Starting a new Minecraft world is always incredibly exciting, but it’s also quite scary as well I mean you’re starting off with nothing you’re gonna have to gather up all of the resources It’s going to be pretty tricky in the early days so today I’m going to try my best to help you out And I’m going to give you a 50 step process to do it like a pro Stage one is to give it a really awesome name stage two is to make sure your bonus chest is switched off I mean come on.

Do you really think the professionals need bonus chests? No, you gather that stuff yourself anyway now that we’re actually in the Minecraft world I think we all know what we have to do now. We have to get ourselves some wood by punching trees. What we need is four bits of wood What on earth is going wrong?

I’m not able to punch trees! Anyway now that that’s all fixed; that was very strange I need to craft up a bunch of wooden planks, and I’m going to get myself one crafting table. That’s right there I’m then going to get myself twelve sticks and We are going to craft up one Wooden pickaxe then we’re going to punch our way into the mountainside until we find some stone And we’re going to mine that out we need three bits of stone so that we can make a stone pickaxe so that we can chuck away this rubbish wooden pickaxe because This thing’s terrible with the new fandangled pickaxe it’s time to head off to some surface caves and do a little bit of resource gathering you need nine bits of iron and need around about 32 pieces of coal so you’re gonna have to get searching It may also be worth crafting up a stone sword so that you can kill animals around you to get food and also take on any mobs That you find in the caves because there’s probably gonna be a few of them Right so the Sun is starting to set which means that we’re gonna have to get ourselves Some form of shelter and the way that I’d always suggest doing it is forget building a dirt hut.

What you want to do is mine it into this area because not only do you get resources from mining into the hillside But also it’s pretty well protected and it doesn’t look as ugly as a dirt hut. While you’re waiting for the night to pass, Use the cobblestone that you got from mining out the area in the hillside to craft up two furnaces and we’re going to put those both next to our crafting bench.

I apologise that you can’t really see anything here but then you want to put eight coal into each one of the furnaces And use one of the furnaces to smelt up your iron the other furnace is going to be used for food which we’re going to be gathering up tomorrow. Then using the iron that you’ve just melted, you need to make one full set of tools and next as boring as it may seem you should probably wait through the night and in the morning you should go out Find some sheep kill them get three pieces of wool ready to make a bed And then you should also go out and harvest some wood I would say sixteen logs in total which is around about 64 planks While you’re doing this you should also be on the lookout for food You’re going to need plenty of food in fact food is going to be the biggest issue in the early days of your Minecraft world So I would say gather up around about a stack if you see any sugarcane grab it because it’s going to be useful later on Also if while you’re out about hunting you find yourself a village Make sure that all of the villagers are safe push them all indoors and make sure all of their doors are blocks because you don’t Want these guys escaping villagers are incredibly important And if there’s a blacksmith make sure you raid it as well because there’s often good stuff in there coming back home with all your resources It’s now time to cook up your food using the eight coal that we have in the furnace that will be just enough to smelt Up this full stack and also make use of the remaining coal that we have 16 to create one full stack of torches that means that we can now brighten up our base a little bit and also start work on the mine But before you do that just a little bit more crafting that you should do grab yourself another crafting bench and also make four chests one of those double chests is going to be going at the top the other one is going to be coming with us down to The bottom and it’s going to be used to store resources down there Anyway, when it comes to actually building your mind you want to make sure that you mine out five blocks each time so you’ve got one two three four five blocks And this mine is going to be going right the way down to y equals eleven Now I would suggest checking out any caves that you see on the way down Just be careful because we don’t have any armour yet And there’s plenty of mobs in those things once you get down to the bottom it’s time to chuck down your crafting bench and use the cobblestone that you’ve just got from mining out this area to craft up a whole bunch of cobblestone stairs Now depending on how high your Y level was when you started you’re probably going to need about a stack of them and the reason that we’re using cobblestone stairs is Because this will speed things up it will allow you to get to and from your mind nice and quickly But more importantly it will also save you food from having to jump up all of these blocks.

Anyway, now that that’s all done, it’s time to actually start mining now the technique that you use is entirely up to you But I personally like to mine our strips that are four blocks apart. Oh, would you look at that? I’ve found diamonds Now I would suggest mining out the first five diamonds using your regular iron pickaxe And then it might be worth noting down the coordinates of any further diamonds that you find So you can come back to them in the future when you have the fortune enchantment.

Anyway, it’s now time for that very special moment the first diamond pickaxe of your new Minecraft world Use this new shiny tool to gather up 12 pieces of obsidian Then use four of this obsidian and two of the diamonds from the five that you found and also some of the sugarcane and the leather That you might have got from your food hunting session to create an enchanting table Then using the levels that you got from your mining session And hopefully some of the lapis you found try your best to get some basic level enchantments I would say efficiency or fortune is a good way to go Now that you’ve got yourself some basic kit it might be worth sorting out some of your items Smelting up the things that need to be smelted and maybe even slightly increasing the size of your storage system and also Get yourself some iron armour it requires 24 bits of iron in total, but come on it’s essential Especially because the next thing that I would suggest doing is hitting the caves It’s very easy to find surface resources in caves, but of course you do run the risk of running into mobs Which is why you need to make sure that you do actually have some form of protection But look at that tons upon tons of coal and I’m sure there’s even more stuff down here And would you look at that after a couple of hours of hard work? I’ve managed to get myself a decent amount of resources.

