Neverwinter Getting Astral Diamonds In Game Guide

Neverwinter Getting Astral Diamonds In Game Guide?by somthgelse

Lots of questions about this in game, and lots of crying about ?pay to win? so here?s a concise guide to how you get astral diamonds in game:

If you wander around, close to Sergeant Knox, you will find a lady named FELICIA, she is right next to the campfire marked 6 on the map of Protector?s Enclave. There?s a blue glow all around her.

Talk to her at any level and she will tell you to come back at level 7 and she will teach you to pray. So whatever you?re doing at level 7, stop, and go back to her. Talking to her starts a quest, and gives you a sun-like symbol near your mini-map. Click the symbol to complete the quest for xp, and your first set of AD.

It will be unrefined AD, so next thing you do is press Alt, then your bag (lower right corner), switch to the coins tab, and click Refine. Bingo! You have AD.

You might have noticed you were standing by a campfire. From now on:

1. Every hour? find a campfire or use a portable altar
2. Click the sun symbol to pray
3. Refine your AD

? In addition, There are Cryptic Run events in which Astral Diamonds CAN be rewarded. I think these will become more prominent when the game is actually released.

? Daily quests gives you AD as well. There are 4 daily atm u can do, daily dungeon, daily skirmish, daily pvp and daily foundry. Daily dungeon gives you 3k AD, others 1k if i remember well.

? Easy way:?Get Leadership to level 4 (maybe 3 was enough, but not sure), give your Mercenary the 2-hour task that rewards AD, wait 2 hours, collect the AD (and other stuff), repeat. You can even do this while at work by using the Gateway site.

Play to win

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