Neverwinter GWF DPS PvE Build Guide

Neverwinter Great Weapon Fighter DPS PvE Build Guide by saviorgun

Hello all, I have seen a ton of posts/topics saying gwf is terrible at dps or they worst class in the game. I find this to be far from the truth. I would like to take the time to show you all what my build is and hopefully it works out for you also.

Any really. I took Tiefling cause I off tank so the proc+5% damage while mobs are under 50% life really helps. This is all personal choice really.

Ability Scores
For this one I took a roll of 18/13/13. Since Tiefling has plus in con/cha I ened up with 18str- 15con-13dec-12cha-10int-8wis.

I put all my points from leveling into str/dex. Ending off at 24str-17con-19dex-14cha-12int-10wis.

This is what I personally took. Feel free to argue with me about anything.Will do this row by row starting from left.

Unstoppable Action- 4/5
Disciple of Strength- 3/3
Toughness- 0/3

Fast Runner- 0/5
Endless Assault- 3/3
Armor Specialization- 0/3

Steely Defense- 5/5
Constitution Focus- 0/3
Grit- 0/3

Weapon Mastery- 3/3
Devastating Critical- 2/3
Ubiquitous Shield- 0/5

This will be fore Destroyer Paragon only. No need to list ever feat we do not take So make sure you are looking in the right place.

Great Weapon Focus- 5/5
Deep Gash- 5/5

Staying Power- 5/5
Disciple of War- 0/5

Executioner?s Style- 0/5
Relentless Battle Fury- 0/5

Focused Destroyer- 5/5
Battle Awareness- 5/5

Destroyer?s Purpose- 1/1

With the remaining 5 points I put them into Sentinel Paragons? Student of the Sword- 5/5


Weapon Master?s Strike 3/3
Sure Strike 3/3

Restoring Strike 3/3
Flourish 3/3
Indomitable Battle Strike 3/3

Savage Advance 3/3
Slam 3/3

Class Features
Destroyer 3/3
Weapon Master 3/3

Make sure to max these. The other points I put into sporadic things for pvp or tanking if need be. Just make sure you get all of the above powers.

Gear Stats
To me there is a priority. I prefer power> crit> armor pen> recovery

As far as actual combat goes it is pretty simple. I use my encounters on cool down as often as possible. The more they are used the more dailies you can use. Most of the time you are sitting there spamming Weapon Master?s Strike, however I find that on single target once you hit them a few times with it for the debuff that Sure Strike actually does more damage, but make sure to use Weapon Master?s to keep the debuff up. I use the daily Slam as often as possible, the more it is up the more damage you do. As far as Unstoppable(our ?tab? power) is concerned I use it as often as I can, even when it is only half way to full. Just to much damage to wait for it to fill sometimes. This ability makes your encounters hit much harder so try to time them right.

This is a video from the final boss of Lair of the Pirate King(Epic). This was only of second time in the zone and I had major lag issues but I still top damage and we win so.

This is the build I use for tier 2 Epic Dungeons. I am constantly in first on damage done/mobs killer. Just need to spend time playing the class and loving it as much as I have and you will be set. I wish you all luck and hope this works for you as well as it has for me.

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