Neverwinter Level 30 Adventurer’s Pack Guide

Neverwinter Level 30 Adventurer?s Pack Guide


I keep running across people who didn?t know you can get an extra 12 slot bag at level 30, so I decided to slap together a quick 12 step guide for getting your 3rd free bag. If you?re way over level, you can just do these particular quests I have listed to get the bag? If you?re in your mid to high 20?s, hit up the side quests along the way, they?re good XP and you?ll be in the area anyway!

So without further ado, here is the guide. Complete the quests in the order below, the quest giver is listed in parentheses. Also, I believe the step 1 starter quest is optional and you can actually just start with Doomguide Volahk, but I could be wrong.

  1. Grave News (Sergeant Knox in Protector?s Enclave) -> Complete with Doomguide Volahk in Neverdeath Graveyard
  2. The Missing Doomguides (Doomguide Volahk)
  3. The Undead and the Dying (Doomguide Volahk)
  4. Rest in Peace (Doomguide Orran) ? Makes sense to also take ?Thinning the Horde? here since you?ll kill that many anyway, basically free xp.
  5. Red Rituals (Doomguard Orran)
  6. Dragon Attack (Tristopher Chettlebell)
  7. Enter the Dragons (Harper Windle)
  8. History Lessons (Tristopher Chettlebell)
  9. Opening the Way (Tristopher Chettlebell)
  10. Artifact Snatch (Harper Windle)
  11. Wheels Within Wheels (Harper Windle)
  12. Clockwork Guild Tomb (Tristopher Chettlebell) ? Awards Adventurer?s Pack!

Let me know if I?ve made any mistakes. I did it twice with my Cleric and Wizard to be sure of the steps!

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