Neverwinter DC Survivability PvP Build

Neverwinter DC Survivability PvP Build?by cribstaxxx

Ok so I have read in many different posts quite a few DC?s think that the class is simply unplayable in PvP due to being instantly focused and killed in every engagement. While I will concede that you are going to need some assistance from your team to keep enemies off of you, I will also post this survivability build to help you stay alive longer even by yourself.

I chose Half-elf as my race, for the constitution as well as wisdom bonus, you need as much HP as possible. Boost Con as much as possible, Str/Wis are secondary.

My feats/powers are as follows:?

I take all survivability and divinity gain feats and this is the way that you stay alive and continue healing teammates in PvP.

For encounter powers I generally use Astral Shield: don?t know why anyone would not slot this in PvP, as long as your team is fighting on the point like they?re supposed to this is invaluable, Healing Word: Very good AP generator and a nice burst heal with divinity which this build generates quickly, and for last spot I use either Sunburst or Bastion of Health. Sunburst allows me to push enemies away from me and contest points longer (better with lack of teamwork and not many friendlies around) Bastion allows me to quickly heal more teammates for more health (better with multiple good players that will stick by your side)

I use Astral Seal and Brand of the Sun for At-wills. Astral debuffs their damage while healing allies, and by hitting all enemies with brand I can quickly build divinity while casting other spells.

For Passives I use Foresight which is absolutely amazing feated, 11% mitigation for free. I am torn on the 2nd between Prophetic Action and Healers Lore. While Prophetic for the most part will only mitigate a lower damage attack, I have had it completely negate a lashing blade or impact shot, or even ice knife quite often. You can experiment and see if you prefer it over extra healing.

For Dailies I use Divine Armor and either Hammer of Fate or Guardian of Faith. Honestly you should almost always save your daily for Divine Armor. Once in a while when we are obviously winning I will try to steal a kill with Hammer of Fate but thats about it, Divine armor is absolutely amazing and can let you survive through a huge beating.

Ok gear wise: Right now I am still working on my T2, this is my 5th character to hit 60 and I don?t have the funds to just buy his full gear set. I got all blue items with power/crit/regen from the AH currently (epic weapon/offhand as they?re cheap) I?m sitting at 9.2k GS and doing very well in pug PvP. VS. similar gear score players you will do very well in the blue gear, obviously fully geared opponents are able to burst you much faster as you haven?t built a good defense (regen is your defense, not so much mitigation).

For my final build I will be running ? 2 piece Miracle Healer and 2 piece Grand Templar, Ancient weapon/offhand (those 3 set bonus? alone give me 450 power/crit/reco so I can focus my accessories/enchants on defensive)

For both Rings and Belt I will use the Defense, Deflection, Max HP ancients. For neck you have 2 choices, if you are going to spend the AD to get at least R8 enchants you might want to go with Amulet of Potency (only neck with a defense slot) for even more defense, Otherwise either Erupting volcano (500 HP 175 recov 125 deflect) or Ancient with 154 Defense Deflect Power.

For offense slots you want almost 100% recovery, your survivability depends on your spells being up when you need them. For defense slots You want mostly Azure?s for defense, if you get high enough Rank azure?s you can put HP in a couple.

For armor enchant you definitely want soulforged, by the time your soulforged is over you could easily be back at above 50% and with extra temp HP from Divine Armor and standing in a freshly placed AS, which means the enemy team is going to have to spend another 30 seconds trying to kill you again.

For Weapon enchant you will want a vorpal. You get about 2300 crit from this build and having bigger heal crits will not only keep you alive but your party members as well, not to mention crits give 15% of their heal as another heal to surrounding allies.

A few things to remember:

With Healing Step your stamina recovers so fast that you can almost constantly dodge, TR?s pretty much cannot kill me solo without a good vorpal and lashing + shocking. Also great against CW, allows you to dodge 90% of their abilities.

Keep up the communication with your team if you are in a pug match. Let them know that fighting on the point (where your AS is keeping them safe) is much smarter than standing right beside and enemy held point accomplishing nothing. Ask a GF or CW to be your backup, while you are keeping them fully healed then can continue CC?ing the people that are trying to CC and kill you.

Try to Q with friends. All PvP is a lot more fun when you?re in a match with friends, but this is especially true with a DC. If you know you can count on your team to watch out for you you can do very well. I went 4/0/45 one match even with my crappy 9.2k GS lol, my team was really looking out for me.

Sorry my guide isn?t fancy with pictures posted, I am certainly not a pro with forum posting. Hope this helps DC?s that still enjoy PvP, if anyone wants my exact build with the blue?s I can show that as well. It works ok vs. pugs and only costs about 6k AD lol. Also I still run T2?s with my GS and do fine, I have done Karru/FH/Spell with this gear and had no problems.

If anyone tries my build, notices you are much more survivable in pvp, and enjoys PvP a lot more with it please let everyone know! A lot of people think DC is just not viable in PvP, and you?re support would be appreciated =)

Thanks for reading.

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