Neverwinter DC PvP Lashing Light Burst Build Guide

Neverwinter DC PvP Lashing Light DPS Burst Build Guide?by gctrl


So not too long ago I made?this post, detailing some of my time leveling only through PvP as a pure damage Cleric. It was a really enjoyable experience and I found the cleric to be extremely powerful, particularly with aoe damage and eventually single target damage once I acquired Forgemaster?s Flame and Prophecy of Doom. By the time I was lvl 39 I had already gotten the Head Hunter title and was pretty pleased with the direction I was going in. To continue off from my previous thread I will now show you my finalized build at 60.

So lets get right into it?

1) This is a PURE damage?PvP?build , that basically means the only heal you have is Soothing Light from Divine Mode, which you should try to avoid using (obviously be smart about it, there are some situations where it will be helpful, play according to the situation).

2) Pretend you are a CW, that is how you have to play this build. Position yourself appropriately and be ready to retreat at a moments notice (Remember, you have less dodge and cc than a CW).

3) Ever heard of a glass cannon? Yeah, that?s you. BIG DAMAGE (My Daunting Light currently hits anywhere from?13-34k), but very squishy.?

4) This is a crit/ap centered build. For crit chance, you need to have atleast 34%+ crit minimum to make this effective. I currently am sitting on about 38% crit chance. For armor pen you need to have about 1500-2000+ so roughly 16-22% Resistance Ignore. I currently am sitting on 2077 AP, about 21% Resistance Ignored.?Note: This means no Tenebrouses! YAY! ^_^

5) The other main stat component to this build is?crit severity, we want our crits to hit much harder than they normally would. So for your weapon enchant you?ll be picking up some rank of Vorpal (No lesser, and preferably?higher than a normal).


Normal Build Play:

1)?DUMMY TEST?<- 68k Hammer of Fate
2)?FUN AT MID?<- Hold and Move.
4)?CLEARING MID 2?<- Random puggers reaction at the end is funny.

The idea behind this build is simply to burst down the target, rather than loading them up with dots. Now, dots work very well with this build?if you?re just going for single target damage, thats why I pick up all of them, as I can switch around my powers if I feel it to be beneficial, however I?m quite satisfied with this line up of encounters right now. I have huge burst against single and multiple targets. You will decimate big clusters of people and can turn the tied of battle instantly, Gauntlgrym is an especially fun zone to let loose as people orgy together on top of points.

Alternative Build Play:

1)?*Lashing Light ALT*
2)?*Lashing Light ALT* vs. GF
3)?*Lashing Light ALT* vs. GWF
4)?~Lashing DOTs~ Pub
5)?~Lashing DOTs~ Winning 4v5
6)?~Lashing DOTs~ Guild vs. Guild

Alternatively you can go the DOT (Damage over time) route for extremely powerful single target damage and perhaps more flexibility/survivability. For example with dots, it?s much easier to take out targets that are in elevated positions (like a tower), because the positioning of where your abilities will land is not a concern. Going the dot route is easier skill wise and I would said the best for Premade vs Premade matches.

See my different Encounter loadouts below.


I chose Human, but I would also consider Orc for the extra crit severity as that is paramount to this build.


Starting Stat Roll:?17 STR (18 from first free point), 10 CON, 10 DEX, 10 INT, 16 WIS, 12 CHA

I put points into STR and WIS as I level. STR for crit (also helps with stamina regen), WIS for damage (also helps with Control Resist).


At-Wills:?Lance of Faith, Brand of the Sun
Encounters:?Daunting Light, Divine Glow, Chains of Blazing Light
Daily:?Flame Strike, Hammer of Fate
Class Feature/Passives:?Terrifying Insight, Healers Lore

*Lashing Light* ALT???Daunting Light, Divine Glow, Prophecy of Doom
~Lashing DOTs~???Prophecy of Doom, Break the Spirit, Forgemaster?s Flame?<- Strong single target damage only.




Offense Enchants:?Dark for Armor Pen (Rank 5-6 minimum)
Defensive Enchants:?Radiant for Health
Utility Enchants:?Dark for Movement Speed
Armor Enhancement:?Soulforged (Any rank)
Weapon Enhancement:?Vorpal (No lesser, preferably above a normal)????????????????????????

Please leave any questions or comments you might have and I will do my best to address them. Also check out my?TWITCH?and?YOUTUBE?for more PvP content and people going boom.

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