but the Mantra is still numerous what is left Okay, if you look at it now, from level..

7 to 8 it needs 11 So….. at first it went up 1 and then 2 add 2 and 2 and 2…. Okay, most of Inner Focus dan FIghter are level 7 are ready.. but Inner Focus only one with 2 Okay, let’s see BP BP goes up in… 8.5k not sure if it’s worth it or not So…. Let’s look at Kimi’s stat Okay.. Look at Kimi’s stat from it reach level 7 HP add 484 points Attack add 156 points same as ninjutsu Def add 120 points Resistence add 145 points this has the effect of because there are two of levels 8 Okay, let’s look at the initiative add another 228 points only it’s possible that the high level will be more Critical Hit add 274 points Let’s see Hiruzen Hiruzen’s stat is a bit low his stat is a bit low if Faceless? Faceless’s stat same as…

Okay XD Okay guys, if you notice Addition to each of HP to Resistence it follows level.. eh, sorry.. it follows your ninja’s stars If it’s an additional part it is same with others Like Kimi and Faceless, both are 5 stars ninja because Hiruzen is 4 stars, so it’s less Okay, how is it? Your initiative gonna add another 228 points when reach level 7 So around 200++ 200++ for initiative, critical, injury So… for me.. from level 1 to 7, if you can get it for free I think it’s worth it, but if I want to spend spend a little, it is okay but no need to focus in it. I think, if … Ninja Assists, Training Potion is much better So, thats all from level 1 to 7 8.5k bp Okay lah for me XD thats all from me for..

Secret Scroll So.. See you later.. Bye XD.

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