We’ve got some diamonds We’ve got a handful of other precious bits and pieces And I’ve done some work on the surface of the world gathering up some wood as well Which has allowed me to create my first farm of the world the fully automatic egg farm all we do is Grab ourselves two chickens and put them on top of this hopper right here do our best to breed them using seeds and also we recycle the eggs that they lay to throw them back into here To get ourselves a small population of chickens which are going to be laying eggs into the hopper which are going to end up in this chest speaking of farms, the next one I would suggest building is probably one of the most overpowered farms in Minecraft the AFK fish farm. Now I’ll put a link to this design down in the description But it’s incredibly simple And it uses a very small number of resources look one piece of redstone dust one repeater And then a little iron trapdoor that really is the only expense involved here And it allows you to get tons of levels and also tons of enchanted books as well as food Now I would suggest going afk at this thing for around about two hours Periodically checking in to see how your fishing rod durability is going because obviously that is going to wear out.

But the good thing is, is this afk fish farm also gives you fishing rods and some of them are enchanted with some beastly stuff What you’re looking for is mending, unbreaking three, luck of the sea three, lure three That’s the fishing rod you want and once you get it go afk overnight This will give you plenty of levels, plenty of food but most importantly plenty of awesome enchanted books as well.

The first thing that I would suggest doing when you come back into your world after being AFK is to get yourself some bookshelves and set up a proper Enchanting table if you have enough iron get yourself an anvil as well now It’s time to do some enchanting using the levels that we got from the afk fishing session So that is not brilliant And if that’s the case all you have to do is throw in an old tool that you’re not using anymore And put a useless one level enchantment on it so then you can refresh and try again. Unbreaking three? Might be worth taking a risk on Just unbreaking three.

Clearly that isn’t great so I’m going to use the books that I got from my AFK fishing session and Combine them with my pickaxe in the anvil to give me a beastly pick. That’s a little bit more like it But while I was looking in the supplies there was also this bow right here, which is pretty monstrous Especially because it has infinity which is great for me as I don’t have many arrows so now we’re just going to chuck that in the anvil there and Repair it fully up to health.

Now this is going to sort me for ages. Now that we’re fully kitted out Is time to grab the ten obsidian that we have left over from earlier and we’re going to Pop on through into the nether.

Now the reason that we’re doing this is because we need One piece of nether quartz so if you really want to you can just pop inside Grab some nether quartz and then run back into the nether portal because everyone knows that the nether is very scary But that one piece of nether quartz is incredibly important because it allows us to build this thing a fully automatic chicken farm which involves one comparator running out the back of this dispenser right here.

Now I’ll put a link to the tutorial down in the description so you can build this thing for Yourselves because it’s super simple and the way that we’re going to populate this thing with chickens is Using the eggs that we got from our afk egg farm Which should now be full because we went afk overnight at our afk fish farm You see it’s all starting to link together So you now have a decent source of food and it might be worth doing another AFK session at the AFK fishing farm Just so you can let this thing boot into action and actually produce a decent quantity of the stuff Because the next project’s gonna be pretty gnarly You need to go out on a bit of a dungeon crawl and try and locate one of these things Now this is a monster cage and it’s going to be spawning Monsters this one is spawning zombies ideally you want it to be spawning skeletons because bones are incredibly useful also Pick up this stuff, it’s always good to have.

Anyway, as I’m sure you guessed We’re going to building an XP farm, and there are tons of different ways in which you can do this I Personally would suggest watching some of xisumavoid’s old youtube tutorials on how to build them because they still stand up today and they’re some of the best ones that I found now that you have a reliable source of XP and also a reliable source of food you kind of have all of the essentials covered so I would suggest coming back to the little hole in the mountain and maybe doing a little bit of cleaning up and also improving the size of your storage system So that you don’t lose any of the items that you get and now it’s time to make use of that storage by going on a monstrous mining session So make sure that you’ve got plenty of torches which I’ve forgotten make sure you’ve got plenty of food which I don’t have but most importantly make sure that you’ve got your beastly pickaxe so you can absolutely chew through precious materials And if you do this for a couple hours, you’ll have plenty.

With that being such an enormous success I think you know what time it is it’s time to get myself a full set of diamond armour So that’s going to require 24 diamonds and also a full set of diamond tools Which of course are going to be enchanted using the levels that I got from my mining session And then I’m also going to be doing some combining in the anvil With the books that I’ve got from my AFK fishing farm to hopefully make them monstrous I think it’s safe to say that I’m pretty well kitted out so now we’re going to be moving on to the next important project which is The iron farm now this may look like a huge gigantic project but look all it is is just a bunch of cobblestone with some water on the inside and then some doors on the outside The only tricky part is the villagers.

The way that you’re gonna have to transport them is by boat or by minecart I imagine at this stage in the game It’s probably going to be by boat because a minecart rail will be quite expensive so prepare for a fairly painful journey of traveling along like this And oh if you want to go up a block you’re gonna have to place a piston underneath the boat then power the piston to push you up because There’s no way to travel upwards really If you’re really smart you can use the nether to transport them that will shorten the distance or you can use a villager breeder somewhere nearby but that is quite a big project to work on it as well.

But it will be super useful in the future. Either way it is possible and now my villagers are in place my iron farm is now working which means that I’ve automated pretty much all the important things that I’m going to be relying on I’ve got an automatic source of iron, that’s all being produced. I have an automatic source of food in the form of my automatic chicken farm I’ve got an automatic source of levels and also Enchanted books which I can use and I have all of the essentials inside my little base in the mountainside here Which will allow me to sustain myself in Minecraft, so I would say We’ve been pretty successful, so there we go Hopefully that covers everything and hopefully that should teach all of you how to be professional minecraft players at least for the first couple of days of your Minecraft world if you follow these instructions You’re gonna be sorted right the way from the beginning, but anyway I hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to hit that like button and if you really loved it then make sure to subscribe But thanks for watching guys.

This has been mumbo and I’m out I’ll see you later.


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