Neverwinter Control Wizard Tips


Neverwinter Control Wizard Tips?by lordsilverion

CW = Control wizard i think this wrong naming created a lot of problems as people expect from it stuff it is not possible to deliver so lets see some of things i have seen

Tips firsthand.

1.) When you read spell description and see that mastery stuff it apply ONLY on spell in special TAB slot i found it after beta finished reading this forum and i was using PUSH and was happy as it worked on a lot of targets 😛

2.) When you play solo and confront a master + fey minions group you can icicle master for brief stun and ASAP swap to spam kill minions when they come to you if master run fast and there is still a lot of minions around you can push them all and repeat untill inions killed then choke + icicle + wind + push

3.) Your ?orb? weapon and stat criticals are your main damage source always buff them as much as you can especially get a orb with a slot as soon as possible!

4.) When sloting you have to follow rule color of text on glyph is valid ONLY for same color socket on item/follower, for?example?you have glyph 10+ damage 200+ hit points and +100 recovery if you fit that glyph in your RED socket on your weapon you will get +10 damage ONLY and if you slot it on your green socket on your armour you will get 200 hit points.

5.) HEY Press ?T? for auto run around it is great !

6.) You get stuff based on level ? NO HORSES before lv 20! and then you have to buy one for you .. 2,5 gold or astral or zen stuff and equip it with double click on item in inventory ? ONLY then you can summon it at will pressing ?6?

7.) AS you finish ?pray? quest you are able to CTR + I pray to your good whenever near camp fire and he will grant you buffs, astral diamonds and experience based on stuff you did in last hour. You can pray ONCE in hour and there is little timer in top left that show when you will be able to pry again

8.) You will get one free companion at around lv 16, but you can buy and train others even before also at lv 25 something you get another cleric companion free and i heared one man at arms later free.

9.) companions need to train and for lv 10 it is over one hour so ? get 2 companions at last so you can still have one when other is training

10.) You heal with potions they are your best friend ! in combat you have 8 seconds between use and out of combat you can drink as fast as you press hotkey 😛 so if in combat use best potion to save a day and between battles use small ones to top health and save $$.

Ok now to second part ?

Even if it is D&D you have to open your mind to ahmm not follow rules to letter 😛 ?control? is not exacly control you can imagine .. Cleric and rogue have better control stuff then you. I grouped a lot with both and i leached a lot ? rogue will one hit most minion and masters that will keep you in battle for five minutes will be dead before they come to you as he shadow sneak attack them. My first time with cleric was awesome ? in our first battle he cast some daily and cleared room of monsters with aoe just for case i checked if he is really wizard or cleric 😛 in 5 lv we spent in group .. he NEVER healed me .. but i was still geting more potions then i was using

SOLO: I soloed a lot until lv 20 then stuff was much faster with a friends, Scenarios and I found that my classic battle was icicle strongest ? storm on minion running ? kill minions near storm guy as he was AOE damaging all group running to me normally they was all dead before strongest return to attack and then i can choke + icicle + magic missile + berlusconi evade teleport dance. Problems was when it was group with 2 + masters they just don?t die ? and before i got pet to distract it was pain ? Ice freeze don?t hold even if i freeze them i think they start to get some thick damage choking under ice and damage break hold?it is more useful to just hit them for 2 stacks slow one and icicle choke missile other, when first is near you use push to move them far and repeat until dead ?

BIG PROBLEM !! Teleport is not working to escape damage if enemy is near you and you see him preparing swing .. teleport will move you from sharp object in?collision?curse with your head?? NOPE you will teleport he will still hit you some 20 m away and then move to hit you again! Why this? i think problem is in code that keep you invisible in front of mob and then after you finish animation ic check you super fast walk to teleport place to that program check if it is valid destination and then it start arrival animation but for program you are still at start! so mob hit your invisible one even if your camera is already switched to new location ? Other Problem is that this WALKING trigger stuff like TRAPS and FIRES like you walk directly over them i hope this will get fixed.

but here is solution that work .. funny really ? just move from way of sword slowly walking and it will miss most times ? then boom icicle .. teleport and magic missle until he come near to repat ?

GROUP! ok now this is a way out of D&D way .. in old D&D wizard is nuclear bomb useless until you get him to boss .. where he do his KABOOM stuff and save your day, life of prince girlfriend and like this, more or less in neverwinter as first incarnation wizard your job is not to touch boss, you run around and kill all adds ? Push them from others agro them group them and ICE them .. boss is?resistant?to 90% of special effects you have so waste of dps if there is adds around you are much better taking care of them and leave BOSS to rogue DPS and tank soaking up damage.

In short .. on normal mob use ice to slow .. then arcane to kill .. on boss use only arcane as chill from ice stuff dont work and damage DPS is way weaker then arcane. If you invest in your masteries for damage , arcane cooldown and critics you will get to point you will not need ice anymore as stuff die fast enough AND you do more damage then tank on boss

Lol so sorry for a bit of irony and jokes about wizard stuff but overall i have great time playing it, using voice with some canadian girl locked in her house with snow and -7 when in same time here in europe i was with 15 degrees and open window i liked story and quests monsters give you different challenges and it was fun what really count.

Game is great and Wizard probably will get much better if he get tweak to Teleport so he can evade more damage and if chill have longer duration so that you can deal with bigger groups of enemies even when soloing. i still didnt hit a wall of lv 30 that as i have read from other posts is making wizard nearly impossible to play solo so that i will report after next beta

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